Hide your online identity in Australia

Here at Best VPN we always advocate the use of a VPN, whether it is for protecting yourself while using a coffee shop WiFi, securing your browsing activities or if it’s for torrenting. There have been many cases worldwide which have highlighted the importance of privacy protection tools; ranging from the Edward Snoweden files to The Pirate Bay take downs. While we do not condone any illegal activity we believe that protecting your online activities should be a human right.

Unfortunately for those of our readers in living in Australia, a country where internet privacy has been under fire, an Australian court has ordered ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to hand over the details of a number of their customer for downloading The Dallas Buyers’ Club. In this landmark move the Australian Federal Court has ordered 6 ISPs ( including iiNet, the countries second biggest ISP) to provide details on the 4726 uniquely identified IP address. You can find the full details of the ruling here.

For the moment it is unclear whether the ISPs will appeal and even in it’s current state Dallas Buyers’ Club LLC must meet a very specific set of criteria as set forth by the ruling. However the bigger issue is the fact that this could open the path to more copyright trolls Speculative Invoicing and thereby end illegal downloading for good in Australia.

If you live in Australia and haven’t thought about purchasing a VPN yet, then it’s high time to do so – not just to protect your identity but any other internet activities you may carry out.

Choosing a VPN

Choosing the right VPN can be daunting but this is where we come in. We have a very useful buyers guide and we’d also recommended reading our Ultimate Privacy Guide. To help narrow down the options for you we have a list for both Australian and Logless VPN providers but to help you out even more you can have a look at the quick summary table below.

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5 responses to “Hide your online identity in Australia

    1. Hi Andrea,

      What would we do without our eagle-eyed readers! Thanks for spotting that – now corrected! :).

  1. StrongVPN needs to be removed from your list. They do indeed keep logs as evidenced by a recent (within the last 3 months) “cease and desist” email to myself regarding a torrent file. I have no problems with their technical capabilities, but their privacy is non-existent!

    1. Sorry, spoke too soon. I notice you already state they have no privacy. Feel free to ignore my previous comment.

      1. Hey Steve

        While we know they keep some logs and weren’t the most secure we weren’t aware of such things and hence we always welcome user feedback! We will make sure to change this ASAP.


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