ExpressVPN Review

Our summary

A superb all-bases VPN whose technical expertise is matched only by its legendary customer service and list of features.


  • Super fast : ExpressVPN has always been at the top of the game in terms of raw speed!
  • Super secure: 256-bit AES OpenVPN encryption ensures no-one can access your data
  • Unlimited downloading
  • 30-day no quibble money-back guarantee: just give it a try
  • 24/7 Customer support: world class!

ExpressVPN Review: What’s new for 2017

ExpressVPN is a British Virgin Islands-based VPN provider that has always led the way when it comes to offering a customer-focused service. Ease of use, a highly responsive 24/7 customer service team, and an industry-leading, no quibbles, 30-day money-back guarantee ensure ExpressVPN’s place at the top of the VPN industry.

In 2017 ExpressVPN’s experience at keeping customers happy is now matched by superb technical excellence. Not only is the encryption used nearly flawless, but VPN connections are also fast.

Being based in the British Virgin Islands, and keeping very minimal aggregated logs, might be issues for some privacy fanatics out there. However, in reality these pose little threat to most users, who will benefit from using what I consider to be the most professionally run VPN service on the market.

  • Super fast - great for streaming!
  • Super secure - 256-bit encryption
  • Unlimited downloading
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 5* 24/7 customer support
  • Special Deal: Save 49% Today
  • None

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Pricing and Plans

ExpressVPN offers just the one plan, so all customers enjoy all the benefits offered by this service. If paid for monthly, the $12.95 per month price is a little hefty, but this drops to a much more affordable $6.67 if you purchase the 15 month package.

ExpressVPN does not offer a free trial*, as such, but it does offer a very generous 30-day money-back guarantee. And unlike with some companies out there, there are no catches to watch out for. Cancel any time within 30 days and you will get your money back. No explanation is required.

*A free trial is available for mobile users – seven days for the iOS app and one day for the Android app – as per standard Apple Store and Google Play Store policies.

It is also worth mentioning that ExpressVPN offers quite a groovy referral program. Convince a friend to sign up, and you both get 30 days free.

ExpressVPN accepts payment via credit/debit card, PayPal and bitcoin. It has also partnered with Paymentwall to accept a number of more obscure international payment options.

ExpressVPN Video Review

This video is a little old, and ExpressVPN has since improved various aspects of its service. I should also clarify that, as with any VPN service, ExpressVPN offers privacy, not anonymity.


ExpressVPN supports most VPN protocols, including OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), SSTP, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP. Please see here for a full discussion on this subject, but the main takeaway should be: use OpenVPN whenever possible. Other features include:

  • Servers in 145 cities in 94 countries. This include plenty of more unusual and exotic locations
  • Up to three simultaneous connections
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Smart DNS
  • Stealth servers
  • A dark web website

I discuss some of these features in more detail below.

Smart DNS

Smart DNS is technology used for geo-spoofing your location. This very useful for accessing streaming services such as US Netflix and BBC iPlayer, which are geo-blocked. It works by resolving your DNS requests at a specified location, and has the following advantages over using a VPN:

  • It is must faster, as no encryption/decryption is required. This means fewer buffering issues.
  • It can be used with any internet-capable device, including many that cannot run VPN software. For example, smart TVs,  games consoles, and Roku devices.
  • It is less likely to be blocked by services that try to ban VPN users (although this cannot be guaranteed).

On the flip side, Smart DNS does nothing to improve your privacy or security.

All ExpressVPN customers gain full access to both its VPN and Smart DNS services.

ExpressVPN Smart DNS Netflix March 2017

ExpressVPN Smart DNS unblocked both US Netflix and BBC iPlayer for me.

Stealth Servers

Designed specially to defeat censorship in mainland China, these Hong-Kong based servers should be useful wherever VPNs are blocked. ExpressVPN is understandably cagey about how these servers actually work. However, from the reports we receive, they work well.

Just remember that nothing can be 100% guaranteed when a powerful government is actively working to counter technologies such as this.

A .onion Tor Web Address

Sometimes the most difficult thing about defeating censorship with a VPN is actually getting onto a VPN provider’s website so you can sign up for the service and download its software. ExpressVPN has a solution for this!

Onion Site

Just type http://expressobutiolem.onion into the URL bar of the Tor Browser to visit a Tor Hidden Services dark web mirror of the ExpressVPN website. Using a .onion address makes it more or less impossible to censor the website.

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ExpressVPN keeps no usage logs:

We never keep traffic logs, and we also don’t keep any logs that might enable someone to match an IP and timestamp back to a user. We work entirely on the basis of shared IPs, meaning that a single IP does not track back to an individual user.”

However, it does keep some (pretty minimal) connection logs:

For the purpose of improving network resource allocation, we record aggregate data-transfer amounts and choice of server location, neither of which are data points that can identify a specific user as part of an investigation. We may collect the following information: dates (not times) when connected to our service, choice of server location, and the total amount of data transferred per day.


“Our software may send diagnostic data to a third party analytics provider for the purpose of identifying connection errors and possible bugs in our application. The information collected is generic in nature and does not contain personally identifying information.”

This last part is important. ExpressVPN only keeps logs in aggregate form. This means that the minimal amount of information collected for troubleshooting purposes is not associated with the IP addresses of individual customers.

Privacy purists may still not be entirely happy about even this level of logging, but it is unlikely to be of concern to most users.

Another potential issue is that ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), which is a British overseas territory. The BVI regulates its own internal affairs, and has no mandatory data retention laws.

However, since it lies under the jurisdiction and sovereignty of the UK government, it seems reasonable to assume that the UK could put pressure on the BVI government and businesses. So (and this is something of a guess, as the legal situation is very murky), being  based in the BVI is probably safer than being based in a Fourteen Eyes country, but is not ideal.


ExpressVPN uses the following OpenVPN encryption:

OpenVPN Encryption
Data Auth
Forward Secrecy
Logs & Legal

AES-256 cipher with RSA-4096 handshake and SHA-512 HMAC hash authentication. Perfect forward secrecy is provided courtesy of Elliptic Curve Diffie–Hellman (ECDH) key exchanges for data channel encryption.

To put it another way, OpenVPN encryption is quite literally as strong as OpenVPN encryption can get. In theory, this could negatively impact performance results, which is why many other providers settle for lower levels of encryption.

This is not unreasonable, as the settings used by ExpressVPN are arguably overkill! As we shall see later, however, ExpressVPN still manages to show great performance results, which is a spectacular technical feat, given the high levels of encryption it uses!

The Website

The ExpressVPN website is a slick looking and very professional affair. There is a great deal of information available on it, although I do feel this could be a little better organized.

A good example of this is the existence of an excellent page detailing the encryption that ExpressVPN uses, which I would not have found without the assistance of the live support staff.

A blog is also available, which is regularly updated and contains useful and interesting articles.


ExpressVPN in large part built its reputation on the level of support it provides to customers. Instant 24/7/365 support is available via live chat or a ticketed email system.

As is to be expected, front-line staff are not all technical whizz-kids. However, even with more difficult questions they always managed to point me to relevant resources, or answer my questions knowledgeably after a quick consultation with other staff members.

The Process

Signing Up

Registering with ExpressVPN is easy enough. Other than payment details, the only information you are asked for is a valid email address. There is nothing to prevent you from using a disposable email address, and because ExpressVPN accepts payment in bitcoins, if care is taken it is possible to register anonymously. Do please remember, though, that however you register and pay, ExpressVPN will know your real IP address.

Once signed up, you will receive a welcome email, which includes a number of useful links for setting up the service.

The ExpressVPN Windows Client

ExpressVPN specializes in making its service easy-to-use and as layman-friendly as possible.


One wrinkle is that you need to enter a unique activation code. This is available via your subscriptions page on the ExpressVPN website.

ExpressVPN Windows main

Once installed, all you need do is select a location and hit the big friendly Connect button!

Network Lock

If you wish to delve deeper, however, the ExpressVPN client contains some powerful features. This includes a firewall-based kill switch and DNS leak protection.


Various VPN protocols are available. I sort of wish that, given how insecure it is, PPTP wasn’t even offered, but at least ExpressVPN clearly warns you about the issue.

So the Windows client is very easy to use, but packed with powerful features that are actually useful.

Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 Tests)

Note: Speed test results, IP leak tests, and checking for Netflix availability updated on 16 June 2017.

All tests were performed on my Virgin Media UK 70 Mbps/5 Mbps fiber connection, using the OpenVPN UDP protocol.

The graphs show the highest, lowest, and average speeds for each server and location. See our full speed test explanation for more detail.

As you can see, these are very decent results.

ExpressVPN leak results

I detected no IPv4 DNS or WebRTC leaks.

Please note that Private Use RFC IPs are local IPs only. They cannot be used to identify an individual, and so do not constitute an IP leak. Unfortunately, my ISP (Virgin Media UK) does not support IPv6 connections, so I am unable to test for IPv6 leaks at this time. This is a situation that should change in the near future.

BBC iPlayer worked when I connected to suitable servers. I was blocked by US Netflix when connected to its New York server, but all other servers worked fine. This is part of the usual cat-and-mouse game played by VPNs with Netflix, and I would expect to see the New York server find a way around this issue soon.

Other Platforms

Custom VPN apps are available for Windows, Mac OS/OS X, Android, and iOS. A custom Linux app is also available. This is terminal command-line only, but does include DNS leak protection.

The website features a ton of setup guides for a wide range of devices and platforms. In addition to this, pre-configured ExpressVPN routers are available via FlashRouters. These use custom firmware developed by ExpressVPN, and feature DNS leak protection and split tunneling for connected devices.

New additions to the ExpressVPN app lineup are browser add-ons for Chrome and Firefox (Windows ans MacOS only).

Browser Extensions

Unlike most such extensions, these are not browser-only proxy servers. They are instead a front-end to the full desktop software, which must also be installed.

This means that when the VPN is turned on with the browser extension, your entire computer is protected by the VPN. The primary advantage of using a browser extension  over just using the full VPN client, therefore, is convenience.

Mac OS X/Mac OS client


Recent changes to the Windows client mean that it now matches the Mac client in looks.


Both clients offer the same functionality.

The Android App

Available for Android 4.2+, this app can be installed from the Google Play store or downloaded directly as an .apk file. This is great news for anti-Google privacy heads.

Android Client

The app has the same aesthetic as its desktop siblings, and is similarly easy to use. When using it I detected no DNS or WebRTC leaks, but please bear in mind that I cannot currently test for IPv6 leaks.

iOS Client

I don’t use iOS, but the app looks to be more or less identical to the Android one, and unlike many custom iOS VPN apps, OpenVPN is fully supported.

ExpressVPN Review Conclusion

I liked:

  • Great customer service
  • 30-day genuinely no quibble money-back guarantee
  • Superb encryption (with perfect forward secrecy)
  • Free Smart DNS service
  • Great mobile apps
  • Servers in 94 countries
  • Three simultaneous connections
  • DNS leak and WebRTC protection
  • Excellent speed performance
  • Generous referral program
  • Works with US Netflix and iPlayer (at date tested)
  • .onion address
  • “Stealth” servers located in Hong Kong
  • Fully featured and easy-to-use software
  • A Linux client (basic but it works)
  • Browser add-ons for Chrome and Firefox

I wasn’t so sure about:

  • Um…

I hated:

  • Nothing

ExpressVPN offers a fully featured and highly polished service that oozes professionalism. Its superb customer service, easy-to-use software, and generous 30-day money-back guarantee have always been big pulls.

I am glad to say that ExpressVPN’s technical security now matches the professionalism it shows in making the service as user-friendly as possible. Encryption is truly excellent, which makes ExpressVPN’s great speed performance all the more remarkable.

The minimal aggregated connection logs kept by ExpressVPN may concern privacy purists, but they really do present very little threat to your privacy.

Throw in an excellent, free Smart DNS service, anti-censorship stealth servers, and a very generous referral program, and I think it fair to say that ExpressVPN is a market-leading VPN service that is at the very top of its game.

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Note: Speed test results, IP leak tests, and checking for Netflx availability updated on 16 June 2017.

Douglas Crawford

I am a freelance writer, technology enthusiast, and lover of life who enjoys spinning words and sharing knowledge for a living. You can now follow me on Twitter - @douglasjcrawf.

145 responses to “ExpressVPN Review

    Having trouble with Netflix? Just open a chatbox and they’ll direct you to the right server. Trust me, it still works.

    Used purevpn and it was a joke! Every time I logged onto one of their sites, I ran at least 5 leak tests! Every time it showed my internet provider included in the results! So much for security. Also, whenever I downloaded anything, my firewall went nuts blocking intrusions! Spent a total of 16 hours with them trying to resolve dns leaks & nothing worked! Express VPN is sooooooo sweet, no leaks, fast downloads & my firewall has no intrusion blocks! I’ve already had 2 warnings from my internet provider regarding downloads using pure VPN. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!


    It all looks good until you need meaningful support, at which point you’re screwed.
    They just don’t care once they have your money.

    I would seriously consider other vendors.

    Solid app. The settings are pretty basic but i acutally think that’s a good thing.

  2. I’ll help you guys out a bit:
    fake server locations
    no good features
    only 3 connections
    bad speeds
    blocked by netflix

    1. Hi recovering reddit guy,

      – Price is definitely a matter of opinion, but remember that you also get a full smart DNS service thrown in with the subscription
      – Please see this article for our thoughts on virtual server locations
      – Ha ha
      – 3 simultaneous connections is average
      – ExpressVPN seems to have slowed down a little this year, but as you can see from the test results above, its still pretty nippy in my experience
      – Contact ExpresVPN’s support for a list of servers that work with Netflix.

    1. Hi Hi,

      Thanks for letting us know! We are currently working on a system to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in this cat-and-mouse game.

    Great service. I love the HK stealth servers for China. I’ve you want to bypass the great firewall then you need this help.

    I like this service a lot. Logless, no BS or Bluff. My only real complaint is that I wish they offered more than 3 simultaneous connections.

  3. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY an absolute bill of Junk! however still better than pureVPN.
    I am a gamer and need a secure connection. That is the one thing you will not get. They blame it on everyone else. I now have 3 service providers into the house, A UPS, separate UPS’s on each router. Guess what! today I played all day with no disconnection and no connection to express VPN because as normally happens every 2 or 3 days I could not get connected to any expressvpn server anywhere so I tried without.
    Do I need a VPN. Yes! but I will go back to the old way, that we all started with before these companies sprang up. Pavel!! what’s your IP address mate!

    1. Hi Terry,

      i have no idea why you are having problems, but I have never had any problems connecting to ExpressVPN’s servers.

    The DNS leak protection is what got me to sign up, but the service itself is what’s keeping me going.

  4. While registering for an account with expressvpn, I typed in different e-mail addresses because I wasn’t sure which one to choose – without saving/completing the process. In fact, I stopped after entering the e-mail address, which – one should assume – just is some text in a form that is lost when not saved.

    However, after about 1 hour I received a reminder from expressvpn on each of those addresses to complete my order. I find this very disturbing, especially for a company that boasts itself with online privacy. Dunno though if it the same with other VPN services, probably yes.

  5. Attention:

    I now believe that many ExpressVPN customers would (and/or will be) be asking for refunds if they knew the real truth about this company “faking” 11 server locations:

    How can ExpressVPN remain a top tier service with this blatant dishonesty?

    Also, take note that PureVPN has been cited for 5 fake server locations.

    (Many thanks go to Sven Taylor above for posting this article)

    1. I think you’re being a little paranoid, but that comes with the territory. The reason companies like ExpressVPN use virtual servers (typically in nearby countries) is for the very reason people use their services – security. If you’re in North Korea, for example, would you want to use a dodgy server that could have real security issues technically and physically, or set up a virtual server that’s located in a much more secure country but to all intents and purposes acts like a North Korean server for those wanting to use it within the country? It’s case of practicality and safety, of offering exactly what people are after in places like that – online security. Take note of where most of those virtual servers are located.

  6. I have come across a webpage which advise users to stay away from ExpressVPN and explained ‘Why?’ in great detail. I am seriously shocked at his review. I am not a VPN expert and seeing that gives ExpressVPN #1 rank. Can you please explain in separate page regarding the issue raised seriously by editor of ? I also read some other reviews on some popular VPN providers and think ‘What is going on with people’s privacy and lives.’

    1. Hi Redwan,

      The issues raised by Restore Privacy, such as keeping aggregate logs and that the BVI is not an ideal location to be based are covered in this review. It is just that in my judgment the complaints raised in that article are not as serious as the author suggests. A good example is 3 simultaneous connections, which is the median amount in the VPN industry. Such is the nature of all reviews – they are subjective. BestVPN’s Best 5 selections are a group decision, and for us its excellent customer support, wealth of features (including a free smart DNS service), great technical security, strong perfomance (in out tests) etc., carried the day. That said, recent accusations that ExpresVPN operates fake server locations may cause us to rethink our current position.

    Best VPN I’ve used. Switched from Vypr because ExpressVPN still works with unblocking Netflix. Speeds are legit.

    Does the trick. The network lock option is also a nice touch. All in i’ve been very satisfied.

    Really great app. I Particularly like how it’s not overly complicated like other services I’ve tried. Quick to install and very easy to use.

    Price is a bit higher but the service is well worth it. Tons of server locations and browsing sppeds for the most part are great.

    Works exactly like a VPN should. Yes, the price is a bit higher but I guess you gotta pay more for quality. Stay away from free services.

    Best VPN on the market. Works great on my Linux, which is great because there aren’t many vpn applications available for it.

  7. Excellent service followed up with excellent customer service.

    Bear in mind that the customer service team is probably dealing with many newbies such as myself all the time, who have not realised that all they need to do is reset router, or computer, or activte/deactivate vpn.

    Keeps you safe even when you’re expeirencing bad connections. Love the killswitch feature they added. Really lets me feel more at ease when Iam browsing.

    1. Hi VPN User,

      It is my understanding that ExpressVPN was indeed a US company, but that it has moved to the BVI.

    I choose this service because they accept Bitcoin as payment. They also seem to write it about it a lot. If you’re going to use a VPN, use one that advocates privacy. Express VPN has been great so far.

    If you’re looking for a vpn to stream content, this one still works with netflix. It might take a while to get connected sometimes but overall it works great.

    Wanted to add here that I really thought ExpressVPN was going to be the “one” VPN that I could rely on for the longer term but after using it for a while and having paid a full year’s subscription (as one month would have sufficed) it turns out I was getting a number of annoying connection issues (all with US locations) and the client would just sort of freeze up and not connect (?) until I quit the app and tried another European location that did connect. Have asked for a refund and at least live chat was quick at processing the request. These connection problems are very odd as I had much higher hopes for such an expensive service. Also, now waiting on IVPN to sort out their current crashing client issue (in my other review) as it is the only VPN that has been working reasonably well on my Mac and has very fast connections when it is not crashing. I am just about to give up on all VPN usage due to the unreliability I have encountered and just go back to my ISP with manually entered DNS.

    1. I’ve been using IPVanish for 2yrs. Never a connection problem, speeds are great. sometimes when OS X or iOS update, it takes a few days for them to update there software to match.

    This app is so good I don’t even realize it’s on. Most vpns tend to drain your battery or slow connection, but this one is always super smooth.

  8. Can anyone explain, what is the convenience of using browser extension, if for its work, you need additionally install and monitor the Windows app?
    And why this extension doesn’t pass vpn traffic only through web browser, as most other vpn services do? Such approach to realization of this feature seems very strange.

    1. Hi John,

      This is indeed an unusual way to go about doing a VPN browser extension – as you say, most of these are in reality proxy connections (rather than real VPNs) that work for that browser only. I said that it provides convenience because that is the only real advantage I can see for doing an extension in this way. You can start the VPN directly from your browser’s menu bar. It’s not a big leap leap in convenience, I grant, but some may find it easier than the regular way.

    Couldn’t connect the other day? The probably had some problems with their serves. Works fine now, but I expect a lot from a service this expensive.

    • Not Rated
    • Not Rated

    I contacted express vpn over 24 hours ago and have dove contacted them by email 7 more times. All I have received is email with the ticket number each time. My computer has an dns address not being found, so I can not connect to other websites. This is not the customer support that they tought about! Very disappointing.

    If you’re gonna use free wifi, you need one of these first. It’s better to pay for VPN than wifi, that’s what I think.

    Works like a magic on mc PS4 and makes gaming even more fun! Wicked!

    Servers are fast and the app is really easy to use. Can’t really ask for much else.

    Awesome service. Tons of locations, strong privacy, settings, logless services, killswitch options, works with Netflix, fast servers, no uptime, unlimited bandwidth…should I go on?

    You’re kidding yourself in this day and age if you’re still using a free vpn service. With government powers around the world colluding to infringe on your privacy, a vpn has never been more important. Expressvpn prides themselfs on offering logless browsing and strong encryption on all of their servers. The price is a little more than other vpns, but you get a much better service.

    A little bit disappointed. By reading reviews (this one and many others) i was expected to get really premium service for premium price (it’s around twice much more expensive than other) but it really really got big problems with speed decrease. I even can’t speak about watching Netflix, because i felt like with dial-up line when on us servers from eastern europe. Maybe it works good in asia or united states, but in europe it’s worth nothing. The lines I’ve tried was 100 and 300 mbps so the problems really wasn’t in my end.

  9. You didn’t review another important aspect of VPN’s privacy & security features. Does Express VPN own all of it’s servers world-wide or are they renting space in server banks that may be compromised or even ran by malicious actors seeking to compile DNS information which can be used to logged & tracked?

    1. Hi Johnny,

      The only VPN company I know of to own all its servers is VyprVPN, wich has other privacy issues of its own. Please see 5 Best No Logs VPNs for a more complete discussion on this issue, but it is not as bad as may at first seem. Any VPN provider worth its salt will full-disk encrypt all servers it rents, making their all data stored on them inaccessible to malicious actors (including the server owner). Traffic analysis could still be performed on incoming and outgoing connections, but the use of shared IPs not only makes this very difficult, but also makes it even harder to actually prove anything.

    Was experiencing a few bugs before but the latest Mac update seems to have fixed everything. Works great now!

    Very disappointed with customer service and perhaps whole service. Instead of trying to solve or search why i have such a huge speed drop so i have to fill-up google captcha everywhere just offered me to get refunded. Ok, I’m happy I got my money back, back with such attitude they will lose whole clients in near future. Think king has just lost his crown in vpn market. This service is really too expensive for what you get instead of what you’ve expected

    This VPN have some problems! Before buying i contacted them via live chat to ask what might be speed drop and got answer the reduction won’t affect quality of performance. But the truth is really different my speed drop dramatically. The only good thing the support guy said and that was true that if I won’t be satisfied they will refund me immediately.

    5 star for the customer service. They really have their act together. There service team is fast and very efficient. Keep it up!

    Was researching vpn comanies and this one was always at the top of the list. Bought a 1 month plan and will be renewing my subscription.

  10. This is my first VPN. It has worked great for me. I have it on my T-Mobile phone and tablet. Allows me to tether laptop. No drops and no big drop in speed. I don’t have broadband where I am, but will soon and will load a router with it.

    Happy so far,

    My daughter has been using ExpressVPN in China for the past several months.She uses it on her MacBook and on her iPhone. Excellent service so far. She recently had a technical issue at her end, and Irving on the chat line helped solved her problem. A real person with excellent technical knowledge. So now we can add great support to our list. If you want the best, buy ExpressVPN. It’s not cheap, but we award 5 stars on price because it’s worth it.

    Servers which aren’t blacklisted by Netflix are overcrowded and it’s impossible to watch.
    Also I’ve found as big disadvantage that only 3 devices could be signed in with 1 account, what means I’ve to buy 2 accounts if i want connect my and my wife devices while on vocation. Speeds are poor comparing to price

    I’ve only used it on mobile, but it’s worked great so far. It especially comes in handy when I’m browsing public wifi. I never trust airports.

    Bought as premium service for premium price but was disappointed by huge speed drop. It would be OK for 10 – 15%, well keeping in mind distance from eastern Europe to US is huge let it be 30-40%, bet more than 80% speed drop is not what you expect from service which cost twice more than vpn you have been using before and got around 50% speed loss. Support team just proposed to try another server and after reporting it doesn’t work out asked may I want to be refund so respect it.

    Bought it for the stealth servers, and man am I glad I did. The HK servers work great in China. Way better than any other VPN I’ve tried. Connections are also more stable than the norm. Honestly this is the best all around service I’ve tried.

    Worth every penny. Yes, expressvpn costs a bit more than other vpn apps, but the service is far superior. Just try talking to their live chat for proof. Very helpful app.

    Hi Douglas, with all respect to You I think You should re-test this VPN, because I’ve switched to this VPN after reading reviews about perfect service, no speed drops and so on, but while I’m connect from Europe to US the best i’ve got is around 2-3 Mbps and like I’ve mentioned before when I’ve contacted customer care I got the answer it’s normal in peak time to have such speed drops. To make more clear without vpn i got ~100Mbps.
    With VPN I’ve used before i got around 40-50Mbps connected to US servers and was able to watch US netflix, what now is impossible.
    Maybe this problem came out due to VPN’s peak in US when congress let ISP to sell data, but it is totally not worth the price they are asking to pay.
    Thanks in advance and maybe it will be usefull.
    Best regards Jason.

    1. Hi Jason,

      So I just reinstalled the ExpessVPN client and ran a quick test. I am based in the UK and let ExressVPN choose which US server to connect to (it connected to New York, which is not surprising as the NY server is closest to the UK). You can see the results here . Have you turned off an P2P software before running you tests?

    2. Hi Douglas, I’ve also just ran a test. I’m located in Germany at the moment, also let ExressVPN choose which US server to connect and it also connected to New York because it is the closest one and a maximum i got was ~7Mbps. I could share a screenshot or link to because I’ve also tested here if it’s interesting for You.Now p2p clients or streaming services were running at that moment

      1. Hi Oscar,

        Feel free to link if you like, but I believe you :). I’m not sure what else I can usefully say here – as you can see, I get very decent UK -> US speeds. For some reason this is clearly not true for everyone, but I can only publish the results I get. What I can say is that ExpressVPN is great when it comes to honoring its money-back guarantee, so people have plenty of opportunity to test the service for themselves before committing.

  11. Hi, I posted two comments earlier on this thread and I saw them ready for moderation. I’m sure there wasn’t anything controversial and certainly not offensive — one asked a question and had some quotes from some standard websites for checking for leaks, with my results. And both comments have either disappeared, or were never posted after the moderating process. Douglas, can you explain, please? (Privately if you prefer, you have my email address.) Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Brian,

      I had to finish work a little early yesterday for personal reasons, and so did not have the opportunity to moderate your comments until I started work this morning. They are now published.

    2. I felt guilty after I’d posted that! 🙁 Put it down to the impetuous impatience of a senior citizen (or something, LOL) Only kidding. I think. Many thanks however. 🙂

  12. Further to my comment a few minutes ago, this one doesn’t look too good, but I hope I’m misunderstanding it(?!)

    Your IP addresses United Kingdom – England Univera Network – Business

    No forwarded IP detected. If you are using a proxy, it’s a transparent proxy.
    IPv6 test not reachable.

    Your IP addresses – WebRTC detection No leak, RTCPeerConnection not available.
    DNS Address – 1 server United States

    If you are now connected to a VPN and between the detected DNS you see your ISP DNS, then your system is leaking DNS requests

    I never had that message with NordVPN. Hmm….(?)

    1. Hi Brian,

      So… do any of the IPs you see belong to either yourself or your ISP? If not, then you do not have any IP leaks.

    2. Hi Douglas, I’m pretty sure they’re neither me nor the ISP, but I need to find out, if I can, all the addresses used by ExpressVPN, maybe that’s not possible. By the way, I’m delighted with the ease and speed of connection with the Android version, which I’ve been using today. And definitely no leaks. I need to find out how much battery power it uses, however. I’ll check that out tomorrow. (Samsung tablet, the ‘KitKat’ version!)

      1. Hi Brian,

        Visit If you click on the green IP addresses shown, the site will provide more details about who owns that IP address.

  13. Hi again Douglas. OK so I’ve taken the plunge and taken out a trial month’s sub to ExpressVPN (I wont blame you if I don’t like it 😉 ) So far everything is good, haven’t checked the speeds yet, but I’ve gone for the leak tests. Is the following OK, cos I don’t understand why there are different IP figures:
    Request IP:, SoftLayer Technologies (36351), United Kingdom (EU)

    DNS Request Source: We did get DNS requests from the following IPs: Express VPN (36351), United States (NA)
    Your DNS configuration seems to be ok. All your DNS request(s) came from the same network as your HTTP request (or from anonymous DNS servers).

    SSL traffic:
    WebRTC IP Leak: We could not detect an IP via WebRTC. What’s the difference between the 159 … on and the 104 …? Whatever, it’s good to know there’s no leak, although unless my memory is faulty, I think it’s the first time a VPN I’ve used has been linked to an actually country (USA). Tho’ why USA, when it’s Brit Virg Is?! I’ll add something when I’ve done a few speed tests. All best. —B

  14. I like the fact that ExpressVPN has a simple interface with few significant options that are changeable (basically the protocol). My previous VPN vendor’s Windows app had endless options and whenever you reported a problem to them their first response was to have you try turning each one on or off to see how it affected the problem. Extensive testing required that I wasn’t willing to do for them – so my last problem before I left them wasn’t resolved.

    From my initial experience, ExpressVPN is working well for me on my Chromebook and Android tablet with a few very minor hiccups but appears somewhat more flaky on my Windows PC. I am able to access certain financial web sites with ExpressVPN that I couldn’t with my former VPN software, nicely enough. Their web site is polished and professional. I have generally decided though that you just have to expect more problem issues/complexity if you introduce a VPN to the mix. AND the prices quoted for the software are US$ !

    ExpressVPN support is fairly quick and friendly but fairly knee-jerk unthinking. They seem to want to have you first try re-installing the software as an attempt at resolution for any problem. When you do convince them you are experiencing a bug, they just appear to suggest you wait for resolution in a future release or install a possibly problematic older release without indicating they are reporting your issue to development. I supplied an ExpressVPN diagnostics log for the problem I was experiencing but never got any indication back that they had looked at it. Their 24/7 chat facility seems to go down occasionally – I’ve noticed it offline a couple of times in the two weeks I’ve been a customer.

    And what seems to be the case for VPN software in general, their product is sensitive to PC total security software (BitDefender I found won’t let their Windows app ‘Speed Test’ function work by default – a problem reported by other security software users on ExpressVPN’s web site).

    1. Hi Ronald,

      Thanks for sharing your detailed thoughts with us. With regards to VPNs and compatibility with other security products, the problem usually comes down to firewalls. Security products can take it upon themselves to block the VPN connections, or the firewall rules used by the security product and the VPN can clash (VPNs often use firewalls to prevent DNS leaks). This is no fault of the VPN software, however.

    2. Thanks Douglas. I wasn’t trying to imply VPN vendors are at fault because of incompatibility issues with security software only that VPN users should expect hassles like this to occur. (I had to abandon McAfee security and go to BitDefender with my last VPN in order to resolve an issue.) Note for other BitDefender users… BitDefender has a ‘general rule’ denying ‘incoming ICMP’ and ‘ICMPV6’ traffic that causes the speed test to error out. I am quite alright with disabling my firewall for a few minutes if I want to run this facility.

    3. Hi Ronald,
      ExpressVPN user for a while and looking into getting Bitdefender Total Security. Apart from not being able to run the speed test, are there any other collisions between the two programs? Can I keep using ExpressVPN while running Bitdefender without any issues?

    I’ve read tons of reviews that prefer ExpressVPN instead of other listed above it because the speeds are good, but in fact connected to US servers they are terrible. I got only around 2Mbps at the best. Really not worth the price and whats are saying about this service

    1. Hmmmm. Did you connect to the recommended servers or try a speed test? I’ve personally never had any issues when i let the app choose for me.

    Very reliable app with more server locations than you could ever want, though tbh I only ever use a couple. Still, it’s nice to have.

    Started reading about VPNs after the recent elections. Gave this one and try and I’ve been pretty happy so far. Does exactly what it says on the website. Pretty fast too.

  15. Great mobile app to have, just don’t connect to Google maps when you’re on it. Totally screws everything up for me when i do.

    1. Hi Samuel,

      I am surprised by this as Google maps uses GPS to locate you. Using a VPN shouldn’t interfere with it. Have you contacted ExpressVPN about this issue?

    Best VPN I’ve ever used. Seriously. Speeds are great and servers are very reliable.

    This app is essential for travellers. Worgs great by instantly securing and all public wifi networks and bypass every firewall network i’ve encountered by far. Can’t recommend it enough.

    Love This service. Some people are complaining about Netflix but all you need to do is ask the live chat which server is working. They’re constantly working on unblocking Netflix. Much better than other VPNs.

    If you live in the UK, then you needs this app. Snooper’s Charter is terrifying. This app works great and has been extremly reliable. It’s a simple way to fight back.

  16. The speeds are nowhere as advertised. I pay for fiber and my smartphone average download speed is 200mbps. On expressvpn it dropped to 12mbps. That is a significant decrease. Netflix could not be watched by any US location I selected. Worked for the Canada ones. Given how much my family watches netflix, it is not worth the hassle of playing the cat and mouse game.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      That is indeed a major slowdown. You can see the results I got in this review. For Neflix, that surprises me somewhat, but as you say, it is a cat-and-mouse game. Did you try the smart DNS instead?

    Solid for the past year on ASUSWRT Merlin Router. Netflix doesn’t work without contacting support to find the correct server. I had one issue with my router and customer support clearly was not technical in their help. I was able to fix the issue myself. However, I am about to update again because it is so solid. It just works. Speeds are down by about 20%. USA User, focused on Security and stability.

    The reason I signed up was, because I heard they had great speed, great customer support and great uptime.

    Turns out though that their customer support is the worst, they are far from experts and just read from manuals which are similar the articles they already have online. They can’t actually troubleshoot any problems.

    Initially I liked the service and the software, but I’ve been plagued by slow speeds, all servers closest to me perform poorly and 1 doesn’t connect. So I have to choose between low ping and low speed or high ping and high speed.

    They don’t support 1 single travel router, I still got one and I’m not getting more than 1mbps when its 12mbps normally. Customer support couldn’t do anything to help.

    The extra price doesn’t get you more sadly.

    1. Hi Klimer,

      VPN “travel routers” are all very slow becasue they simply do not have the processing power to handle VPN encryption/decryption at any speed. This is an issue with the hardware, and is not the fault of ExpressVPN.

      What the extra price does gets you is a good smart DNS service, an excellent client that uses first rate encryption and has no IP leak issues, and stealth servers that are effective for users in China. I, personally, have always found speeds range from good to excellent, but I accept that your experience may differ.

      The customer service staff are not all tech experts, but I have always found that they do know enough to link to relevant online resources, or can refer you through to staff with greater technical expertise (this may cause a delay, but seems fair enough to me – ExpresVPN simply cannot afford to staff its 24/7 hotline with staff who all have degrees in computer engineering!).

    I had a horrible experience with express VPN.

    It works ok, sometimes drops but does allow you to use with CBS sports and Sling.

    My problem is the customer service is horrible. I used it for a week without problem then started to use it yesterday and it was disconnected with a message to email the billing department with a copy of my credit card and my previous charge was refunded. It said its would take one to two days for verification. It also said you cannot use the 24 online chat service for verification. Their advertisement is misleading. There is no telephone number to contact. Why they didn`t do this when I purchased the service is a mystery. I`m also not sure why they didn`t email me to ask for verification instead of just stopping my service.

    I tried the online service anyway and they wrote a person from the billing department would contact me soon. I was trying to watch the NCAA tournament. They haven`t yet.

    I checked my credit card and their charge was on it and no refund had been issued. I paid for a service and then couldn’t`t use it.

    For the money then service should be much better. It`s the worst example of customer service from a company over the internet I have ever received.

    Fast speeds, great connections, great secrity, measures, what more would you want in a vpn ?

    Best vpn i’ve ever used. Swithced from PIA which i had loved until recently and this one is miles ahead in terms reliability and speeds. You devs are doing an amazin job.

    Works on my xbox and ps4. Love it! Helps me play CoD without having to worry about lag. Also have it installed on my android.

    Express vpn is the best! Android app works Wonderfully! I’m able to check my IP to see which country I’m in and it helps me access sites that weren’t available before.

  17. I have tried a few VPNs before and I found ExpressVPN to be the best at the moment.

    I have been using ExpressVPN for 2 years without any problems. Especially in places like China, it’s a great VPN especially when you need to access information which is block by GFW.

    So each time when I am travelling to China, I will have no trouble accessing anything! Yes it’s expensive but when you are in dire need for some important info outside out China or those countries which blocked some websites, this VPN provider will help me access anything. Plus it rarely drop signal on LTE or disconnect when I am on home WIFI.

    The only thing which this VPN provider lacks is customisation for users especially PC. I am a Mac user and I do not need any complicated configuration!

    *Disclaimer* – I do not work for ExpressVPN. I am just a satisfied customer.

    Layout rocks! Sometimes my connection is slow but all i have to do is switch my vpn protocol and then im able to browse fast again. Love how easy it is to use too!

  18. I need to copy files from a client to my computer, catch is the client will only add me to their allow-list if I give them a static IP address (NOT dynamic IP which can change every few days). Will ‘ExpressVPN’ allow me to do this ?

    I was always one of thoes who say I’ve got nothing to hide, but I really woke up when I saw how refined ads were getting on social media. I decided to stop giving away that much personal information and expressvpn helped. It’s a very good app and their blog is very well written and informative, too.

    Love how ExpressVPN finally added a killswitch on their Windows app. I have it installed on my Android too. The old version used to drain my battery but the newest update runs like sugar.

    Invest on your privacy, people. Your data is the new currency for companies out there. And you’re getting anything for it. Get a vpn before it’s too late.

    They should have an ad on airports “hey, if you going abroad, don’t forget to download a vpn first!”. You don’t want to land on a foreign country without it, trust me. Expressvpn is the vpn you want, and the one you need.

    The latest IOS update is really great, I had some complaints before but nevermind, great app.

  19. I’m just wondering why this review fails to mention ExpressVPN’s automatic “diagnostic sharing” option which shares your data with “third parties” – according to their terms. Maybe it’s because ExpressVPN is paying you for all the advertisements, pop-ups, and 1st place “best vpn” positioning… Do your research people, see the VPN WARNING List.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      1. All reviews on are impartial. As we make very clear to advertisers and business partners etc., the only way to get a good review on this website is to run a good VPN service. Even a cursory glance through our reviews should demonstrate that we can be very hard on VPN services if they are not up to scratch.

      2. I do a great deal of research when writing a VPN review. The relevant lines in the ExpressVPN ToS are (emphasis mine),

      “Our software may send diagnostic data to a third party analytics provider for the purpose of identifying connection errors and possible bugs in our application. The information collected is generic in nature and does not contain personally identifying information.

      Now, I’m sorry, but I do not consider sending anonymized connection logs to a third party to be a major problem. Yes, I know when comes to big data, that “anonymized or “psuedo-anonymised” logs are really no such thing, but assuming ExpressVPN removes the IP addresses of its users from the data, I do not think this presents a major danger.

      Of course, the fact that connection logs exist at all is a danger, and one that I have flagged up in the review.

    Works fine in NY, sometimes it’s a bit slow when I travel abroad, but since it helps me stay up-to-date with all the media I usually check whenever I ago ( especially you know where ), I can’t complain about it.

    Reliability is horrible. Constantly letting me down. I was told by customer support ‘any technology is going to have some problems’. Really? This bad. I would say on an average day (of saying being online for 8/9 hours) I spend 10-15 minutes waiting for it to re-connect, have to try different servers, manually disconnect, and reconnect, etc, etc.

    And also a lot of sites (like google, amazon, etc) block certain locations because it’s being used by bots or because they think it is not in the location it’s supposed to be.

    I use it on my linux, which is actually pretty cool bc I don’t think other vpns would work for it. It really understands the meaning of the word ” accessible “.

  20. I use piratebay with utorrent. If I bought this would someone be available to help me through the process of setting it up? I’m a dummy when it comes to understanding anything pc related. I can barely turn my pc on… haha Also, I have windows 7 which works well for me.

    1. Hi Donald,

      ExpressVPN has among the best customer support on the market. Contact it via Live Chat, and I’m sure the support staff will be happy to hold your hand during the setup process.

  21. Signed up for a free trial before i traveled to china it really helped during my trip. Get it before your check-in, you won’t regret it.

  22. Tried ExpressVPN over a four day period. Somewhat confusing setup. Was not able to get it to work. Exchanged Emails twice, still unable to find the solution. Looking elsewhere.

  23. Express VPN is highly over-priced and their customer service representatives are relentless when confronted with billing issues. Even when they are in the wrong, they will wear you down by badgering a customer until they have no recourse but find a different vpn servoce. I feel like I have been interrogated by the CIA. The service, itself, is top notch, but heaven forbid if you have billing issues.

  24. I use ExpressVPN and I am happy with it. It is the only VPN I have tried that will stream an entire basketball game without dropping. And it has increased its security. Better security, reliable = win.

  25. Used this while working overseas in China. I was a grad student and having this service saved me many times when trying to access research online. I connected to the Hong Kong servers mentioned in the article. Had quite a few disconnects but that was more in relation to the connection where I lived. I’ve stuck with ExpressVPN even since returning home as it has come in quite useful for the office when those pesky IT guys want to block things.

    1. Me too I’m in China. After lots of free methods to bypass China’s GFW been blocked, I started using paid VPNs. I’ve tried a lot, ExpressVPN is the only one I’ve found so far that’s a always working & allows torrent traffics & unlimited data and speed. Sure sometimes it got difficult connecting, but by retrying and changing locations (and connecting methods) it worked good, even when times that other VPNs been blocked here in China. It one of the more expensive ones, but dada and speed is unlimited is nice, so I don’t have to constantly checking a dashboard to see how much I’ve left.

      I don’t know how this VPN performed on other countries, but it worked fine for me, it’s nice they’ve got clients for just about any platform, make things more convenient. (You can use OS default ways like L2TP to connect too. With or without a client) I’ve tried setting this up on my DD-WRT router and it worked great, making everything go through VPN, without having to set each device up individually. I’ve made two Wi-Fi signals for my house, one with this ExpressVPN and one without, needs a bit of work to set this up, but it’s fun and convenient. Pretty much any DD-WRT router can do it, you don’t have to buy theirs (those routers on ExpiresVPN website), they’re over priced.

    I have ExpressVPN installed on every one of my devices in preparation for a Trump presidency when the already fuzzy privacy laws no longer apply.

  26. I’m confused. In your PureVPN review you blast them for a WebRTC leak, and here you have a WebRTC leak and it’s perfectly fine. This appears to be a double standard.
    ExpressVPN in my opinion is completely overpriced. They are NOT the fastest VPN in the world, yet continue to claim to be.

    1. Hi Isaac,

      The difference is that PureVPN exposes your external IP via WebRTC, while ExpressVPN only exposes your local IP address. You local IP address is only the internal address used to locate resources on your by your LAN, and cannot be used to identify you on the internet. It therefore does not constitute an IP leak.

    Don’t trust VPNs based in Europe/UK/US! Go with something like Express that’s legally incorporated in BVI

    If you’re getting the Netflix proxy error with your VPN then it’s been blocked. I know Express still has a few servers that work.

    If you want to get an app that’s not available in your location on Google Play Store, just take out your SIM, connect to a VPN like Express in the location you want, and turn off your GPS. Then open Google Play.

  27. Express Vpn is not able to over overcome the geo block in particular for RAI TV in Italy. Having Italian TV is very important to my family. They advertise that they can provide services to Geo blocked countries but admittedly this is currently not the case. I find this particularly disappointing. Further technical support is available however one can spen hours chatting with them and still not be able to resolve issues. They just don’t have the resources to resolve issues in a meaningful and efficient manner. They are polite but not knowledgeable enough to get to the bottom of an issue.

    ExpressVPN manages to hold a stable connection even on 4G LTE. I’m using the iPhone app.

    ExpressVPN has improved an already very impressive service. Well done.

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