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Encryptr is a brand new, open source, cloud based, zero knowledge, free password manager and e-wallet with support for Android, OSX, Windows and Linux (iOS to come). So far this sounds great but as always we were a bit sceptical so decided to give it a try. Encryptr uses Crypton, the zero Knowledge application framework developed by SpiderOak – the cloud storage company recommended by Edward Snowden. This means that right off the bat it makes a good impression with regards to security and privacy.

The framework was developed so that programmers could develop zero knowledge cloud products with very little previous knowledge – you can find out more about Crypton in SpiderOak’s own words by watching the below video. Just like SpiderOak it is entirely open source which is fantastic and it’s the only true way of confirming that a piece of software doesn’t contain anything malicious.

While the basis of Encryptr is great it was only released just over two weeks ago so do not expect anything spectacular. We gave it a test on both Windows and Android and found that it was easy to use with a nice sleek design but due to the de-/encrytpion it was slightly slow on our Android device though they say they are in the process of improving this. Then again what is a few seconds wait for improved privacy?

The biggest problem we have with Encryptr at the moment is it completely lacking features and we’re not talking all out bells and whistles stuff but basic requirements. Some features which are an absolute must before this app becomes fully usable are a password generator,  account management and clipboard management.

 Encryptr_Windows Encryptr_Android
 Windows Application Android App

Overall Encryptr is a great concept and we will definitely keep an eye on how it develops as it seems to hold a lot of promise but for the moment we are going to keep using KeePass even if it doesn’t support cloud support.