Eyes On You Quiz

Eyes on You

We rely on tech for so much these days, but there is a downside - the possibility that your actions and transactions, even your location, are being tracked. It happens more than you’d think.

Take our quiz to find out just how many eyes are on you during any given day.

Question 1

You go to Snarbocks for a coffee with a friend, and need to check IMDB for an actor that’s come up in conversation. What do you do?

Man with Coffee
Question 2

As you head to the counter for a refill, the server offers you a customer loyalty card for money off future purchases. What do you do?

Man holding a credit card
Question 3

You've tried to pay for the coffees with your bank card, but it's been declined. How do you get in touch with the bank to address the problem?

Mobile phone banking
Question 4

More and more cities are offering bikeshare schemes. On the way to work you pass by a cycle point and consider your options. What do you decide on?

Boy with cycle helmet
Question 5

A new console has been released and it's at the top of your shopping list. Where do you buy from?

Man thinking
Tv with a game on the screen
Question 6

There's a great pic of you at the Eiffel Tower which you want your friends to see - but only your friends. Do you:

Mobile phone
Question 7

You've just received an e-mail with a link to an order you made online - but you don't remember ordering it. Do you:

A hand hold a tablet
Question 8

You're installing a new gaming app on your phone and are in a rush to play - but the Terms and Conditions of use are so long! Do you:

Man reading a scroll
Question 9

You are suffering a slightly embarrassing medical discomfort. Do you:

Female doctor
Question 10

You're heading out to meet some friends at a new bar - but you lose your way in the middle of town. What do you do?

Man who looks lost
Your Privacy Skills are: All eyes on You All eyes on You

You are 10% at risk of being tracked online

Your online accounts, browsing habits, even your location - you're an open book to anyone unscrupulous enough that wants private information about you.

Think twice before downloading a new app, and always make sure your personal details are safe online.

Your Privacy Skills are: Risky Business Risky Business
Here, take all my money Man with Credit Card

You are 10% at risk of being tracked online

You may need to reconsider some of your online habits - using safer websites and a more mindful approach to your online security could be all that stands between you and an unfortunate case of identity theft.

Use stronger passwords and make sure you don't give out private details unless you need to.

Your Privacy Skills are: Mostly Harmless Mostly Harmless
I have SOME OF your details Ninja with safe behind a man

You are 10% at risk of being tracked online

You know your stuff when it comes to safe surfing. but could still be tempted by a rogue bargain if the price is right. Make sure the sites you shop on can be trusted to keep your details safe in case of a cyber-attack.

Your Privacy Skills are: Under Wraps Under Wraps
Man floating with legs crossed, meditating

You are 10% at risk of being tracked online

You've got a good handle on your online privacy, and have formed some great habits to ensure you're not at risk of giving away any private information.

You may be surprised about the things you DO give away, however.

Your Privacy Skills are: Tinfoil Hat Tinfoil Hat
Man holding safe with a metal hat on

You are 10% at risk of being tracked online

You make sure to keep a very close eye on all your online activities when it comes to sharing and using data.

If anything, you're a bit TOO untrustworthy of all the ways tech can make your life easier. Don’t be afraid to post those holiday photos to make your mates jealous.