Does the website hide a secret message? -

Does the website hide a secret message?

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

August 4, 2014

Now here at BestVPN we are not paranoid tin-hatters who indulge in conspiracy theories, even though the whole NSA being a secretive all-powerful and unaccountable government organization who spies on everything everybody does all the time thang turns out to be absolutely and objectively true

The sudden and rather bizare withdrawal of the popular and well regarded TrueCrypt encryption software by its anonymous developers, however, has resulted in no small amount of paranoia and conspiracy theories among the security community, many of whom (with some reason to our mind), consider the fact of the devs hasty recommendation of Microsoft’s BitLocker as a replacement to TrueCrypt so absurd that it must be some kind of warrant canary, warning users to run for the hills.

We have now come across a very interesting new titbit, courtesy of one urbanadventurer, who notes…

It concerns the oddly worded English sentence: “WARNING: Using TrueCrypt is not secure as it may contain unfixed security issues”

Here is an analysis from PasteBin (

truecrypt hidden message

Now, we have looked at the TrueCrypt sourceforge webpage

Truecrypt webpage

… and checked our rusty Latin using Google Translate…

truecrypt hidden message google translate


Of course, we have also seen it suggested that the whole thing is a deliberate plot by the NSA to discredit TrueCrypt just as researchers found there were no back doors or serious flaws in the program, in order to discourage the use of software whose encryption the NSA could not crack…