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5 mejores VPN para China en 2018

Escrito por: Douglas Crawford

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  1. Louis Coleman
    en July 27, 2018

    I went to china months ago and I used VPN free application to still access my SNS accounts while in there. It's quiet cool how it works and I did enjoy accessing my accounts using it. Anyway, thank you for this informative article, I learned what are the best VPN apps to use aside from what I'm using.

  2. Al
    en April 26, 2018

    I live in China and been here for a while and now and have tried just about every vpn to see which one works. First you have to understand with VPNs in China they are very location and ISP specific. You need to try out which one works for your work or home. I actually use two one for work and one for home. Different ISPs so different results, even though my home and my work are only a few Km apart. Take advantage of the trial periods. Make sure they work and get good speeds where you need them. Even then you may have difficulties a few months later. China is always adapting against VPNs, so what may work now might not work later. I know it sucks. Different areas in China will have drastically different results. Even building by building. China's internet infrastructure is very chaotic. When I first got here I found a fantastic VPN worked wonderfully but I don't use it now, because China blocked it and after I couldn't get the same speeds and connection stability I had before. The one I would recommend is ExpressVPN. In my experience, and out of all the expats I know, around 80% use it. I work with a few hundred expats, and that is the go to VPN for most. It is very reliable and stable. Also it is a larger company so they have the resources to adapt quickly to China's ever changing Firewall. The smaller VPN companies usually have difficulties in that area. You have Vypr ranked best in China, I would rank it one of the worst for China. I had it for a year no matter where I was at or what city it wouldn't connect or if it did was very slow. Almost all expats download tv/movies from their home country and Vypr will suspend your account if caught. Right there is huge con against Vypr in China. Some tips if you are going to China and will be there a while get a VPN before you go, just a monthly sub. Just a monthly sub because if doesn't give you speed or stability you need you can cancel and not be locked into a year. When you get there use that VPN to download other VPNs, only ones with a trial, preferably at least 7 days. Try them all out so which one works the best and go with that one. Remember to uninstall ones you tried, they may interfere with each other. I wouldn't pay for more than a year. Because if it gets blocked or slows down you aren't stuck for two or more years of a useless VPN.

    1. Douglas Crawford responder a Al
      en April 27, 2018

      Hi Al, Thanks for that great post, which, I think, confirms much of what I have said in this article. You make a good point about VyprVPN's policy on copyright infringement, although it is my understanding that it works well in China.

  3. qx
    en March 29, 2018

    I have used Vypr for a month. Actually, the connection speed is fine(I'm not in Beijing, fortunately). However, just like some users mentioned above, it might have some issues with privacy, etc. It seems kind of creepy that I have used it for a month, logging onto all kinds of accounts. Besides, it does not allow users to change their subscription plan once they paid. That means that after a user paid for a month, he/she can't switch to a yearly plan afterwards. That's ridiculous...The customer support is 24/7, but often they don't help much. I'm using on my Mac now, which is free and stable. However, I'm not sure whether it is safe. Does anyone mind sharing some info about this software? I'm not sure now which VPN I should use. I have tried ExpressVpn, however, it is sometimes not very stable. I guess it is because it's so famous that it gets the attention of GFW...

    1. Douglas Crawford responder a qx
      en March 29, 2018

      Hi qx. - Can you please explain what you mean by "it might have some issues with privacy." - When your 1 month subscription is fished, what is stopping you from simply taking out a new 1 year sub?

  4. A.S
    en March 9, 2018

    Just came back from China last week. Tried Vyrl, Express, and Nord and none of them worked in Beijing. But as soon as you got out of Beijing, they started to work.

    1. Douglas Crawford responder a A.S
      en March 12, 2018

      Hi A.S Thanks for that insight - we value on-the-ground reports.

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