5 Best VPNs for Small, Medium & Large Businesses – Secure Your Office in 2018

Stephen Cooper

Stephen Cooper

दिसम्बर 20, 2017

You may already have a VPN for personal use, but VPN services can also help protect your enterprise. This review looks at some of the best VPNs for businesses.

The VPN needs of a business user are similar to those of a personal user. You just need to keep your communications private and to have access to the service abroad. VPNs are particularly useful if your business relies on telecommuters, or operatives who are almost permanently out on site.

Quick Links to Our 5 Best VPNs for Businesses

  1. SaferVPN
  2. TunnelBear
  3. TorGuard
  4. VyprVPN
  5. NordVPN

You can read more about the benefits of a VPN for business later on in this report. First, take a look at our list of the five best VPNs for business.

Best VPNs for Businesses: Summary

BestVPN Editor's Choice Award

1. SaferVPN

SaferVPN Homepage
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee
  • VPN servers in 33 countries
  • Choice of cloud-based or onsite servers
  • Team management console
  • Monthly per-user charge structure
  • Minimum of ten licenses

SaferVPN is the newest contender in the business VPN market. The company has embraced the Cloud model to make its service available to both small and large enterprises that have outsourced all of their software and storage requirements to remote, online providers. The company offers two plans. One is a standard package and the other is a bespoke solution. The Business plan is charged per month on a per-user rate.

Customers are able to manage team access through a console, which includes the ability to create user groups and different levels of access right. The app includes security features, such as a kill switch and automatic WiFi protection. The Safer VPN app is available for Windows, Mac OS X, macOS, iOS, and Android. You can load the VPN onto a router and there is also a browser extension implementation for Chrome. Each member of the team is allowed to connect up to five devices to the service simultaneously and the company's network includes access to servers in 33 countries.

Try the best VPN business package

जाएं SaferVPN »30-day money-back guarantee

2. TunnelBear

TunnelBear Homepage
  • Seven-day free trial
  • VPN servers in 20 countries
  • Allowance of five simultaneous connections per user
  • Annual fee per user
  • Fun app
  • Customer support can be slow

TunnelBear is a very popular VPN because its app is so entertaining. The process of connecting to a VPN server is illustrated by a cartoon of a bear digging down into the ground and popping up out of his tunnel at the selected location. The company recently got very serious about privacy however, when it commissioned an audit from a digital security consultancy. The problems highlighted by the investigation have all since been fixed, making this the only verifiably secure VPN in the world.

The business plan of the company is called TunnelBear for Teams. You buy a bundle of accounts and get a controlling console to manage them. All of the accounts are invoiced centrally at an annual rate per user. The app includes a kill switch, which is called "Vigilant Bear" and extra obfuscation is an option called "Ghost Bear." The app includes automatic WiFi protection. Each user in the team is allowed five simultaneous connections and all group members get access to the TunnelBear network of servers in 20 countries.

3. TorGuard

TorGuard Homepage
  • Seven-day money-back guarantee
  • Servers in 55 countries
  • Allowance of up to 50 simultaneous connections
  • Per-app kill switch
  • No logs
  • Can be difficult to install

The standard package of TorGuard allows five simultaneous connections, which should be enough to cover a small business. However, when you go and look at their business plans, that connection allowance increases. The top business plan allows 50 simultaneous connections. You get access to a fast network with servers in 55 countries.

You get a per-app kill switch with this VPN and it also includes ad, tracker, and malware blockers. You can install the app on Windows, Mac OS X, macOS, iOS, and Android devices, plus, you can set up the TorGuard VPN on Tomato and DD-WRT routers and Linux machines at the office. Each business plan includes dedicated IP addresses, which would enable you to front-end your own in-house web server. You can get additional DDoS protection, but only on IPs in Canada and France.

VyprVPN Homepage
  • Three-day free trial
  • Allowance of five simultaneous connections per user
  • Servers in 58 countries
  • Proprietary cloaking method
  • Automatic WiFi protection and kill switch
  • Can be slow from some locations

The VyprVPN business package has a lot of really impressive features that make this a very distinct service from the plan offered to residential customers. The company has two packages for businesses. The more expensive of the two includes a dedicated cloud server for your company.

The Business Cloud package creates a gateway to all of the other cloud-based apps and storage that your company subscribes to. This enables you to build a truly global team, spread out all over the world that can collaborate just as easily as if they were all seated in the same office building. VyprVPN has a proprietary cloaking method, which manages to get through the Great Firewall of China and evade detection and controls in other repressive countries. The app includes automatic WiFi protection and a kill switch to prevent unprotected connections.

NordVPN Homepage
  • Thirty-day money-back guarantee
  • VPN servers in 61 countries
  • Discounts for account bundles
  • Annual per-user charge
  • Allowance of six simultaneous connections per user
  • Customer support not available 24/7

The allowance of six simultaneous connections offered by NordVPN means that just one account could cover a small team. When your team expands, you just need to buy several packages. The company offers discounts to those who buy multiple accounts.

This service gives you access to 61 servers around the world and the company's dedication to security makes it a good choice for those who travel to or work in China. The NordVPN app includes a number of extra security features, which include a kill switch to prevent unprotected connections to the internet and automatic WiFi protection. The server list includes some interesting options, such as a double-hop VPN, which will pass through two servers and encrypt all of your connections twice over.

Please Note: Each of the five VPNs on our list use different pricing structures. As such it is difficult to make a direct cost comparison. The variations on prices will depend on your own business needs.

VPNs for Businesses: Considerations

VPNs were originally invented to protect the data and activities of companies. When the internet became more widely available, networking engineers realized their potential. They deduced that this public medium could be a good channel to connect several area offices together to create a unified corporate network.

A local area network housed in an office building has more than security – it has privacy. The physical access restrictions placed on the office building make it difficult for data thieves to log into the network and monitor the company’s activities. Sending information over the internet makes the company vulnerable to spies and hackers.

VPNs solve these problems. The full name of this technology is “virtual private network”. This is because the protection these systems provide gives the same level of privacy as networks that are physically protected within a building.

The recent boom in cloud services and telecommuting makes VPNs more relevant for modern businesses. You want your sales team to be out in the field as much as possible. The availability of cloud-based business software means each representative has access to a virtual office from anywhere. However, those connections create a vulnerability that enables hackers to steal the company’s proprietary data and confidential customer information. This is especially true if mobile employees tend to use WiFi hotspots or access the internet through the networks at the client sites that they visit.

VPNs encrypt all traffic data. It is impossible for snoopers to work out which network messages belong to company communications. The block on all internet traffic entering the company network from any source other than the VPN also improves access security and eradicates the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks.

The VPN companies on our list primarily cater to residential users. However, they have evolved their services to include features that are particularly of interest to businesses.

VPN Scalability

The five VPNs on our list will each appeal to different sizes of enterprises. A sole trader who takes on a few freelance telecommuters to expand could easily cover all privacy needs with the standard CyberGhost residential service. It allows five simultaneous connections and includes top-grade encryption.

NordVPN‘s offer of a dedicated server is appealing to those companies that have expanded beyond the sole trader model. You don’t have to worry about getting your own company network set up. You can channel all of your traffic through a server that is run by NordVPN on your behalf.

The TunnelBear VPN enables you to easily expand your team’s coverage because they charge per user, per year. You can start off with just a few employees. As the business expands and hires more workers, you just add those to your plan. The TunnelBear for Teams package gives you centralized billing for a series of individual accounts.

The VyprVPN and SaferVPN services take their business packages above and beyond VPN protection. You get a centralized user account management console with each of these VPNs. That enables you to vary network access rights and to create activity roles. The console also produces useful reports that help you monitor team activity. In both services, each user has the right to access VPN servers from up to five devices.

SaferVPN charges on a per user basis, whereas VyprVPN uses flat-fee billing. Different price levels depend on the number of users that will be accessing the service. Both companies give you the option of having a dedicated server hosted by the company in the cloud. These servers each have a dedicated IP address. That means that you can use them for inbound protection on applications such as website hosting.

SaferVPN became our first choice for business applications, with VyprVPN a close second. Both services can be hosted for you in the cloud. However, SaferVPN takes things one step further by offering customers the option of having the VPN server on their own premises.

VPNs for Businesses: Conclusions

Businesses should be aware of digital security risks. They have a legal obligation to protect the data that they store if that information relates to clients. Proprietary data is equally valuable for industrial spies. Competing quotes for tenders need to be kept secret, and innovative designs give businesses a competitive advantage only as long as they are confidential.

You know that you need to keep your data secure as it travels across the internet. You really should increase that level of protection by making all of your connections private as well. The service that you choose from our pick of the best five VPNs for business will depend on the size and complexity of your enterprise. So whether you’re just starting out as an independent entrepreneur, a small business, or a large corporation, you’ll find a suitable option on our list.

Take advantage of the free trials and refund periods offered by the services mentioned here so that you can be sure to find the best VPN for your business.

Best Business VPNs: Side-by-Side Summary


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