EFF calls for help from coders

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is a US based non-profit organization that has for the last few years been at the forefront of digital privacy activism.

In addition to providing advice to governments and courts, presenting amici curie briefs (for example in this case against copyright troll firm AF Holding/Prenda Law), defending individuals against unfair legal threats, and much more, the EFF has developed a number of software tools designed to increase personal security and privacy on the internet.

Among their higher profile projects are:

The EFF however is keen to pursue more projects, and has called on coders within the internet activist community to join it, and help it build a better, more private future…

‘Here are a few examples of work we could use help on:

  • Add more automated tests to HTTPS Everywhere.
  • Make Open Wireless run under qemu or give it translation support.
  • Write tests and translate the UI for Privacy Badger.
  • Find a task that interests you in any project’s issue tracker, or file your own.’

All EFF projects are released under free software licenses such as the GNU General Public License or Creative Commons licenses, and the EFF invites coders to sign up to its ‘Coding with EFF page, find a project you like, join the mailing list, and dive right in.’

So is any of our readers are talented programers who care about defending free expression, and enhancing security and privacy on the Internet – what are you waiting for?!

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