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Ray Walsh

अप्रैल 25, 2017

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The National Hockey League (NHL) is one of the fastest paced, most brutal, exciting leagues on Earth. That’s why ice hockey fans around the world are desperate to watch NHL games from outside the US. Sadly, due to geo-restrictions, NHL coverage is not available in many locations. However, with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for NHL, anybody can watch the league as if they were a US resident.

How Does a VPN for the NHL Work?

A VPN service allows people to obfuscate their location to a foreign country. It’s ideal for people who love ice hockey, because it means they have a way to stream every zinging wrist-shot of the NHL season.

In addition, a reliable NHL VPN provides strong encryption, so users can relax as they watch streams that are supposed to be restricted. Encryption means that what you do online is hidden from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), landlord, government, and so forth. This, coupled with the ability to ‘spoof’ your location to the US, makes a VPN service the perfect way to watch NHL from anywhere!


How Can I Watch NHL Games Online?

Watching NHL online is very easy, and in this guide we will explain everything you need to know. We will even tell you the best place to watch all the action, from the beginning of the NHL season all the way through to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The first hurdle that needs to be overcome is the geo-restrictions that stop you from watching NHL online. That is why you need a good NHL VPN. Sadly, not every VPN is up to the job. Some VPNs have terribly slow servers that will let you down due to buffering and lagging.

To stream NHL live online from overseas, you need an NHL VPN that provides fast speeds and reliability. The VPNs that we have recommended in this article have all been selected because they have excellent US servers that are ideal for you to stream NHL live.

In addition, these world class VPNs have servers located all over the world, making them perfect for streaming all sorts of different sports, and unblocking masses of content.

How to Get an NHL VPN up and Running

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you unblock NHL with a VPN as quickly as possible:

  1. Select a VPN for the NHL. For watching NHL, we strongly recommend ExpressVPN because it has absolutely everything you need to watch NHL live without issues.
  2. Navigate to your preferred VPN’s website and download the software. Remember to download the version you need for the platform you are running.
  3. Once the software has downloaded, it installs quickly and easily – just follow the on-screen prompts.
  4. Here at BestVPN.com, we recommend OpenVPN encryption, because it is by far the most secure encryption available on the market. Please select this encryption option in your VPN’s software. OpenVPN User Datagram Protocol (UDP) is better for streaming, as it provides faster speeds.
  5. Now that your VPN is installed and OpenVPN is selected, it is time to connect. Simply choose a server located in the US from the server list, as this is where you need an Internet Protocol (IP) address to watch NHL games.

Where Should I Watch NHL Games Online?

Now that you have a US IP address thanks to your awesome new VPN, you can watch online streams that are usually restricted to US residents. The best place to watch NHL games is on NBC Sports. For US residents to watch NBC Sports, it is necessary to have a cable subscription.

Thankfully, anybody in the US (or with a VPN) can get an online-based cable subscription with Sling TV. Sling TV provides access to NHL games throughout the season with its Sling TV blue package. In addition, Sling TV allows people to test the service for free for seven days.

Due to the fact that ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can get a feel for Sling TV with your VPN absolutely risk-free. When you see just how many channels are on offer (and the insane amount of sports you can see in addition to the entire NHL season), we think you will be as impressed as us.

Watch NHL Live Online: Considerations

When it comes to watching NHL games online from overseas, there are a few considerations to bear in mind.


Not every VPN was created equally. Some VPNs have appalling privacy policies, which permit them to sell user data onto third parties to make a quick buck. This is the exact opposite of what a VPN is supposed to do (that is, provide privacy and security).

In addition, many VPNs don’t implement secure encryption protocols, which are essential if your VPN is going to keep your data private. Even some VPNS that provide OpenVPN (the best VPN encryption on the market) implement it so badly that it could be hacked very quickly.

Watching NHL streams that are geo-restricted is technically in breach of copyright, so it is important to do so securely and privately. That’s why all of the VPNs in this guide have been selected – because they provide industry-standard levels of privacy.

Connection Speeds

To watch NHL online, it is important to have a fast internet connection. A VPN has to route a subscriber’s data via its servers, which does slow an internet connection down. The vast majority of VPNs slow the internet down way too much to enjoy the NHL in HD. Some VPNs even slow down internet connections by as much as 90%!

The VPNs that we have recommended for the NHL all have fast and reliable networks, with fast servers in the US and around the world. This means that they will allow you to watch the NHL in the same way that you would stream other content.

Stream NHL Online: Conclusion

In this article, we have explained how to unblock NHL from anywhere. A reliable and trustworthy NHL VPN will provide easy access to NHL streams in the US.

Furthermore, we have clearly determined why it is important to take care when selecting a VPN for streaming sports online. NHL ice hockey is a fast tempo sport, and there is nothing more frustrating than subscribing to a VPN that provides slow connections with constant buffering.

The NHL VPN services we have recommended in this guide all provide the very best speeds on the market for watching ice hockey. That means you won’t be left high and dry during the most important parts of the match.

In addition, our recommended VPNs have watertight privacy policies and strong encryption. So, go ahead and select a VPN with confidence. We are sure there is an ideal VPN for all NHL fans in this article, no matter what your personal circumstances might be.

Best NHL VPN: Summary

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