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GoldenFrog the Swiss based company behind VyprVPN and DumpTruck have released their latest application Cyphr – an encrypted messaging app.

This is the latest addition to the world of encrypted messaging apps alongside the sights of Hemlis, Wickr, Bleep and Telegram but is it any good. We gave it a test to find out.

Like most other encrypted messaging apps currently available, Cyphr is currently only available for iOS and Android. However we see on their website that desktop and web apps are in development and coming soon.

The encryption it provides is in-line with the other services out there, however they go a step beyond by removing unnecessary meta-data from your message. They use a mixture of public and private key encryption both with 256-bit AES as well as SSL/TLS for message delivery in order to ensure the most privacy and security. Golden Frog is well-known for owning their own hardware, and not using 3rd party servers, so this also gives them a leg up on competitors in regards to security and privacy. Of course this does mean it’s not a zero-knowledge network.

We gave the app a test on our Android and iOS devices and they worked seamlessly and just as well as you’d expect from a quality messaging app. The fact that we were able to log in with our Golden Frog account made it very easy to setup and begin testing the app. For those without a Golden Frog account, you can still download the app for free and sign up for a Cyphr handle without subscribing to Golden Frog’s other services.


Cyphr is a proprietary app, developed in-house by Golden Frog developers. This means it isn’t open source, and as we always say this means that you will have to trust GoldenFrog. On a similar note their other services carry out a lot of logging, but this shouldn’t extend over. Cyphr is a very promising app with the backing of a VPN giant behind it so it’s further development is something we will definitely be keeping an eager eye on.