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GOOSE VPN is a Dutch provider with strong privacy procedures that are great for torrenters. The company allows each customer unlimited connections, but account sharing is banned. Find out more about this VPN service.

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  • Thirty day free trial
  • Servers in 28 countries
  • Strong encryption
  • Unlimited connection allowance
  • P2P OK
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per month
  • 30-day free trial
  • 22+ server locations
  • Unlimited devices
  • Supports limited platforms
  • Can only change server when you are disconnected
  • Mediocre speeds when using OpenVPN


Pricing and Plans

GOOSE has two plans on offer: 50GB and Unlimited. The 50GB clocks in at €2.99 per month (approximately $3.23 at the time of writing), while the Unlimited is a slightly higher €6.99 ($7.55) per month. While the Unlimited plan’s higher price affords the user unlimited data protection in addition to other perks, both boast a 30-day “free” trial. The trial is not technically free, but as the down payment is a mere €0.45 ($0.49), it’s pretty close to it.

goose vpn prices

GOOSE accepts multiple forms of payment, including all the usuals (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, PayPal, and so forth) in addition to more rarely-seen options such as iDeal and Giropay. Unfortunately, it does not accept bitcoin or any other anonymous payment options, which is something that I’d hope to see them add to the service in the future.

Video Review created a thorough video review that looks at GOOSE VPN’s sign-up process, client, speeds, security, and more. You can watch it below:


GOOSE VPN is a provider based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. It is a newcomer in the VPN industry, founded in 2016.

Despite its young age, GOOSE has already built up an impressive server network, which currently stands at 22 locations and counting. This includes all the most in-demand areas, such as the US and the UK, as well as more rarely serviced countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and Egypt.

Other noteworthy features of GOOSE include unlimited simultaneous connections, as well as the option to have the software in either English or Dutch. Its Unlimited plan offers additional perks, such as unlimited protected data and higher speeds.


Security and Privacy

One of GOOSE VPN’s greatest privacy features is its location. The Netherlands is a haven for VPN providers, thanks to the country’s renowned liberal attitudes, pro-privacy stance, and – most importantly for our more privacy-conscious readers – its decision to exclude VPNs from the 2006 Data Retention Directive, which includes Holland.

All GOOSE VPN communications are protected by extra-strong 256-bit AES encryption with SHA-256. Moreover, GOOSE VPN has a no logs policy in place, which means that it collects neither the connection nor traffic logs of its users. The only thing that it collects is bandwidth usage, as it clearly explains in its privacy policy:

goose vpn data collection

P2P is supported by GOOSE VPN, which is good news for all you torrenting lovers out there!

The GOOSE VPN Website

goose vpn website

The GOOSE VPN website has a stylish, clean design that is easy to navigate. Its front page gives a rundown on GOOSE, its features, and its multiple uses. It also features both user reviews and links to reviews of the service by security sites.

Links to important pages such as features, download links, prices and packages, customer support, privacy policy, and refund policy can be easily found at the top and bottom of the front page.

GOOSE VPN also has a blog, which features industry news, helpful guides, and company updates. It’s definitely one of the more interesting and informative blogs from VPN providers that I’ve seen during my time reviewing VPN software. It’s worth a read, whether you ultimately sign up for GOOSE VPN or not.
goose vpn blog


GOOSE VPN offers a number of support options for both users and would-be users. The website features a prominent support button on every page, which directs you to its help center. The help center is divided by topics – Account, Security, Usage, General Information, and Technical – with each dedicated topic page laid out like a question and answer. There is also a search bar that you can use if you have a specific issue that you’d like explained or resolved.

If you can’t find the answer to your question in the help center, you can contact GOOSE VPN directly, either via its ticket-based contact form or old fashioned email (

For this GOOSE VPN review, I decided to try out their contact form. Their customer support is advertised as 24x7x365, so I expected a speedy response. GOOSE VPN delivered. Within hours of sending a question regarding encryption protocols, I received a helpful, personalized response. It clearly answered my query and urged me to contact them again if I had any other questions or problems.

The Process

Signing Up

Signing up for GOOSE VPN is straightforward. On the sign up page, users are given the option to either sign up via Facebook or enter their personal details. Customers are required to give their first and last name, email, and a password. Afterwards, they can choose their plan of choice and payment method. While the first month is technically “free” (see the first section in this review), users are required to enter payment details when signing up. GOOSE VPN uses these details to automatically bill customers for their second month of using the service, if they fail to cancel their subscription within 30 days of signing up.

For the purpose of this GOOSE VPN review, I decided to test out their Unlimited plan.

The GOOSE Windows VPN Client

The GOOSE VPN Windows client took mere minutes to download and set up. I launched the client, and it prompted me to enter my login information before it took me to the main page. Upon first impression, I found it to be incredibly simplistic, showing my traffic limit, IP address, spoofed IP address, a list of servers, and outbound links to Account and Settings.

goose vpn client

Clicking on the server prompts a drop-down menu of all available servers. It conveniently shows you on which servers P2P is supported.

goose vpn windows

I was unhappy to find that, when I wanted to change servers, a popup appeared saying that I had to disconnect from my current server before changing to anther one. While it isn’t the biggest hassle in the world, I found it to be a bit of an annoyance. The majority of VPN providers offer seamless switching between servers.

goose vpn servers

Clicking on the gear button on the client’s main page takes you to its Settings. Overall, I found it to be incredibly bare bones. The General tab only gives you basic options such as choosing to have GOOSE VPN launch upon starting your computer, changing your language, and sending a ticket to customer support.

goose vpn settings

The Connection tab was similarly underwhelming, only showing VPN automatic connection and encryption protocol options. I was also disappointed to see that, like when changing servers, you need to disconnect before you change encryption protocols.

goose vpn encryption

While the GOOSE VPN Windows client is undeniably easy to use and navigate, overall I found it lacking. This is primarily due to the fact that users have to disconnect to change between basic functions, along with the absence of additional security functions such as a kill switch and DNS leak protection.

Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 Tests)

goose vpn download speed

goose vpn upload speed

The graphs show the highest, lowest and average speeds for each server and location. See our full speed test explanation for more detail.

All speed tests for this GOOSE VPN review were conducted in Central Europe using a 30 Mbps connection as a baseline. Overall, I found both the download and upload speeds to be poor. Download speeds to other European connections were consistently slow, with the US speeds being even slower. Upload speeds, meanwhile, fluctuated wildly but were slow overall as well.

However, it must be noted that these tests were conducted while using OpenVPN, which GOOSE VPN admits makes for slower speeds. If you were to use the less strong IKEv2 protocol you would have significantly faster speeds, but at the cost of enhanced security. To learn more about the difference between OpenVPN, IKEv2, and other protocols, see our in-depth guide on the subject.

While GOOSE VPN’s OpenVPN speed test results were disappointing, one positive is that no DNS, WebRTC, or IP leaks were detected during testing. To check your own VPN for DNS leaks and WebRTC leaks, you can run tests on You may also use to check for IPv6 leaks. We here at strongly recommend that you run these tests regularly, to ensure the consistent strength and security of your VPN.

Other Platforms

Besides Windows, GOOSE VPN is also compatible with Android, OS X, and iOS. While this covers all the major devices that people are likely to want protected with a VPN, I hope to see GOOSE VPN expand its coverage to include the likes of Linux, routers, and gaming consoles in the future.

goose supported devices

Setup guides for each different system can be found in the members-only Download section. The software is the same across platforms, with each being as simple to set up and navigate as the Windows version.

GOOSE VPN Review: Conclusion

I liked:

  • 30-day “free” trial (requires small downpayment)
  • Low cost
  • Available in English and Dutch
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Easy to use software
  • Zero logs policy
  • P2P support

I wasn’t so sure about:

  • Supports limited platforms
  • Can only change server when you are disconnected
  • Can only change encryption protocol when you are disconnected

I hated:

  • No additional security features beyond the basics
  • Slow speeds when using OpenVPN

GOOSE VPN is new to the VPN industry, and unfortunately it shows. While its software is undeniably stylish and easy to use, and it boasts attractive features such as unlimited devices, P2P support, and a strict no logs policy, its negatives are in danger of outweighing its positives. With limited platform support, bare bones settings and security, and frustratingly slow speeds when using OpenVPN, GOOSE VPN definitely has room to improve. That said, what it has built so far does have promise. I hope that with time (as well as much-needed updates and add-ons) it’ll become a stronger and more well-rounded service.


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