ExpessVPN announces new server on The Moon!

ExpressVPN is a big name in the VPN industry, and from today it will perhaps be an even bigger name as it announces the opening of a server on The Moon!


When users open their Windows, Mac, iOS or Android apps, they will see the new option for connecting to The Moon.

Pointing out the benefits a lunar server brings, such as that ‘no earthling can monitor you as the lunar server is outside of any country’s jurisdiction’ and that it you will get ‘great speeds anywhere in the world [and we love this bit], expedited by the strong pull between the earth and the moon’, ExpressVPN promises to reveal how it ‘built and deployed’ its lunar server in a follow-up post.

Be warned though, that ‘speeds vary depending on the phases of the moon’!

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2 responses to “ExpessVPN announces new server on The Moon!

  1. Douglas.Could please could you inform me if you would recommend using this VPN since my currently used vpn “cyberghost” is due to expire.I wan’t anonymity above all,but my privacy is also a concern due to many vpn providers keeping record for however long per their term and conditions.Yet even if as they claim they’re destroyed after a lapsed set amount of time i have to believe the cyberghost company based in Romania to keep their word,but it’s a trust issue not the cheapest VPN THAT MATTERS MOST TO ME IN OBVIOUS TERMS,AND THANKS FOR ANY INFORMATION RELATING TO THIS MATTER IT’S TRULY APPRECIATED..P.S Sorry for the caps lock i forgot to turn it of my please accept my apologies

    1. Hi Adrian,

      ExpressVPN is a solid choice – it is fast and has lots of servers, iOS and Android apps, and great customer service, although you should be aware that although it keeps no usage logs, it does keep connection (metadata) logs and is based in the US, so is not top of the list when it comes to privacy. I personally favor AirVPN followed by BolehVPN, and can also recommend VPNArea.

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