¡Estar en otro país usando una VPN!

Cuando utiliza una red privada virtual (VPN), puede engañar a Internet y aparecer como si estuviera en un país diferente.

¿Cómo, puedes preguntar? Es sencillo. Simplemente regístrese para obtener un servicio de VPN, descargue el cliente, haga clic en el país que desee y haga clic en conectarse.

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Why would you do this?

There are two reasons why you may want your IP address to appear as though it's originating from another country than your own.

1. You want to access content that is only available in another country

Online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon are great – but they're even better in certain countries. As such, many people with limited libraries want to appear as though they are appearing in, say, the US, so that they can get access to the massive amounts of content licensed there.

This applies to not only people that live abroad, but for those travelling as well. You know how sometimes you can't access certain streaming sites while taking a trip? Use a VPN and you'll never risk missing out on that new release or latest episode again.

If you already know whose content you want to access, simply choose the country from the dropdown menu below and we'll show you the best VPN services for that region.

2. You want to avoid geographic restrictions on the Internet

Countries such as China and Turkey are notorious for the heavy restrictions they place on cyberspace, and their government-led shutdowns of services such as Facebook and YouTube. This means that if you want to get your social media fix while living in or visiting these heavily censored countries, your device will need to appear as though it's in another country.

A VPN is both the easiest and safest way to do this. (You'll definitely want to keep security in mind if this is your reason for wanting to dupe your location on the Internet, as in some of the aforementioned countries, there are serious consequences to bypassing these restrictions. But there's no need to worry – we know which VPNs have the best encryption on the market!)

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