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ExtShield Chrome extension warns you about malware infected extensions

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

January 22, 2014

chrome extensionWe reported yesterday that Ars Technica and How-To-Geek have discovered that many browser extensions spam you with unwanted adverts, and track you across the web. The Chrome Store’s policy on automatic updates of installed extensions, in particular, means that even trusted extensions can be modified with malware, and then silently introduced into you browser when the extension updates.

HTG have been kind enough to publish a list of extensions known to contain such crapware, but if you are too lazy to check this regularly then you might want to install the new version of ExtShield – Stops Malicious Extension by Ghacks from the Chrome Store.


This basically keeps a blacklist of (currently over 100) browser extensions known to contain adware, spyware or malware, and will scan your browser and alert you if any of these are installed.

Of course, after reading our article ‘Are your browser extensions serving up crapware and tracking you?’, you might be justifiably cautious of installing any Chrome extension, and even if this one contains no malware now, who knows what an update might bring?

Still, for those of a less paranoid disposition, ExtShield offers an easy way to keep up-to-date tabs on your Chrome extensions.