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Hacker vs. VPN Protection: a BestVPN video

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

May 27, 2014

BestVPN are pleased to announce the first in a series of videos produced by us, showcasing the benefits of using VPN in different situations.

In the video ‘Hacker vs. VPN Protection’, a laptop user visits a café and takes advantage of the free WiFi on offer, only to find that another customer is in fact a hacker intent on stealing his data (such as passwords, email address book, personal files and more).

Using a fun kung-fu analogy, we show how the unfortunate laptop user would have been protected had he used a VPN service!

Creating a securely encrypted tunnel between your computer (including mobile phone and tablet devices), and a trusted VPN server has many advantages, up to and including providing a measure of privacy in the face of blanket NSA spying, but as we show in this video, one of the most practical day-to-day benefits is defense against hackers at public WiFi hotspots.

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