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ExpressVPN has always provided a fantastic customer-focused VPN experience, with 24/7 customer support, easy-to-use apps, and a 30-day no-quibble money back guarantee. Recent improvements to the service ensure that ExpressVPN earns its place as an industry-leading VPN provider.
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On October 26, 2016
Last modified:February 8, 2017


In this ExpressVPN review, I am impressed by the technical improvements this top-tier provider has made to its already great customer-focused service.

ExpressVPN is a high-profile market-leading VPN provider. In the past, I have had a couple of reservations about minor technical aspects of ExpressVPN’s service. But in this new ExpressVPN review, I find myself very impressed.

ExpressVPN is a very professional service that is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. 24/7 customer support, a 30-day money guarantee, and software that has been designed to be as easy to use as possible amply demonstrate its customer-facing philosophy.

Recent improvements have made what was already a very good (and popular) service even better. The encryption is now among the best I have encountered in the industry. And although a few minimal logs are kept, these are very minimal. ExpressVPN now provides an excellent service.

  • ProsPROS
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Servers in 87 countries
  • Excellent encryption
  • Easy to use
  • 24/7 customer support
  • ConsCONS
  • Minimal connection logs

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Pricing & Plans

ExpressVPN offers a simple one-size-fits-all plan. Prices start at a slightly steep $12.95 per month, but quickly drop for longer-term purchases. If you pay annually, the price drops to a much more reasonable $8.32 per month.

ExpressVPN Pricing

Although no free trial* is offered per se., ExpressVPN does offer a very generous 30-day money back guarantee. In this regard, in fact, ExpressVPN is an industry leader. Many other providers place hidden restrictions on such offers, or simply refuse to honor them.

Not so ExpressVPN, which means it when it describes its 30-day money back guarantee as “no-quibble”. After moderating the comments we receive at for around four years now, I have not received a single complaint about ExpressVPN regarding this offer.

* A seven-day free trial of the iOS app is available, as is a one-day free trial of the Android app. Apparently, this disparity is due to the trial periods being set by the Play Store and Apple Store policies, rather than by ExpressVPN.

In addition to this, ExpressVPN runs a very generous referral program – for each friend you refer, you both get 30 days free!

I will discuss features below, but will just note here that ExpressVPN throws in a free Smart DNS service for all customers. This greatly enhances the value of its package.

ExpressVPN Video Review

Note that VPNs provide privacy, not total anonymity, and that since making this video ExpressVPN has added to and improved its service in a number of ways. The basics, however, have not changed


ExpressVPN operates servers out of 136 cities in 87 countries. This includes places such as Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Africa, which often get little in the way of love from VPN companies. You can connect up to three devices to the service at once.

Most major VPN protocols are supported, although I recommend using OpenVPN where possible (and avoiding PPTP like the plague!). Available protocols include PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, and OpenVPN (TCP and UDP).

In addition to the VPN service, subscribers also have free access to ExpressVPNs Smart DNS service…

Smart DNS

Smart DNS enables geospoofing by resolving your DNS requests at a specified location. No encryption/decryption is involved, and the DNS translation is pretty much instantaneous. This means that Smart DNS services suffer fewer buffering issues than when using VPN for streaming (although distance can still cause problems).

Another advantage of Smart DNS is that can be configured on any internet-capable device. Not just ones that can run VPN software. This means that you can use Smart DNS on your smart TV, games console, and Roku (among others).

ExpressVPN SmartDNS

ExpressVPN’s free Smart DNS service works for both US Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Note that you may need to turn off certificate warnings in your Browser (Google it) in order to access secure web pages such as

“Stealth” servers

ExpressVPN operates “stealth” servers located in Hong Kong. Although designed specifically to allow users in mainland China to bypass the Great Firewall, these should be helpful for bypassing VPN blocks elsewhere.

As I am based in the UK I cannot test the effectiveness of these servers myself. But according to reports, they generally work well (remembering that nothing can be guaranteed when it comes to China).

A Dark Web website

Interestingly, ExpressVPN now runs a .onion website. This is a mirror of its open-web website, but is a Tor Hidden Services site. This means that it can only be accessed via the Tor Browser, and that it is almost impossible to censor.

Onion Site

This is great news for people in places such as China, who might otherwise have trouble accessing the ExpressVPN website in order to sign up for the service and download its software.

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ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). As a British overseas territory, its exact relationship to the UK government with regards to GCHQ spying is unclear. But for most purposes being based in the BVI should make ExpressVPN highly resistant to most forms of pressure (including over copyright issues).

The BVI has no mandatory data retention laws, which allows ExpessVPN to keep few logs,

“We never keep traffic logs, and we also don’t keep any logs that might enable someone to match an IP and timestamp back to a user. We work entirely on the basis of shared IPs, meaning that a single IP does not track back to an individual user. For the purpose of improving network resource allocation, we record aggregate data-transfer amounts and choice of server location, neither of which are data points that can identify a specific user as part of an investigation.

So usage logs are not kept, although some connection logs are. According to ExpressVPN’s ToS,

We may collect the following information: dates (not times) when connected to our service, choice of server location, and the total amount of data transferred per day.

This is not a huge amount of information. But it could, in theory, be enough for a determined adversary to perform a successful end-to-end timing attack.


On the technical front, the encryption used by ExpressVPN for OpenVPN connections is superb:

AES-256 cipher with RSA-4096 handshake and SHA-512 HMAC hash authentication. A new development I noted in this ExpressVPN review is that the provider now uses Elliptic Curve Diffie–Hellman (ECDH) key exchanges for data channel encryption.

This means that ExpressVPN’s OpenVPN connections now use Perfect Forward Secrecy, which is great.

Expressvpn Activation

ExpessVPN generates custom OpenVPN certificates for each user, and authenticates these with an activation code. This is a very secure setup

Ports and Protocols

In addition to OpenVPN, other VPN protocols are available. Given how insecure it is, I generally disapprove of PPTP even being offered. But ExpressVPN does at least clearly flag up the problem

The website

The ExpressVPN looks smart. It is also packed with information, although not all of it is as easy to find as I would like. I would have no idea, for example, on how to find the excellent page detailing the encryption ExpressVPN uses if the Live Support staff had not provided a link to it. This, however, is a very minor quibble.

Readers of this ExpressVPN review may also enjoy the provider’s rather good and regularly updated blog.


ExpressVPN is famous for its 24/7/365 days a year support. I had no trouble connecting instantly to a staff member via Live Chat.

I have in the past received a few comments from readers dissatisfied at the technical competence of ExpressVPN’s support staff. But the members I talked to were either able to answer my questions directly, or direct me to resources that answered my questions.

Everyone’s experiences of these things differs, but I was perfectly happy with the support I received while conducting this ExpressVPN review.

The Process

Signing Up

Signing up is a straightforward process. The only personal information requested (other than payment details) is a valid email address. This is necessary in order to send you subscription confirmation and download links for the software. But there is nothing preventing you from using a disposable email address.

In addition to credit card, PayPal, and a few more obscure options, you can pay using Bitcoins. If purchased anonymously and/or properly mixed, this can provide a high level of privacy when buying a subscription.

Once you have signed up, you will be sent a confirmation email containing various links you might need.

The ExpressVPN Windows Client

ExpressVPN specializes in making its service easy-to-use and as layman-friendly as possible.

Windows Client

This philosophy is exemplified by its desktop client – simply select a location, and hit “Connect”. It really couldn’t be easier!

Network Lock

Under the hood, though, the ExpressVPN client sports some powerful features

In addition to an almost full suite of VPN protocol options, Network Lock is a firewall which prevents DNS leaks and acts as a kill switch (by preventing all internet traffic entering or leaving your PC except through the VPN).

So overall, the ExpressVPN Windows client is great!

It did, however, fail to disconnect properly on a couple of occasions, and needed to be shut down in Task Manager -> Services. This was even after quitting the app in order to fully disconnect from the VPN. I am confident that is a fairly minor bug will be ironed out in future updates.

The Mac client

Mac Client

The ExpressVPN OS X/Mac OS app looks identical to the Windows client, except for Mac-related cosmetic details.

OS X Client

Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC and IPv6 Tests)

Tests were performed using a UK 50 Mbps / 3 Mbps fiber connection. The relatively modest UK control test speeds (no VPN) may be down to the powerline adaptor I use. It is also worth noting that UK and US tests were performed on separate days.  All tests for this ExpressVPN review were performed using the OpenVPN (UDP) protocol.

Download Speeds

Upload Speeds

Graphs show highest, lowest and average speeds for each server and location. See our full speed test explanation for more detail.

As you can see, these are generally excellent results. Download speed loss due to being connected to a nearby VPN server was less than 10 percent.

Leaktest Results

ExpressVPN passed all DNS leak and WebRTC leak tests with flying colors. WebRTC was able to detect my local IP address, but this does not give away my identity or geo-location

Using ExpressVPN I was able to stream content from both US Netflix and BBC iPlayer. So top marks in this regard.

Other Platforms

ExpressVPN offers full GUI apps for Windows, Mac OS / O SX, Android and iOS. As discussed in more detail in 5 Best Linux VPN Services, ExpressVPN also offers a basic custom Linux VPN client. It is Terminal command-line only, but works well and is simple enough to use. It even includes DNS leak protection.

Detailed manual VPN and Smart DNS setup guides are also provided for a wide range of devices. I have been provided with a Linksys WRT 1200 AC router pre-configured to run ExpressVPN, so look out for a review of that soon.

The Android app

The Android app is compatible with Android 4.2+. It can be installed from the Google Play store or downloaded as a .apk file.

Android Client

As with the desktop app, the Android app is very user-friendly. Also as with the desktop app, I was also to detect no DNS leaks. My external IP was also hidden from WebRTC

iOS Client

The iOS app appears to be more or less identical to the Android app. Unusually for a custom iOS app, it supports OpenVPN (and IPsec)

ExpressVPN Review Conclusion

I liked

  • Great customer service
  • 30-day genuinely no quibble money-back guarantee
  • Superb encryption (with Perfect Forward Secrecy)
  • Free Smart DNS service
  • Great mobile apps
  • Servers in 87 countries
  • Three simultaneous connections
  • DNS leak and WebRTC protection
  • Excellent speed performance
  • Generous referral program
  • Works with US Netflix and iPlayer (at date tested)
  • .onion address
  • “Stealth” servers located in Hong Kong
  • Fully featured and easy-to-use software
  • A Linux client (basic but it works)

I wasn’t so sure about

  • Minimal connection logs kept (but still connection logs)
  • Windows app crashed a couple of times

I hated

  • Nothing

ExpressVPN has always run a very tight ship when it comes to customer service. Its apps are easy to use, I found the 24/7 instant Live Chat support to be excellent, and the 30-day money-back guarantee is surefire. The referral program is also very generous.

Since I last wrote an ExpressVPN review, it has really beefed up various aspects of its service that I was less happy with. The encryption it uses is now among the best in the business. And the number of logs it keeps has been stripped right back (although some still exist).

As is, there really is very little to complain about. ExpressVPN offers what is very arguably the most polished and professional all-round service in the business. I’m impressed.

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Douglas Crawford I am a freelance writer, technology enthusiast, and lover of life who enjoys spinning words and sharing knowledge for a living. Find me on Google+

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35 responses to “ExpressVPN Review

    I was always one of thoes who say I’ve got nothing to hide, but I really woke up when I saw how refined ads were getting on social media. I decided to stop giving away that much personal information and expressvpn helped. It’s a very good app and their blog is very well written and informative, too.

    Love how ExpressVPN finally added a killswitch on their Windows app. I have it installed on my Android too. The old version used to drain my battery but the newest update runs like sugar.

    Invest on your privacy, people. Your data is the new currency for companies out there. And you’re getting anything for it. Get a vpn before it’s too late.

    They should have an ad on airports “hey, if you going abroad, don’t forget to download a vpn first!”. You don’t want to land on a foreign country without it, trust me. Expressvpn is the vpn you want, and the one you need.

    The latest IOS update is really great, I had some complaints before but nevermind, great app.

  1. I’m just wondering why this review fails to mention ExpressVPN’s automatic “diagnostic sharing” option which shares your data with “third parties” – according to their terms. Maybe it’s because ExpressVPN is paying you for all the advertisements, pop-ups, and 1st place “best vpn” positioning… Do your research people, see the VPN WARNING List.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      1. All reviews on are impartial. As we make very clear to advertisers and business partners etc., the only way to get a good review on this website is to run a good VPN service. Even a cursory glance through our reviews should demonstrate that we can be very hard on VPN services if they are not up to scratch.

      2. I do a great deal of research when writing a VPN review. The relevant lines in the ExpressVPN ToS are (emphasis mine),

      “Our software may send diagnostic data to a third party analytics provider for the purpose of identifying connection errors and possible bugs in our application. The information collected is generic in nature and does not contain personally identifying information.

      Now, I’m sorry, but I do not consider sending anonymized connection logs to a third party to be a major problem. Yes, I know when comes to big data, that “anonymized or “psuedo-anonymised” logs are really no such thing, but assuming ExpressVPN removes the IP addresses of its users from the data, I do not think this presents a major danger.

      Of course, the fact that connection logs exist at all is a danger, and one that I have flagged up in the review.

    Works fine in NY, sometimes it’s a bit slow when I travel abroad, but since it helps me stay up-to-date with all the media I usually check whenever I ago ( especially you know where ), I can’t complain about it.

    Reliability is horrible. Constantly letting me down. I was told by customer support ‘any technology is going to have some problems’. Really? This bad. I would say on an average day (of saying being online for 8/9 hours) I spend 10-15 minutes waiting for it to re-connect, have to try different servers, manually disconnect, and reconnect, etc, etc.

    And also a lot of sites (like google, amazon, etc) block certain locations because it’s being used by bots or because they think it is not in the location it’s supposed to be.

    I use it on my linux, which is actually pretty cool bc I don’t think other vpns would work for it. It really understands the meaning of the word ” accessible “.

  2. I use piratebay with utorrent. If I bought this would someone be available to help me through the process of setting it up? I’m a dummy when it comes to understanding anything pc related. I can barely turn my pc on… haha Also, I have windows 7 which works well for me.

    1. Hi Donald,

      ExpressVPN has among the best customer support on the market. Contact it via Live Chat, and I’m sure the support staff will be happy to hold your hand during the setup process.

  3. Signed up for a free trial before i traveled to china it really helped during my trip. Get it before your check-in, you won’t regret it.

  4. Tried ExpressVPN over a four day period. Somewhat confusing setup. Was not able to get it to work. Exchanged Emails twice, still unable to find the solution. Looking elsewhere.

  5. Express VPN is highly over-priced and their customer service representatives are relentless when confronted with billing issues. Even when they are in the wrong, they will wear you down by badgering a customer until they have no recourse but find a different vpn servoce. I feel like I have been interrogated by the CIA. The service, itself, is top notch, but heaven forbid if you have billing issues.

  6. I use ExpressVPN and I am happy with it. It is the only VPN I have tried that will stream an entire basketball game without dropping. And it has increased its security. Better security, reliable = win.

  7. Used this while working overseas in China. I was a grad student and having this service saved me many times when trying to access research online. I connected to the Hong Kong servers mentioned in the article. Had quite a few disconnects but that was more in relation to the connection where I lived. I’ve stuck with ExpressVPN even since returning home as it has come in quite useful for the office when those pesky IT guys want to block things.

    1. Me too I’m in China. After lots of free methods to bypass China’s GFW been blocked, I started using paid VPNs. I’ve tried a lot, ExpressVPN is the only one I’ve found so far that’s a always working & allows torrent traffics & unlimited data and speed. Sure sometimes it got difficult connecting, but by retrying and changing locations (and connecting methods) it worked good, even when times that other VPNs been blocked here in China. It one of the more expensive ones, but dada and speed is unlimited is nice, so I don’t have to constantly checking a dashboard to see how much I’ve left.

      I don’t know how this VPN performed on other countries, but it worked fine for me, it’s nice they’ve got clients for just about any platform, make things more convenient. (You can use OS default ways like L2TP to connect too. With or without a client) I’ve tried setting this up on my DD-WRT router and it worked great, making everything go through VPN, without having to set each device up individually. I’ve made two Wi-Fi signals for my house, one with this ExpressVPN and one without, needs a bit of work to set this up, but it’s fun and convenient. Pretty much any DD-WRT router can do it, you don’t have to buy theirs (those routers on ExpiresVPN website), they’re over priced.

    I have ExpressVPN installed on every one of my devices in preparation for a Trump presidency when the already fuzzy privacy laws no longer apply.

  8. I’m confused. In your PureVPN review you blast them for a WebRTC leak, and here you have a WebRTC leak and it’s perfectly fine. This appears to be a double standard.
    ExpressVPN in my opinion is completely overpriced. They are NOT the fastest VPN in the world, yet continue to claim to be.

    1. Hi Isaac,

      The difference is that PureVPN exposes your external IP via WebRTC, while ExpressVPN only exposes your local IP address. You local IP address is only the internal address used to locate resources on your by your LAN, and cannot be used to identify you on the internet. It therefore does not constitute an IP leak.

    Don’t trust VPNs based in Europe/UK/US! Go with something like Express that’s legally incorporated in BVI

    If you’re getting the Netflix proxy error with your VPN then it’s been blocked. I know Express still has a few servers that work.

    If you want to get an app that’s not available in your location on Google Play Store, just take out your SIM, connect to a VPN like Express in the location you want, and turn off your GPS. Then open Google Play.

  9. Express Vpn is not able to over overcome the geo block in particular for RAI TV in Italy. Having Italian TV is very important to my family. They advertise that they can provide services to Geo blocked countries but admittedly this is currently not the case. I find this particularly disappointing. Further technical support is available however one can spen hours chatting with them and still not be able to resolve issues. They just don’t have the resources to resolve issues in a meaningful and efficient manner. They are polite but not knowledgeable enough to get to the bottom of an issue.

    ExpressVPN manages to hold a stable connection even on 4G LTE. I’m using the iPhone app.

    ExpressVPN has improved an already very impressive service. Well done.

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