5 Best VPNs for Overwatch That Work in 2018

Stephen Cooper

Stephen Cooper

Juli 30, 2017

What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is an online team game that was first released in 2016. The game was created by Blizzard Entertainment, which also owns the massively popular World of Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft series. The game was designed to be played over the internet. However, there are problems with connections to Overwatch. These are due to abuse by players in South Korea.

The use of temporary accounts to implement chats and steal in-game gold has become a fad in South Korea and an industry in China. As a result of these actions, the Blizzard team has begun to block thousands of accounts. This crisis makes playing from Asia a difficult task. Thankfully, you can alter your apparent location with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

If you want to pay hourly to access Overwatch, you have to play through the platform. Those who buy the game have the option of downloading it onto a Windows computer, Xbox One, or Playstation 4. When you access the game’s server from Asia, or from the Western part of the US, you may experience connection problems. This is because everyone playing in the Pacific ring has to use Blizzard Entertainment’s US West server. This server is constantly under attack by hackers and regular players are often locked out.

Quick Links to our 5 best VPNs for Overwatch

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. Buffered
  3. BolehVPN
  4. VPNArea
  5. NordVPN

You can find out how VPNs work and how they help you to switch regions further down in this article. For now, let’s take a look at the five best VPNs for Overwatch.

Best VPNs for Overwatch: Summary

BestVPN Editor's Choice Award
ExpressVPN Homepage
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Servers in 94 countries
  • Custom app for Tomato routers
  • Manual setup instructions for DD-WRT routers
  • Fast connections
  • Only three simultaneous connections allowed

One benefit we found when reviewing ExpressVPN is that it has a very large server network - the most extensive on this list. That network gives you plenty of choice over the location that you want to appear to be in. There are plenty of servers in Europe, so this will help you get into the less troubled European Blizzard Entertainment server. If you play through a console, you'll need to install the VPN on your router. This is because the architecture of games consoles makes it almost impossible to load network-level software onto them. However, the upside of this step is that the VPN will cover all of the devices in your home. Express is one of the few VPN companies in the world that has its own custom app for Tomato routers. If you have a DD-WRT router, you can load the standard OpenVPN client onto it.

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2. Buffered

Buffered Homepage
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Up to five simultaneous connections
  • Servers in 37 countries
  • Manual setup for DD-WRT routers
  • Easy to use app
  • Doesn't accept Bitcoin

Buffered is great at masking its users' activities. You just can't be traced if you use this service. The company is based in Europe and so has plenty of servers there. With a presence in 37 countries, Buffered's server network is a lot smaller than that of ExpressVPN. You can load OpenVPN software onto DD-WRT and follow setup instructions at the Buffered site to get the VPN service working. This VPN company gives you an allowance of five simultaneous connections, and a router install counts as one of those. That leaves you four connections to spare, which you can share with friends.

3. BolehVPN

BolehVPN Homepage
  • One-day free trial
  • Based in Malaysia
  • Good service in China
  • Stealth servers
  • Masks your identity
  • Servers in just 11 countries
  • Only two simultaneous connections allowed

BolehVPN is headquartered in Malaysia. This is a good choice for much beleaguered Asian Overwatch players. The customer support team's Malaysian location means that it is most active during Asian business hours. This VPN service was set up to cater to the Chinese market. If you are in China, you have the additional problem of government blocks on internet access to contend with, as well as the perils of being mistaken by Blizzard for a "gold farmer" and getting locked out. As Chinese authorities also scan for VPN traffic and block that, the BolehVPN method of detection avoidance is really important. BolehVPN has the smallest server network of all the VPNs on this list, with only 11 locations. However, European sites are on that list. Another downside of this service is that you can only have two simultaneous connections, so it is a good idea to install it on your router.

VPNArea Homepage
  • Seven-day money-back guarantee
  • Up to six simultaneous connections
  • Servers in more than 60 countries
  • Manual install for DD-WRT routers
  • Good for China
  • Slow speeds in some locations

VPNArea is another good choice for those based in China, even though the company's offices are in Bulgaria. This company consistently avoids detection in China and has excellent stealth procedures. The ability of VPNArea to dodge detection also helps its customers to get into just about all regionally blocked sites, including Netflix and Sky Go. You can install this VPN on DD-WRT routers, but there aren't any instructions for getting this service working on Tomato routers. Check your router's operating system before you sign up for this service. You are allowed six simultaneous connections, which will enable you to bring down the cost of the VPN by sharing an account with friends.

NordVPN Homepage
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Up to six simultaneous connections
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Servers in 58 countries
  • Low price two-year special offer
  • Customer support team can be slow to respond

NordVPN has a list of specific instructions to install the system on a list of specific router brands. The service allows you six simultaneous connections, so this is another great choice for those who want to share an account. The company runs a very cheap two-year subscription offer, but you have to pay for the whole period up front. The server network stretches to 58 countries, including many locations in Europe. The app is very easy to use. It has a map of the world with each server location marked. You just double-click on the location of your choice to connect to a server.

Blizzard Server Problems

You may experience problems getting into the Blizzard server if you have to access the US West location. Hackers bombard this server with a type of hit called a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. In a DDoS attack, hundreds of thousands of computers send connection requests to one target server at once. This flood of requests forces genuine users to the back of the queue. Those real users never get a connection because the networking software gives up trying after waiting for a short time.

Computers have a secondary addressing system called “ports.” When you access, your computer makes a connection request to the same server that your console does when you play directly from home. However, these two different access methods use different ports. Therefore, even if you can’t get into, you should still be able to connect through your console.

The Blizzard reaction to South Korean and Chinese in-game cheats and hacks is to block out thousands of Asian IP addresses. It shuts down a similar number of game accounts every day. Unfortunately, this action often impacts genuine users. Thus you may find that you can’t connect from many parts of Asia and Australasia.

Overwatch VPN

The Blizzard Entertainment US West server is a mess. It is simpler to avoid it altogether with an Overwatch VPN. When you install a VPN, you get client software on your computer. This uses encryption to disguise all of the traffic that leaves your computer and sends it to its home server. The server that receives those messages depends on which location you chose from within the app.

The VPN sends on those messages to their original destination, but changes the source address in the admin details of the messages to put on a new origin. When the Blizzard server receives that request, it will redirect the traffic to the nearest games server. As such, if you choose a VPN location in Europe, Blizzard will allocate you its European server. This is how you can avoid the US West server.

A VPN for Voice Chat

Overwatch is much easier to coordinate if you use voice chat. Unfortunately, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are banned in some countries. That means you won’t be able to talk live to your teammates while you play. Voice chat is banned in many Middle East countries, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt. You’ll even encounter problems trying to get voice chat to work when you’re on vacation in Morocco, because it’s banned there too.

The simple way to get voice chat working is to access the system from a different country. You don’t have to move – you just have to install a VPN and select a location that doesn’t ban VoIP.

Best Overwatch VPNs: Conclusion

The regional play mode in Overwatch makes team building difficult. It also doesn’t take account of people moving to other countries for vacation or work. The difficulties of playing in Asia are particularly extreme. If you live in Australia, you get added into that continent and will also experience access problems.

Change your location with a VPN and get out of the troubled Asian/Australasian region so you can access better servers and meet players from different parts of the world.

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