How good is your SSL?

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Just a quick heads-up about a website that will check the SSL health of your browser, which we think everyone, should have a quick look at. It checks things such as whether your browser supports TLS version 1.2, provides ephemeral key support (essential for Perfect Forward Secrecy), is vulnerable to the beast attack, or whether it supports insecure cyphers.

We thought that we would check all our Windows browsers are up-to-date and see how they fare.

ssl firefox
Firefox 27

Until today (05 January 2014), Firefox failed the ‘Version’ and ‘Insecure Cipher Suites’ tests, but today’s update from Firefox 26 to Firefox 27 fixes this. Instructions for fixing the problem in older versions of Firefox can be found here, but why not just update your browser?

ssl chrome
Chrome Version 31.01700m also passes muster with flying colors

ssl ie
Session tickets are not supported in Internet Explorer 11.0.2

ssl opera
Oops, Opera 12.16 could do better. It only supports TLS 1.0, and does not support session tickets

ssl sfari
Safari 5.1.7 fares very poorly, but perhaps this is unsurprising since Apple has not updated Safari for Windows since July 2012, and seems to have dropped support for the browser

So does your favorite browser pass muster? Head over to to find out!

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