FlashRouters Apple TV Giveaway

After our very popular MacBook Air competition last month, we have another Apple device to give away in August: An Apple TV.
FlashRouters AppleTV Giveaway

This little black box will give you access to countless hours of music and entertainment. Connectable to any TV with an HDMI port, it enables it to stream iTunes, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Youtube, Vevo, ESPN and more. As such, it is an essential part of every household.

For this contest, we have partnered up with FlashRouters.

FlashRouters offers routers from the best brands with enhanced firmware, an improved Wifi range and a VPN for increased security. If you’re dealing with a slow and insecure Wifi connection, we strongly suggest having a look at their website. They deliver worldwide. We have carefully reviewed their services and products and 100% recommend them.

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16 responses to “FlashRouters Apple TV Giveaway

  1. I’d love to win a new router…the Flash Router sounds amazing…my Internet is slow and yet I’m with Telstra and am supposed to have ADSL2+….but it doesn’t feel like it…

  2. Boy I guess its time I upgrade my Router ,, I just did not really realize how important this was,, and nowdays for Security Purposes.. I sure could WIN this and be SAFE & SOUND…

    1. Hi Chemy
      We just checked and it works. You’ll only get entries added to your list when someone enters using your link so this might be why you’re not seeing anything yet.

  3. I once looked for a “modified” version of my router firmware, it is nice to know about FlashRouters, I may consider to update my router and will see for the chance to change the firmware.

  4. Going to check out FlashRouter. Sounds like something I could really use. Not liking my Wifi at the moment. Thanks for the tip

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