HBO targets Game of Thrones downloaders -

HBO targets Game of Thrones downloaders

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

April 21, 2015

As we reported last week, the release of the new Game of Thrones Season 5 has resulted in a feeding frenzy of downloading, as pirates everywhere rush to see the latest episode of the incredibly popular fantasy TV series (or download the first four episodes that were leaked in advance of the show’s first screening on 12 April.)

A lot of media attention has focused on maker HBO’s concern over reports that the Periscope app is being used by some to stream live broadcasts of the show to friends overseas (although why anyone would be interested in watching shaky, low quality streams of the show on their iDevice is beyond us), but downloaders should be warned that HBO is also going after conventional BitTorrenters too.

According to TorrentFreak, numerous ISPs whose users’ IP addresses have been determined guilty of P2P filesharing the show have been sent DMCA notices by HBO’s copyright removal partner IP-Echelon, demanding they,

  1. ‘Contact the subscriber who has engaged in the conduct described above and take steps to prevent the subscriber from further downloading or uploading HBO content without authorization
  2. Take appropriate action against the account holder under your Abuse Policy/Terms of Service Agreement.’

Example letters are available here and here.

As always, we strongly recommend that downloaders protect themselves with a good VPN service that permits P2P, as doing so both hides any content you download from your ISP, and hides your true IP address from anyone tracking the torrent.

Douglas Crawford

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  1. The funniest thing is the letter is written by Adrian Leatherland why are people names and what they do for a job so ironic these days. Anyway warnings have gone out to all Australians to ignore these letters coming via email as there are already SCAMMERS sending out thousands of emails. Not that you can even send an email these days with the new stupid anti spam regulations that are now stopping legitimate business from contacting clients that have requested sales information. Just happened to me trying to send an email to foogle (fxxk = google) the place all the microsoft geeks went to go work their magic. 2015 the year to be bent over

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