DrumpfVPN: Protect Your Digital Neck(s)

Some say that those of us who can’t “do,” should teach. We’ve been educating netizens far and wide on web security matters for several years now at BestVPN, and, in light of recent sociopolitical developments – it’s time to take things further with our very own VPN product, made by us for us and now for you. The impregnable Drumpf VPN is here to keep your internet on lock-down the way combovers keep the ladies flocking!

We’ll still be reviewing and giving you consistent updates from around the industry – as you’ve come to expect – but we felt it would be a momentous failing to our faithful readers, to leave them exposed in these shifty times.

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Easy. For starters, people these days are too sensitive – all the time. That includes you who snorted while reading this sentence or any of those above and below. Yup, you.

There’s just no need for all this binding hate speech, and gang music, animal graffiti-glorification. It’s all there online. People see various rancid media and it turns them into pretentious cry-babies that can’t deal with a bit of heated argument in person.

Fair enough, man. What about governments spying and all that? A friend of my mother’s cousin’s nephew thrice removed said it might be a big deal.

Trump VPNs

Now you’ve really got it twisted! See, that’s what those homicidal bearded fellows in all black want you to think, when it’s the good ol’ government folks just below the top rung that are on our side. People in these mid to low-level government offices all over the world are doing an honest job to keep us safe, and the bumbling bozos in the upper echelons of office can’t even manage to switch off something the Pentagon made to begin with. Bah, you should be worried about what they might have up their sleeve with the Nukes, people, but one tiny cautious step at a time.

Think of the children!

Donald Trump Internet

Do you really want our youth to decay any further? C’mon, look at who kids idolize as artists and voices of today’s generation. These days, the enemy will stop at nothing to subvert us from the inside, preying on overindulgences and weakness. There’s still some chance for you to secure your internet future.

For those of you, who take no poo: get Drumpf VPN today! Because, hey, we’ve all faked or been faked on before.


Online Trump

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