Everyone likes free things, and VPNs are no exception. Whilst a no-cost VPN that’s both free from limitations and semi decent doesn’t actually exist (you don’t get premium service for nothing), there are a few ways you can try a VPN before committing to spending money.

Once you’ve found a service that you’re willing to commit to, it’s possible to save money off your subscription with  BestVPN Exclusive Offers that you won’t find anywhere else!

There are three commitment-free ways to try a VPN:

  • Free services: You read that right – these services are really, truly free. That said, they are also usually quite limited. This means they’re great for light use, or to get a general feel for VPNs if you’re new to them.
  • Free trials: While these are time-capped, they typically give users access to the fully-featured service.
  • Money-back guarantees: Some providers offer a “honeymoon period” where, after you have signed up for the service, you can back out if you change your mind, no questions asked.

Free Services

Genuine free VPNs
- usually providing a limited service
We recommend:

Free Trials

VPNs offered free for a limited period
- so you can try before you buy
We recommend:

Moneyback Guarantees

Full VPN services which offer a refund within a certain period if you’re unhappy
We recommend:

We here at BestVPN.com have rounded up the best of these VPN deals for you, our readers, so you can find the best service for you without having to drop any cash.

Let’s take a look at what other great VPN deals we have on offer!

BestVPN.com Exclusive Offers

In addition to all the VPN promotions mentioned above, BestVPN.com can offer you several offers exclusive to our website! They’ll save you money and let you test out some of the best services on the market.

TunnelBear Special Offer

Quirky provider TunnelBear is one of the most popular services on the market – no surprise, given its cute bear animations, fast speeds, and five simultaneous connections. Through BestVPN.com, you can try its service for free with a data cap of 500 MB per month – no credit card required!

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Hide.me Special Offer

Malaysian provider hide.me boasts some very attractive features, such as a no-logs policy, great mobile Apps, and five simultaneous connections. If we’ve sparked your interest, you can give its limited free service a go – or take advantage of BestVPN.com’s 15% off discount for its paid plans.

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Keenow Special Offer

Keenow Unblocker is primarily a Smart DNS service (Click to see the different between Smart DNS and VPN’s), but offers a VPN service as part of its Premium plan.  If you purchase its 12-month plan through BestVPN.com, you’ll receive an extra three months for free!

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ibVPN Special Offer

ibVPN is a low-cost, but fully-featured service that offers something for everyone. BestVPN.com can offer you its Summer Bundle Offer, in which you get Bitdefender – a cross-platform antivirus service – for free when you purchase a 12-month subscription of ibVPN. A killer combination that’ll give you both great speeds and great security!

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ScanGuard AntiVirus Special Offer

Scanguard is one of the biggest names in the antivirus market – and we at BestVPN.com can give you up to 75% off the award-winning service! Click the button below to have your pick of all its great software at a vastly discounted price.

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NordVPN Special Offer

NordVPN is another standout name in the VPN market and we’ve teamed up with them to give you a staggering 72% off when you sign up for a 2-year VPN plan. Click the button below to find out more.

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PrivateVPN Special Offer

PrivateVPN have a very special offer for BestVPN customers. When you sign up for a 12-month plan you get another 3-months for free! Not too shabby when combined with a generous 43% discount. Click the button below to get started.

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StrongVPN Special Offer

StrongVPN are offering BestVPN customers 20% off all of their packages! This means you can pick whichever package best suits you and then use the code BESTVPN when checking out to get 20% off! Hurry the offer expires 30th September 2017.

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SwitchVPN Special Offer

Looking for a robust VPN with a wide selection of servers AND money off? We have you covered. SwitchVPN are offering BestVPN customers a generous 35% discount with the code FREEDOM35 on checkout.

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Best Free VPNs

Signing up for a free VPN is a great way to try out a VPN and see how it works. That said, there is always some sort of catch when it comes to this type of service. This is because free VPNs usually only exist to tempt customers into buying the premium paid plan. Examples of limitations that providers impose on free VPNs include download caps, few features, and poor security.

These incredibly basic services are great to get a feel for VPNs, but that’s it. Anyone planning on being a long-term VPN user will quickly get frustrated with the large number of limitations that free services have, and are best to look for a well-rounded paid plan that better suits their needs.

Best Free Trial VPNs

A VPN free trial usually consists of an unlimited service that’s available for a short period of time. This time cap can range from a couple of hours to a full week or so, depending on the generosity of the provider. While that may seem short to some people, it’s more than enough time to get a good feel for the service, and see if you like it enough to pay for it after the free trial is over.

Lucky for you, a free VPN trial that isn’t loaded with limitations is easy to find. They’re even offered by most of our top-rated providers!

Best Moneyback VPNs

While free VPNs and free trial VPNs hardly ever offer a fully-featured service, money-back guarantee VPNs are the real deal.  Most providers that offer a return policy will give you back your money no questions asked, but there are a few bad eggs that’ll make things difficult for you. As such, be sure to check the terms of the money-back guarantee before you sign up.

One caveat to trying out a VPN via a money-back guarantee? You will be required to give both personal and payment details to sign up and use the service.

These services will give you a great taste of what’s on offer with a VPN.  To see the overall best VPNs available to you, read our guide to the Best VPN services for 2018.