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I decided to give CyberGhost a good look following the last review in early 2015. While the service has largely remained unchanged, there have been some minor features added that make taking another look at CyberGhost worthwhile. Keep reading my CyberGhost review to find out more, or hit the jump below to try out CyberGhost for yourself!
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On October 26, 2016
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Read all about this very secure, easy-to-use and great value service in our comprehensive CyberGhost VPN review.

Pricing & Plans

CyberGhost stands out from other VPNs by offering a completely free VPN service, although there are some restrictions worth mentioning. These include waiting in queues to connect, access to a limited number of servers, and advertisements every 90 minutes. Free users also have to deal with auto-disconnects after three hours (you can immediately reconnect).

You can get rid of these restrictions and subscribe to CyberGhost Premium for $6.99 a month (or $5.83 billed annually), which removes the free restrictions and gives you faster overall speeds.

Premium Plus is CyberGhost’s highest tier at $10.99 a month ($ 9.16 a year), although the only difference from Premium is the ability to connect up to five devices at the same time. It seems that Premium Plus would be better off as the “Family Plan.”

cyberghost prices

If you do sign up to one of CyberGhost’s paid plans, you are given the option of a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

CyberGhost accepts all the usual credit card brands as well as Bitcoin (through a 3rd party payment vendor).

CyberGhost Video Review

Check out our CyberGhost VPN review video below. Please note there are a few visual differences in the latest version and that a new video review is currently in the works.


  • ProsPROS
  • Free service
  • Good number of locations
  • No logs & a commitment to transparency
  • ConsCONS
  • Fluctuating speeds
  • Advertisements for free users


CyberGhost is a Romanian VPN, which is great news if you value privacy. Romania is one of the few European countries to strike down national data retention laws based on the 2006 European Data Retention Directive, considering them unconstitutional.

At the time of this CyberGhost VPN review, the provider had 691 servers online in 29 countries. The US and Germany both had an impressive 118 servers to choose from, making CyberGhost a great option to tunnel into these countries.

cyberghost servers

Free and Premium users are allowed up to one simultaneous connection while Premium Plus subscribers can connect up to five devices. This policy is slightly disappointing when considering Private Internet Access (five devices) or NordVPN (six devices) at a similar price.

CyberGhost also offers a free browser-based proxy service, I’ll mention this in further detail later on in this review.

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Security & Privacy

CyberGhost’s clients for Windows, Mac, and Android all use the OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit AES encryption. I was happy to see OpenVPN as the default option as OpenVPN comes highly recommended for security. You can also manually connect using L2TP and PPTP, but this is a somewhat complicated process only meant for advanced VPN users. PPTP in particular is not a secure protocol and I wouldn’t recommend using it.

As I mentioned before in this CyberGhost VPN review, the provider is based in Romania. This is great news for people looking to avoid any EU data retention laws or government spying. CyberGhost also has a strict no-logging policy combined with a high level of transparency into operations. These practices come as highly welcome in an industry where companies can be a lot less forthcoming regarding user privacy.

cyberghost logging policy

Further boosting CyberGhost’s privacy credentials is the fact that all payments are accepted through third-party payment processors, meaning CyberGhost doesn’t have any of you payment details on file.

cyberghost payment

CyberGhost’s OpenVPN protocol features 256-bit AES encryption in combination with 2048 bit RSA and MD5 for HMAC authentication. While these are mostly acceptable encryption standards, I’d like to see an improvement in authentication (such as SHA-1 or SHA-256) before fully recommending CyberGhost VPN.

P2P activity such as torrenting is allowed on Premium and Premium Plus plans, although CyberGhost does suggest you connect to P2P-specific servers.

I’ll mention here that CyberGhost has made recent headlines here at, with some new developments to the service being somewhat confusing. While these changes are not present in the latest CyberGhost 6 client release, it is worth keeping an eye on future updates.

The Website

CyberGhost has a nice website with lots of information not only regarding VPNs but also on other relevant topics and services as well. I was pleased to see during my CyberGhost review that the provider also maintains a transparency page for everyone to view. This page is full of helpful statistics regarding DMCA and government requests CyberGhost received in the previous calendar year.

cyberghost vpn review

I found the website and user control panel easy to navigate, while the helpful knowledge base can help solve most questions you might have regarding CyberGhost.

The CyberGhost VPN blog is up to date with helpful posts regarding the service, new apps, and VPN industry news.


CyberGhost free users are (understandably) limited to a FAQ and “Troubleshooter” when it comes to customer support. Premium and Premium Plus subscribers have ticket support, but I would like to see live chat considering CyberGhost’s prices.

cyberghost support

To get a better idea of how CyberGhost’s “Premium” support performs, I submitted a test ticket regarding CyberGhost’s P2P policy. I received a satisfactory reply less than 24 hours later.

cyberghost customer support

CyberGhost is active in almost every social network imaginable, with profiles maintained on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest!

The Process

Signing Up

Signing up for CyberGhost’s free service is extremely easy, as all you need is an email address to get started. You download and install the client (15.2 MB), log in to your account and you’re ready to go!

cyberghost vpn

Paid plans follow the same process, but with a third-party payment processor handling all of your payment information.

The CyberGhost Windows VPN client

CyberGhost released the sixth version of its client recently, with VPN profiles specifically for streaming now built into the client. These streaming profiles make it easy to unblock country-specific services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and much more.

cyberghost review

There is also a Wi-Fi network protection feature, app security tool, and proxy service in the CyberGhost 6 client. While the CyberGhost VPN client gets the job done, I would like to see an Internet kill switch added for even more protection by the time I do my next CyberGhost review.

I also liked that the client is available in several languages: German, French, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.


There will be some drop off in speed with OpenVPN, with CyberGhost being no exception to the rule. CyberGhost’s free service also has certain speed restrictions, so I was curious to see the speeds I would get.

cyberghost download speeds
cyberghost upload speeds
Graphs show highest, lowest and average speeds for each server and location. See our full speed test explanation for more detail.

As you can see, CyberGhost was somewhat poor on both my download and upload speed tests. Surprisingly, I noticed little difference in speeds between the free and Premium service. These results lead me to believe that there isn’t a huge difference between CyberGhost’s free and premium versions when it comes to speed.

I was happy to see that tests for IP or DNS leaks came back clean, even while connected to CyberGhost’s free version! I would recommend you test these features out for yourself, as CyberGhost does have quite a lot of servers.

Other Platforms

CyberGhost has clients available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. Additional support is provided for Linux and Chrome OS, although getting these to work does require some manual configuration.

To get a better idea of the provider on other platforms, I gave the CyberGhost iOS app a try on my iPhone. CyberGhost’s iOS app users can enjoy a Premium trial for seven days, after which the app reverts to CyberGhost’s free VPN.

The CyberGhost iPhone app made it easy to choose and connect to a VPN profile. I liked that new users are given a seven-day free trial, and the client felt very smooth.

cyberghost ios

Other/ Free Services

CyberGhost Proxy Service

CyberGhost also has a free eb proxy service that can be accessed straight from the website. While I’ve seen this feature with other VPNs before, they do seems to be more gimmicky rather than being useful tools.

cyberghost free proxy

As you can see above, I was unable to get the free proxy tool working, as it kept giving me a 404 error when trying to connect.

CyberGhost VPN Review Conclusion

I liked

  • Free service
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • P2P allowed
  • No logs kept
  • Transparency page

I wasn’t so sure about

  • Only ticket support, even for Premium users

I hated

  • Questionable speeds
  • Only one simultaneous connection for Premium users

All things considered, CyberGhost is a great service if you are looking for an unlimited bandwidth, free VPN. The paid version of CyberGhost isn’t exactly a bad option, but it does leave me wanting a bit more in terms of performance.

CyberGhost’s commitment to privacy is impressive, especially when considering the no logging policy. The transparency report also provides an interesting glance into how many legal notices a VPN provider receives.

Try out CyberGhost’s free service using the link below, and let me know your experiences in the comments below!

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Thomas Ujj Born in Canada, raised in the U.S, yet somehow living in Hungary. I have a passion for anything technology related, gaming, freedom and privacy, food and Italian football team AS Roma.

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16 responses to “CyberGhost VPN Review

  1. I am wanting to watch U.S. TV channels while visiting Mexico (Huatulco). I have a Roku but know that I need to have a VPN to hide my Mexico location and make it think I am in the U.S. However, you stated in an earlier reply that an increasing number of online services are blocking VPN users (on copyright grounds). This is usually done simply by blocking IP addresses known to belong to VPN providers.

    Will getting a CyberGhost account allow me to use my Roku in Mexico, making it think I am still in the United States?

    1. Hi Micheal,

      1. I suspect that CyberGhost is blocked by US Netflix and Hulu. I would suggest using ExpressVPN instead, as I know it works for Netflix. It also offers a 30-day no quibble money guarantee, which gives you the opportunity to test that it works with other the services that you want to access.
      2. Roku’s cannot directly be configured to use VPN. So you can either share a VPN connection from your PC, use a VPN router, or use a Smart DNS service instead (but even this can be tricky). FWIW, a setup guide is available for setting up a Roku using ExpressVPN’s bundled Smart DNS service.

  2. Have been using cyberghost , paid service, for about four months now and have not really run into any trouble. Best way is to choose vpn server that are close to you, preferably in your own country or a country nearby. The speed test I just did confirms that, great results in download upload and ping.

    However, if you choose a vpn server on a location far away , say Japan or Canada the results are poor. Unclear what the reasons for this is, maybe the average speed on the network there is much slower than in Europe.

    Cyberghost is really the way to go if you are into privacy. Pay over paypal
    No logs, top notch. If you have paid service you can also download movies or music over say a Torrent for example , although I rarely do that but if you do it is save as your IP is protected.

    Your speed test has completed. Your download speed is , Your upload speed is , and your ping time took . Thank you for using Ookla Speedtest.

    Results WITHOUT vpn so purely over the ISP

    11 ms

    164.77 Mbps

    19.31 Mbps

    Results over VPN in same country – Belgium

    194.187.251.x 127.41 Mb/s 18.06 Mb/s 25 ms Brussels

    compare vpn in Brussels to Toronto

    12/1/2016 7:02 PM GMT 194.187.251.x 127.41 Mb/s 18.06 Mb/s 25 ms Brussels ( vpn server cyberghost ) top speed !!

    12/1/2016 6:59 PM GMT 184.75.213.xx 8.22 Mb/s 8.57 Mb/s 112 ms Toronto, ON ( vpn server cyberghost ) drama….

    1. Hi VPN Belgium,

      Thanks for the input! Just a couple of notes:

      – “Best way is to choose vpn server that are close to you, preferably in your own country or a country nearby.!” – this is not a good idea if you wish to evade surveillance by your own governmnet.
      – You are correct that the closer a VPN server is to your real location, the faster your internet connection will be.
      – Cyberghost is really the way to go if you are into privacy. Pay over paypal – Bitcoins are more private
      – I’ll just note that we prefer to use instead of Ooklas Sppedtest for out tests. Please here for an explanation why.

  3. I can’t use the choose VPN. In free version. Is it limited ? So how can I use a different address. I’m in spain and would like to use UK address

    1. Hi Tom,

      CyberGhost Free is limited in various ways (limited numb er of servers, ads every 90 minutes, disconnect every 3 hours, and limited bandwidth. UK servers are available, however. The limited bandwidth may make streaming from the UK impracticable, however.

  4. CyberGhost never worked properly from day one (Win 7 Home Premium.) Never loaded correctly. Can only use it on one device at a time.
    Now that the subscription just ran out, if I use the “free” version, it would seem they are pumping all kinds of trackers and rubbish down the tubes to me. (God bless Super anti spyware!)On the 31 October 2016 I have recorded 1,097 threats over some 4 hrs! Whereas previously there were very very few if any! BEFORE you say ” that shows how good it is.” I’m not using anything except MS Security Essentials and trusty old Super Anti Spyware. Zilch !
    Before I go; my older back-up computer had the newer free version on trial. It was a bleeping nightmare. Infected from top to bottom with pop ups and threats. DELETED !
    I can’t get in touch with CyberGhost as a non subscriber, so I’m going to see if there is a complaints body I can speak to. I’m sure there are rules about spamming “threats” at users?
    Any suggestions welcom.

    1. Hello,

      You can get in touch with CyberGhost support team on their live chat. It’s available on the homepage and even as a free user you can contact them.

  5. Doesn’t really work. Try this if you do not live in the US: Get CyberGhost to give you an IP from the US and then go to the website of one of the TV channels and try to watch something that is usually blocked if you are outside of the US. … It won’t work!
    I was running CyberGhost with an IP address in the US (I was in Canada). However, when I went to to watch a show, they somehow detected that I am outside of the US and a message came up telling me something about international rights and that the video I wanted to watch can only be offered to viewers located within the United States. How is that possible if CyberGhost supposedly gives my an IP from a server in the US??
    I contacted CyberGhost about this but received no answer. My only explanation to this is that the the IPs that CyherGhost is supposedly giving you from different countries are either fake or something else is not working as advertised.

    1. Hi Magavara,

      A increasing number of online services are blocking VPN users (on copyright grounds). This is usually done simply by blocking IP addresses known to belong to VPN providers. Not all VPN services are affected, and some that are have found ways around the problem. It is , however, becoming an increasingly cat and mouse game.

  6. what are the benefits of protecting my wifi with cyberghost an can my wifi router store information on websites that I have visited?

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