Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

February 9, 2018

Fans of last year’s hit movie Wonder Woman may be excited to find out that it is going to be showing on HBO. Wonder Woman was a huge hit at the box office and fans of the comic book superhero genre who haven’t seen it yet are bound to want to tune in and watch it on HBO in HD.

Wonder Woman earned a staggering  $821 million at the global box office, making 2017 the best year ever in terms of revenue for its production company Warner Bros. The blockbuster DC Extended Universe film is a gripping tale about an Amazonian warrior in training who leaves home to fight a war. That journey forces her to discover her full powers and destiny.

Wonder Woman will only be available for HBO viewers located in the US. For this reason, you will need to pretend to be in the USA to watch Wonder Woman online. The good news is that a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will allow anybody to overcome the geo-blocks that stop you from accessing Wonder Woman on HBO.

By connecting to a VPN server you get digital privacy and the ability to pretend to be somewhere else in the world. That is why you can use a VPN to connect to a US server and watch Wonder Woman.

When is Wonder Woman on HBO?

The DC Extended Universe film Wonder Woman will be showing on HBO, HBO Now, HBO Go, and HBO On Demand, from next week beginning February 10th. Those HBO channels are geo-restricted for US residents only. For this reason, you will need a VPN to pretend to be in the US.

How to Watch Wonder Woman in HD on HBO

Getting to stream Wonder Woman on HBO Go, HBO Now, or HBO On Demand, is extremely easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Select a fast VPN for streaming HBO. To watch WonderWoman on HBO Go we recommend ExpressVPN because it has super fast servers for streaming video in HD.
  • Click through to your preferred VPN’s website and subscribe to the service.
  • Download the VPN software. Make sure you download the correct VPN client for your device.
  • Install the VPN on your device. 
  • Log into your VPN using the credentials you entered when you subscribed
  • Connect to a VPN server in the US.
  • Head over to the HBO website and watch Wonder Woman.

Remember: A VPN uses military-grade encryption to secure all the traffic coming and going from your device. This means that your ISP cannot tell what you are doing online while the VPN is connected. This digital privacy allows you to watch geo-restricted content without fear of being watched

BestVPN.com does not condone copyright infringement. While we are aware that VPNs can be used to spoof your location to another country, and thus overcome geo-restrictions, their primary purpose is to provide you with online security and privacy. First and foremost, this is why we recommend using a VPN.

Wonder Woman 2

Wonder Woman’s production house Warner Bros has already announced that it is making a follow up to the first Wonder Woman film. It is already receiving a score of 3.68 out of 5 on comicbook.com for its “anticipation rating”.

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