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I decided to give CyberGhost a good look following the last review. While the service has largely remained unchanged, there have been some minor features added that make taking another look at CyberGhost worthwhile. Keep reading my CyberGhost review to find out more, or hit the jump below to try out CyberGhost for yourself!
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On February 20, 2017
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Read all about this very secure, easy-to-use and great value service in our comprehensive CyberGhost VPN review.

CyberGhost enjoys a high level of popularity as a free service, but does this Romanian VPN translate well into a paid VPN service? In this review, I take an in-depth look at CyberGhost and how it stacks up compared to some of the competition. Keep scrolling to read more!

  • ProsPROS
  • Free tier available
  • No logs kept
  • Perfect forward secrecy in place
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Transparency report available
  • Bitcoin payment accepted
  • ConsCONS
  • Premium plan only usable on one device
  • Some speed concerns with certain VPN servers

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Pricing and Plans

CyberGhost offers three plans for users to choose from: Free, Premium and Premium Plus. CyberGhost’s Free service is understandably the most popular tier, but is also fairly limited for a VPN service. CyberGhost Free users will have to queue to connect, only have certain servers available, and limited advertisements during a session.

CyberGhost Premium removes the waiting times, restrictions, and ads, although subscribers are still limited to one device. Premium Plus is CyberGhost’s elite plan, giving you premium features as well as simultaneous connections on up to five devices.

CyberGhost’s pricing is pretty standard for a VPN, with the usual savings available if you subscribe annually. The Premium plan for just $5.83 (billed annually) offers good value, even if I would like to see more than one simultaneous connection supported.

CyberGhost Price

If you do subscribe to one of CyberGhost’s premium plans, keep in mind there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied.

Acceptable payment types include all major credit cards, PayPal, and bitcoin. CyberGhost’s checkout process emphasizes subscriber anonymity, and you only need an email address to sign up.

CyberGhost Video Review

Check out the recent CyberGhost video review!


CyberGhost is based in Romania, which is a great news if you value privacy. Romania is exempt from any silly data retention laws of the EU or groups like Five Eyes or Fourteen Eyes, with the Romanian Constitutional Court revoking the data retention law in 2014. This same court also nullified the Romanian Law on Cyber Security, which effectively ends the collection of data by intelligence and law enforcement groups.

CyberGhost has an impressive 830 VPN servers across 29 countries. I was happy to see some rare locations like Hong Kong, Singapore, and Israel available. There are also a whopping 136 servers in the US, making CyberGhost a great option if you are looking to unblock US streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

CyberGhost Servers

Looking to share CyberGhost across multiple devices? Free and Premium subscribers can access CyberGhost’s service with one device, while Premium Plus subscribers get up to five simultaneous connections.

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Security and Privacy

CyberGhost connects using the OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit AES encryption by default. Additional connection settings include using automatic data compression and HTTPS redirect.

CyberGhost Security

OpenVPN Encryption
Data Auth
Control Auth
Forward Secrecy
Logs & Legal

Romania is a great place for a VPN thanks to the absence of data retention laws. This is very different to countries like the US or UK, where your data (even when connected to a VPN) is never completely safe, as VPN providers are required to log data by law!

CyberGhost uses 256-bit AES encryption with a 2048-bit RSA key and MD5 for HMAC authentication. These encryption standards are mostly satisfactory, but I was also pleased to learn that CyberGhost is planning on upgrading to SHA-2 authentication.

I’m also pleased that CyberGhost uses perfect forward secrecy to further increase security. A random secret key is generated for each session, making it much harder to compromise a VPN connection.

CyberGhost also claims to keep zero usage and connection logs. This zero logs policy is especially welcome when considering that most VPNs keep some logs and information on users.

Cyberghost Logging Policy

Looking to increase your safety and privacy when torrenting? Downloading torrent files is allowed on CyberGhost, with particular servers specifically set up to handle the massive load of P2P traffic. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any US P2P servers available at the time of writing.

It is worth mentioning that CyberGhost did make some headlines here at over a dubious root certificate. CyberGhost have since assured us that this problem isn’t relevant anymore and should only affect outdated versions of the CyberGhost client.

Additionally, CyberGhost’s free Android app was included in a negative report on free VPN apps that was recently covered on

The Website

One of the first things that stood out to me with CyberGhost was the user-friendly and informative website. New users can easily view the features of CyberGhost VPN. All in all, the site is flawlessly put together to provide the smoothest experience possible.

Once you sign up, the CyberGhost account page is easy to manage, with Premium Plus users easily able to control each device. Premium users can also access CyberGhost’s ticket support system to get specialized assistance.

CyberGhost Website

CyberGhost also keeps a blog that it updates regularly with helpful industry news and tips. A well-kept blog is a feature that tends to be forgotten by other VPN providers.

Another nice touch by CyberGhost is the transparency page, which is available to the public. This page shares details on how many DMCA requests and law enforcement notices CyberGhost received in the previous calendar year. There is also a country-by-country breakdown of government requests and malicious activity on CyberGhost servers.

CyberGhost Support

CyberGhost Free users have live chat and a feedback form (available from within the Windows client), while premium users also have a ticket system. There is also a fairly large knowledge base available, which answers some basic questions.

CyberGhost Help

As part of this CyberGhost review, I submitted some basic questions regarding the CyberGhost client via live chat. I was very happy with the quick and efficient response I received from Costa, a CyberGhost support specialist. Costa was even kind enough to send me a follow-up email with even more information a few days later! Hats off to CyberGhost support.

CyberGhost Support

If you need help or want another way to stay in touch with CyberGhost, there are also profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

The Process

Signing Up

Simply enter your email to get started with CyberGhost. If you are looking for an anonymous experience, I would recommend using an anonymous or encrypted email service such as Protonmail or Tutanota.

Once you sign up for CyberGhost, you simply go to your account management page to download and install the client for your specific platform (Windows client is 15.9 MB).

Once installed, log in with your CyberGhost username and password in the top right corner. Choose a server based on your need and click Connect to start using CyberGhost VPN!

The CyberGhost Windows VPN Client

As part of this review, I was able to test the CyberGhost Windows client to get a better idea of the VPN. I was happy to see specific profiles (such as streaming and torrenting), as well as the ability to browse the complete CyberGhost server list.

The Windows client also includes an automatic internet kill switch, and offers complete DNS and IP leak prevention. While some VPNs claim to prevent these leaks, I tested CyberGhost for any leaks myself and didn’t run into any issues.

CyberGhost Windows Client

All things considered, I was highly satisfied with the CyberGhost Windows client. The feel of the client is very smooth, and the server browser is an excellent and quick way to find the fastest VPN servers.

CyberGhost Speed and Performance

While OpenVPN is the recommended VPN protocol regarding security, there is always going to be a slight dropoff in speed as well. Taking this into consideration, CyberGhost performed very well on my speed tests!

CyberGhost Download
CyberGhost Upload
The graphs show the highest, lowest and average speeds for each server and location. See our full speed test explanation for more detail.

As you can see, there is some drop-off in speed when connected to CyberGhost VPN, although some of this is due to the OpenVPN protocol. That being said, my overall speed test results were solid, and I didn’t run into any other connection issues when using CyberGhost.

I must stress that my US speed test results were quite impressive, which is great news for those looking to stream US Netflix and other services.

Other Platforms

CyberGhost VPN is available on various different devices and platforms, with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android clients. Linux, Raspberry Pi, and Chrome OS support is also in place, but these do require a manual configuration to get started.

You can also set up CyberGhost VPN on a home router (such as Tomato or DD-WRT), which can cover your entire household and all devices connected to the router.

If you are into cord cutting and use OpenELEC (also called Kodi or XBMC), CyberGhost offers tutorials on how to get the VPN working with OpenELEC.

CyberGhost Review: Conclusion

I liked:

  • Free service
  • Use of perfect forward secrecy
  • Bitcoin accepted
  • Zero logging policy
  • Solid speeds

I wasn’t so sure about:

  • Premium accounts only get one simultaneous connection
  • No US P2P servers

I hated:

  • Nothing!

While CyberGhost has made a name for itself with a solid free VPN service, the paid plans are also a great option if you are looking to take the next step with a VPN.

Of course, security and privacy are the most important factors when choosing a VPN, and CyberGhost passes with flying colors. Being based in Romania, zero logging, and solid encryption all make CyberGhost a great VPN to secure your online activity.

Want to try CyberGhost for yourself? Check out CyberGhost’s free or premium plans using the link below!

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Thomas Ujj Born in Canada, raised in the U.S, yet somehow living in Hungary. I have a passion for anything technology related, gaming, freedom and privacy, food and Italian football team AS Roma.

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32 responses to “CyberGhost VPN Review

  1. I just got cyberghost after using several vpn’s that were just too slow. This is by far the fastest one, and easiest to use. My only question is what security standards they use. They don’t state it on there webpage. I think for my needs, I will stay with them, it’s not like I have anything top secret. I just want to protect my privacy and people from selling my information and targeting ads at me and so forth. So until something else comes along, I think this one is the one. I tried PIA, and Nord, Nord has some great features, but slow. PureVPN, is horrible, they claim to be the fastest, well they are not, and I had all kinds of problems connecting. I told them I wanted to cancel and they won’t let me until I talk with customer support to fix the issuse and give them a reason. I don’t owe them a reason the product sucks and it is slow, what else do you want.

  2. Today I came across a thing that extremely shocked me and I am thinking what are the VPN providers that are playing with our privacy. Famous VPN review site vpnmentor states on their CyberGhostVPN review—“CyberGhost (formerly of Romania) was recently acquired by Israeli company Crossrider”.

    Is it true. If it is so, then CyberGhost will be like HideMyAss. Mr Douglas Crawford, please assure us about this serious issue.

    1. Hi Redwan,

      I’m afraid it’s true. CyberGhost has been accquired by Crossrider. Technically speaking, Crossrider is now based in the Isle of Mann (a tax haven), but its official address remains in Tel Aviv. Israel is an extreme surveillance state with wide-ranging legal powers over Israeli companies. has been in contact with CyberGhost, who tell us that it will remain a Romanian company.

      I am not familiar with Israeli law, but this certainly wouldn’t wash for a US company – all foreign assets of a US company are equally liable under the Patriot Act and FISA. I would seriously doubt Israel has weaker surveillance/security laws. But I am not a lawyer (let alone an expert on Israel’s surveillance laws).

  3. I absolutely love CyberGhost – we’ve been together since i choose to find a free VPN.
    Then i came in to the pay’d game. CyberGhost may not be the best, but they’re my favorite.
    No logs, good encryption and other cool features makes this VPN so much more than a VPN. Even the free version.

  4. Is the free cyberghost still recommended today? I know they got in some trouble about keeping logs awhile ago, and I also saw some people reporting information leaks with it. I really just use vpns for streaming and maybe a bit of torrents. I don’t want to be with an mistrustful provider.

    1. Hi Blurb,

      Note that CyberGhost does not permit torrenting using its free service. CyberGhost has courted controversy of late, and its Android app was given a VirusTotal AV rating of 4 in a recent survey (which means it is riddled with malware). I don’t really know whether these things add up to mean that CyberGhost is in general untrustworthy, but I persoanlly would avoid it.

    • Not Rated
    • Not Rated
    • Not Rated

    Hi , I just bought Cyberghost for the only reason of accessing videos in some french websites ( Choosing France as the country for my IP) but it keeps me it is not possible to choose that country because it is in demand. Anyone faced sthg similiar ?? Any workaround ?

    1. Hi PK,

      Thanks to the amount of spam we receive, all comments are hand-moderated. I had finished work by the time you posted yours yesterday, but have answered it now.

  5. Hello

    I’m using CyberGhost 5.5 free version which did not have malicious website or block ads protection so it is good to use this old version with free service or do i need to stop using CyberGhost and can you tell me some free VPN providers. Thanks

    1. Hi PK,

      Sorry if I’m being dim, but I’m not sure I fully understand the problem. Why not simply download the new version (CyberGhost 6)? Pleases see this article for a list of free VPN services.

  6. I am member in CyberGhost last week it was not working I deleted aplecation from mob and installed again after that whene I want use he told me that I am reached maximum time ,how I can use it again
    My app name
    Need help

  7. I am wanting to watch U.S. TV channels while visiting Mexico (Huatulco). I have a Roku but know that I need to have a VPN to hide my Mexico location and make it think I am in the U.S. However, you stated in an earlier reply that an increasing number of online services are blocking VPN users (on copyright grounds). This is usually done simply by blocking IP addresses known to belong to VPN providers.

    Will getting a CyberGhost account allow me to use my Roku in Mexico, making it think I am still in the United States?

    1. Hi Micheal,

      1. I suspect that CyberGhost is blocked by US Netflix and Hulu. I would suggest using ExpressVPN instead, as I know it works for Netflix. It also offers a 30-day no quibble money guarantee, which gives you the opportunity to test that it works with other the services that you want to access.
      2. Roku’s cannot directly be configured to use VPN. So you can either share a VPN connection from your PC, use a VPN router, or use a Smart DNS service instead (but even this can be tricky). FWIW, a setup guide is available for setting up a Roku using ExpressVPN’s bundled Smart DNS service.

  8. Have been using cyberghost , paid service, for about four months now and have not really run into any trouble. Best way is to choose vpn server that are close to you, preferably in your own country or a country nearby. The speed test I just did confirms that, great results in download upload and ping.

    However, if you choose a vpn server on a location far away , say Japan or Canada the results are poor. Unclear what the reasons for this is, maybe the average speed on the network there is much slower than in Europe.

    Cyberghost is really the way to go if you are into privacy. Pay over paypal
    No logs, top notch. If you have paid service you can also download movies or music over say a Torrent for example , although I rarely do that but if you do it is save as your IP is protected.

    Your speed test has completed. Your download speed is , Your upload speed is , and your ping time took . Thank you for using Ookla Speedtest.

    Results WITHOUT vpn so purely over the ISP

    11 ms

    164.77 Mbps

    19.31 Mbps

    Results over VPN in same country – Belgium

    194.187.251.x 127.41 Mb/s 18.06 Mb/s 25 ms Brussels

    compare vpn in Brussels to Toronto

    12/1/2016 7:02 PM GMT 194.187.251.x 127.41 Mb/s 18.06 Mb/s 25 ms Brussels ( vpn server cyberghost ) top speed !!

    12/1/2016 6:59 PM GMT 184.75.213.xx 8.22 Mb/s 8.57 Mb/s 112 ms Toronto, ON ( vpn server cyberghost ) drama….

    1. Hi VPN Belgium,

      Thanks for the input! Just a couple of notes:

      – “Best way is to choose vpn server that are close to you, preferably in your own country or a country nearby.!” – this is not a good idea if you wish to evade surveillance by your own governmnet.
      – You are correct that the closer a VPN server is to your real location, the faster your internet connection will be.
      – Cyberghost is really the way to go if you are into privacy. Pay over paypal – Bitcoins are more private
      – I’ll just note that we prefer to use instead of Ooklas Sppedtest for out tests. Please here for an explanation why.

  9. I can’t use the choose VPN. In free version. Is it limited ? So how can I use a different address. I’m in spain and would like to use UK address

    1. Hi Tom,

      CyberGhost Free is limited in various ways (limited numb er of servers, ads every 90 minutes, disconnect every 3 hours, and limited bandwidth. UK servers are available, however. The limited bandwidth may make streaming from the UK impracticable, however.

  10. CyberGhost never worked properly from day one (Win 7 Home Premium.) Never loaded correctly. Can only use it on one device at a time.
    Now that the subscription just ran out, if I use the “free” version, it would seem they are pumping all kinds of trackers and rubbish down the tubes to me. (God bless Super anti spyware!)On the 31 October 2016 I have recorded 1,097 threats over some 4 hrs! Whereas previously there were very very few if any! BEFORE you say ” that shows how good it is.” I’m not using anything except MS Security Essentials and trusty old Super Anti Spyware. Zilch !
    Before I go; my older back-up computer had the newer free version on trial. It was a bleeping nightmare. Infected from top to bottom with pop ups and threats. DELETED !
    I can’t get in touch with CyberGhost as a non subscriber, so I’m going to see if there is a complaints body I can speak to. I’m sure there are rules about spamming “threats” at users?
    Any suggestions welcom.

    1. Hello,

      You can get in touch with CyberGhost support team on their live chat. It’s available on the homepage and even as a free user you can contact them.

  11. Doesn’t really work. Try this if you do not live in the US: Get CyberGhost to give you an IP from the US and then go to the website of one of the TV channels and try to watch something that is usually blocked if you are outside of the US. … It won’t work!
    I was running CyberGhost with an IP address in the US (I was in Canada). However, when I went to to watch a show, they somehow detected that I am outside of the US and a message came up telling me something about international rights and that the video I wanted to watch can only be offered to viewers located within the United States. How is that possible if CyberGhost supposedly gives my an IP from a server in the US??
    I contacted CyberGhost about this but received no answer. My only explanation to this is that the the IPs that CyherGhost is supposedly giving you from different countries are either fake or something else is not working as advertised.

    1. Hi Magavara,

      A increasing number of online services are blocking VPN users (on copyright grounds). This is usually done simply by blocking IP addresses known to belong to VPN providers. Not all VPN services are affected, and some that are have found ways around the problem. It is , however, becoming an increasingly cat and mouse game.

  12. what are the benefits of protecting my wifi with cyberghost an can my wifi router store information on websites that I have visited?

    1. From your review of Cyberhost it seems that one can’t download torrent files from servers located in the USA. I am correct?

      1. Hi MarcioV,

        Like many VPN services, CyberGhost only permits P2P using some of its servers, and the US is very hostile to copyright infringement. Just to be clear, though – this in no way impacts impacts which torrent files you can download. Torrent files are not stored on servers – they are shared among everyone else downloading or seeding them, which is why torenting is also knows as P2P (peer-to-peer).

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