Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

December 31, 2017

HideMyAss is a big-name Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider. Within the VPN industry, however, HideMyAss (HMA) has a poor reputation. This is largely down to a history of it handing the extensive logs it keeps on customers over to the authorities, but it is also plagued by consumer dissatisfaction with the quality of the service provided.

There is also no getting away from the fact that the service is very feature-light.

What HideMyAss does have going for it, however, is a huge number of servers located in just about every country imaginable. No other VPN company has anything like this scale of network. Our latest speed test results are also quite impressive.

This makes HideMyAss a compelling proposition for the limited subset of VPN users who might need either access to a huge range of VPN sever locations, or access to a VPN server in a country that only HMA serves.

HideMyAss Pricing and Plans

HideMyAss has slightly increased its prices since last time we reviewed it. It offers one simple “all-in” plan, which now starts at $11.52 per month. This price goes down for six or 12-month subscriptions, dropping to $6.56 per month for the annual subscription.

At time of writing, a summer sale is underway. This provides savings of up to 56% (annual subscription) on the prices listed above.

A 30-day money back guarantee is available, but there are important restrictions on this. Most notably, you may not exceed 10GB of bandwidth. It is worth noting that this guarantee does not cover purchases made via Google Play or iTunes. Please also see the comments section beneath this review, as many readers report not receiving a refund to which they felt entitled.

Please also be aware that auto-renewal of subscriptions is enabled by default, and must be manually changed via the online account control panel.

Payment is via credit/debit card, PayPal, iDEAL, bank/wire transfer, UnionPay and SOFORT banking. No Bitcoin payment option is available, but then HMA is not a service to use if privacy matters to you anyway.

HideMyAss VPN Features

A HideMyAss subscription offers the following features:

  • 720+ VPN servers in 320+ locations in 190+ countries
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Supports OpenVPN, Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) VPN protocols
  • 30-day money-back guarantee (but with important limits)

That is an impressive number of server locations, and they are scattered all over the world. This includes exotic locations such as the Falkland Islands, Papua New Guinea, Malawi, Serbia, and many more.

HMA otherwise offers a very feature-light service, and the two simultaneous connections is miserly.


HideMyAss is infamous within the security community for handing over data on its customers to the police.

The most well-known incident occurred in 2011, when HMA handed over internet records and personal details of one of its customers, Cody Kretsinger, to the police. Kretsinger was a LulzSec member accused of hacking the Sony Pictures website, and received a prison sentence for his involvement in the crime.

A similar incident also occurred last year in Galveston County, Texas, when a disgraced judge was arrested and forced out of office for harassing an ex-girlfriend. The culprit had hidden his real IP address using the HideMyAss VPN service, which the provider clearly must have handed over as evidence to Texas police.


Although now owned by Czech company Avast Software, HMA is a UK-based service. The UK now has the most draconian surveillance laws in the world.

Even before the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) “formalised” the situation into law, UK VPN providers were required to maintain detailed connection (metadata) logs. These are now readily accessible to the police and a vast array of government agencies (at least in theory). According to HideMyAss’ privacy policy:

We will store a time stamp and IP address when you connect and disconnect to our VPN service, the amount data transmitted (up- and download) during your session together with the IP address of the individual VPN server used by you.”

As we can see from the incidents noted above, this is more than enough logging to get you into trouble if you do something wrong. HMA says that logs are usually kept for two to three months, but the new Investigatory Powers Act legally requires that logs are kept for at least 12 months.

Upadate November 2017. HMA has provided the following response to these comments:

“HideMyAss! does not monitor the websites our customers connect to, or any of the data sent over our network.

 As a network operator, we take our responsibilities to our users and society as a whole very seriously. HideMyAss! is deeply committed to the belief that everyone has a right to keep their online activities private, secure and have the freedom to access the internet wherever they are in the world.

 Our acceptable use policy states that our service is not to be used for illegal activity. We are based in London so operate within the framework of EU and English law. We follow strict data protection regulations and we are only obliged to co-operate with disclosure requests in very specific circumstances described in our logging policy.

 Our VPN service, as with VPN services in general, is not designed to be used to commit illegal activities. Paying a subscription fee to a VPN service does not mean a user is entitled to break the law and not suffer any consequences as a result of their actions.

Being able to locate users if legally compelled to do so is imperative in order for HMA! to maintain the HMA! VPN service, because a VPN service risks losing server contracts if it cannot take action to prevent abuse, fraud or other unlawful activities such as spamming, terrorism and child pornography.

 We keep logs of the data, described in our logging policy for between 2 and 3 months unless any limited circumstances apply.  The data is stored on our secure servers, and may be transferred and stored at a destination outside the European Economic Area, as described in the privacy policy. We only log the time users connect and disconnect from our service, and we do not log users’ actual internet traffic. Please see our logging policy on our website for more details.”

In can only say that this logging policy is not consistent with UK law as enacted by the IPA. HMA tells me that it has never been approached about this. Given the current political upheavals in the UK, I am quite willing to believe that the government has not (so far) seen enforcing the IPA a priority.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) torrenting

HMA permits legal torrenting, but not downloading copyrighted material. HMA says that if it receives a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint or similar, it will not hand over your identity. Repeated complaints, however, may lead to your account being suspended.

Anecdotally, I have heard reports from HMA users who have received warnings over copyright offenses from their Internet Service Provider (ISP) or copyright holders after using the VPN to torrent with.

Is HideMyAss VPNs Secure?

On its website, HMA says,

OpenVPN is using OpenSSL with algorithms 3DES, AES 256, RC5, 256 bit encryption for control channel (e.g. password, authentication, etc.).

This is meaningless techno-babble written by someone who knows nothing about encryption. Support was also unable to shed light on the issue, but I have since talked to HMA’s management. CyberGhost uses the following encryption:

Data channel: a Blowfish 128-bit cipher with HMC SHA-1 hash authentication. Control channel: an AES-256 cipher with RSA-2048 handshake encryption and SHA-1 hash authentication. Perfect forward secrecy is provided courtesy of a Diffie-Hellman key exchange.

OpenVPN Encryption
Data channel cipher
Control channel cipher
Data Auth
Forward Secrecy
Logs & Legal

Please see VPN Encryption: The Complete Guide for a detailed discussion on OpenVPN encryption, but TL:DR is that this is a secure OpenVPN setup. Data channel encryption is a little weak, but this doesn’t really matter too much as an adversary would need to crack the control channel encryption just to get to it.

Although I usually concentrate on the OpenVPN encryption used by VPN providers, I did notice that L2TP/Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) connections use a pre-shared key to authenticate connections (“HideMyAss”!). This is usually considered a big no-no, but HMA assures me it is not a problem because your username and password provides additional authentication.

The Website

The bright yellow aesthetic and cartoony branding of the HMA website does not work for me, but that is a purely subjective assessment. An FAQ is available, which does have some useful-looking articles. As already noted, though, the page on encryption is almost laughably bad.

On the plus side, the HMA website is available in a variety of languages, which is nice.


Support is via live chat or a ticketed email system. I had to wait a few minutes for the live chat staff to respond to my queries, but it was friendly enough when it did.

I do not expect frontline live chat staff to have deep technical knowledge, so was happy for my more difficult questions regarding encryption to be elevated via ticketed email for attention by a more knowledgeable staff member. Unfortunately, my ticket was never answered…

The Process

Signing up

In order to subscribe, you must provide a valid email address and payment details. As already noted, it is not possible to pay for HMA anonymously. Once payment has been processed, the desktop client will auto-download.

Guides are also available for setting up manually on other platforms.

The Windows Client

The Windows software looks surprisingly reserved when compared to the website! I like the clean interface.

Instant Mode automatically connects you to a server chosen by HMA. Although I am in the UK, this turned out to be in France. Freedom Mode connects you to server in the closest free speech country. In my case this was the UK.

HideMyAss offers an almost insane number of server and server location options!

Preferences are fairly basic, and there is no kill switch. I was told that, “As for DNS leak, we don’t have that issue,” but was then referred to a webpage offering advice on what to do it you have a DNS leak!

That said, as we can see later, I did not actually encounter any DNS leaks. So who knows?

The client is OpenVPN only, although you can choose between OpenVPN User Datagram Protocol (UDP) or OpenVPN Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), presumably using TCP port 443. This can be useful for evading VPN blocks. Since OpenVPN is the VPN protocol you should be using anyway, I do not consider lack of other options in the client to be an issue.

Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 Tests)

According to our new scientific speed tests, Hide My Ass scored as follows – Average Speed: 30.37 Mbit/s Max Speed/Burst Result: 180.7 Mbit/s. These are impressive results, and put HMA in fourth place overall of the providers we have tested, and in first place in terms of burst results.

Although I am a little confused over whether the Windows software includes DNS leak protection features, I detected no DNS or other IP leaks. Please note, though, that my ISP (Virgin Media UK) does not support IPv6 connections. I am therefore unable to test for IPv6 leaks at this time. This is a situation that should change in the near future.

I was able to access US Netflix using HMA with a US server, and (update November 2017) I am assured BBC iPlayer can be accessed through the server called “Donkey town.”

Other Platforms

HMA offers custom software for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. Unlike the Android app, the iOS app uses the IPsec VPN protocol. A command line script is available for configuring OpenVPN in Linux.

Manual setup guides for the various VPN protocols supported by HMA are also available for a number of platforms. This includes for Boxee, a selection of routers, Windows Mobile and so forth. It is also possible to buy pre-configured HideMyAss routers from FlashRouters.

The Android App

Assuming that you don’t mind the usual HideMyAss aesthetic, the Android app is pretty smart looking.

It uses the OpenVPN protocol.

Android users gain access to HMA’s huge server list.

For some reason Paranoid Mode connected me to a server in Ireland! All-in-all, the app is very polished and works well.


I liked:

  • Huge number of servers located just about everywhere
  • Android app is good
  • Fast servers are available
  • US Netflix and BBC iPlayer available
  • Great speed test results
  • No IP leaks
  • 5 simultaneous connections

I wasn’t so sure about:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee, but there are important restrictions on this, as well as reports of people not receiving refunds they are entitled to

I hated:

  • Based in UK with a past history of betraying users
  • Many connection logs
  • P2P: no (technically speaking, legal torrenting is allowed)
  • Support did not answer more technical questions

Despite a high profile among VPN consumers, HideMyAss is poorly regarded by those in the know. A big reason for this is its history of betraying users to the authorities. It could be argued that being based in Britain means that HMA has little choice in such situations, but whatever. It is not a service that you can trust with your privacy.

Next to PureVPN, HideMyAss is also the service that has received the most complaints about. These center on poor customer service, not honoring its money back guarantee, and poor speed performance. I was therefore a little surprised to see rather good speed test results!

The main reason to choose HMA is the size and diversity of its VPN server network. It has servers in over 190 countries, so if you really need a VPN server in the Cook Islands, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Lebanon, or a host of other unusual locations, then HideMyAss is pretty much the only option available.

Douglas Crawford

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Published on: December 31, 2017.

February 28th, 2018

I am a freelance writer, technology enthusiast, and lover of life who enjoys spinning words and sharing knowledge for a living. You can now follow me on Twitter - @douglasjcrawf.

61 responses to “HideMyAss VPN Review – 2018 Update

  1. Thomas says:

    I’ve tested 5 servers in 5 different locations. When I visit a website like Google or YouTube, I have to wait 5 – 10 SECONDS until the site is fully loaded. HMA! is so slooooooow. Not worth any cent. There are WAY better VPN providers out there.

  2. dshalit says:

    HMA s a scam. I have been trying to cancel the account with no success for months once. I succeed in reaching a HMA support, but the operator was from the Philippines and he could not help at all. It is nigh impossible to cancel HMA account once you have signed it. BEWARE of it

  3. pete says:

    HIDEMYASS is such a scam. They keep your credit card info even if you ask to not store it, they auto renew and it is N”OT possible to cancel auto-renew : When you try to click on cancel renewal button, it times out. Also, their support page and live chat returns an error webpage.


  4. oolong says:

    If I had only read this before. Purchased a 12 month plan for 78,66 $ in October. One months later, in November they booked the same amount from my credit card and tell me this happens according to the auto renewal plan?!? Not only is it not respectable to enable the auto-renewal by default, but also they misuse it. Customer service is not answering to my complaint. You better don’t trust them with your money.

  5. S.Joy says:

    What o tell about this vpn provider!
    Waste of money, time and countless or valuable accounts!
    Had chat many times with supports to resolve IP leak issues, location issues and blacklist issues.

    They DID NOT Do a single thing to resolve these problems! I hate HMA.

    If you don’t believe try connecting an US server and open google. You’ll be ended up to

    Another thing that’s happening with me since past months when I connect to UK server. It has only one in London which I usually connect to. It shows that I’m connected to the UK but after 30 mins or so it reveals my original IP location.

  6. Chris says:
    • Not Rated

    I’ve used HMA for a few years and it has gone steadily downhill. HMA used to offer connections to many servers in most large American cities (in some cases, dozens). Now it offers just a handful. More importantly, the servers used to be owned by local ISPs. Now that HMA has acquired Privax, nearly every server is a Privax server. Since everyone knows Privax is a shared connection, I’m constantly checked to determine whether I’m a bot if I enter a site through a Privax server. And you’re practically advertising yourself as hiding behind a VPN if you are on Privax.

    Another problem is that the servers don’t fool everyone. Last night I logged into a service from a Florida server through HMA. The service keeps a log of location and isn’t fond of having people log in from suspect locations. I checked whatismyipaddress before logging in and it seemed to think I was in Florida, but when I went to Google I got a page in Bulgarian, so Google thought I was in Middle Europe. It is often the case that whatismyipaddress tells me I am in a different country than the HMA server I’m using.

    HMA was great when I started using it. Now it sucks. When my subscription expires, I’m moving elsewhere.

  7. Roberto says:

    I use HMA time to time. Everytime I needed help from chat support I dind’t wait long time and help was always friendly, fast and solved all issues istantly.
    Some IP are very low, some are low, some normal, some good. It is a mix.
    I don’t use HMA so intensive and for me it is ok.

  8. Paul Davis says:
    • Not Rated

    I used HMA for the past month and I was seriously underwhelmed. It is slow slow slow. I have an 80mb connection and in peak hours I was lucky if I got 2mb. That’s atrocious. It shows the company is taking money hand over fist from users and not using any of that money to improve their servers. Stay clear. Waste of money. All they are is a money making organisation that does the least it can.

  9. Ismail Bozkurt says:

    I used this VPN service and want to cancel it since its interface did not meet my expectations. However, they did not accept to refund though I qualify all the criteria they require on the web site. I opened a request on Paypal, they still lied. I checked their website again and this lie still posted. This VPN service is scam. As another user suggested, this is FRAUD. Please stay away from them

  10. Xxxang says:

    I downloaded this on my desktop computer…and it logged me out of my computer..completly..and when i keep trying to log my computer on it keeps saying wrong password….how the hell do i fix this…..

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Xxxang,

      Wow! I have certainly never heard of anything like this before! To be honest, unless something very weird is going on, I find it hard to believe that the HMA software is responsible. Have you tried booting Windows in Safe Mode? If this works then you can uninstall HMA and perform various other troubleshooting procedures.

  11. VPN User says:

    I totally agree. A recent update means that the majority of servers have port blocking enabled. They all LOG ALL ACTIVITY and hand it over to anyone who asks.

    Following recent changes, I had more than 11 months of a 12 month subscription remaining and they refused a refund.
    SO DON’T USE HMA. Try PrivateInternetAccess instead. All ports are open and they don’t log activity.

    1. Pavel says:

      It is true that we collect logs for up to 2 months on our secure servers and we do so to protect our service and our users from any abuse/fraud and hacking attempts. We want to provide a secure environment for our users and we only record the time and date you connected to our servers whereas other data remains encrypted and we are unable to monitor your activities online. We do not record any details about the websites you are connecting to and sensitive information such as logs can only be delivered upon receiving a UK court order, which happens in case of serious criminal activity. We take your privacy and security extremely seriously and our policy is transparent and available to all our customers:; as for the refund you requested, feel free to contact HMA! support and your request will be reviewed by our billing team. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, have a nice day!

      Regarding the port forwarding:
      We have many servers and locations and they have different ports open. If you need to use VPN for a specific purpose, please change the server to connect to the one that best suits your needs.

      HMA! Support

    2. HMA! Donkey says:

      Hi VPN User,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback!

      Just to clarify – we only log the IP, the connection and disconnection times. We do not monitor traffic or save any personal information on you, nor do we have access to it. We never give out any kind of personal information or logs out to anyone, except if we are obliged to do so, by a legal order made in the UK (where we are based).

      Privacy and security are taken very seriously at HMA!, but we do not provide our VPN servers to allow people to break laws.

      P2P traffic is still open with HMA Pro VPN, simply due to some changes in our infrastructure, some of our servers are replaced with new, better and faster servers!

      For further assistance with your account, please get in touch with us directly at – our team will be glad to help.

  12. Brian says:

    Hide My Ass has discontinued p2p file sharing. I have not been able to use my torrent client through Hide My Ass in over a week. And naturally, I can’t get a response from them.

    1. Pavel says:

      Hi Brian,
      After the recent service update the ports for p2p were closed on some locations and opened on others. Feel free to connect to the following locations as they are optimized for p2p: Frankfurt, Miami, London, Slovenia, Serbia, New York, Paris, London – Virtual Portugal. If you have more questions and need immediate assistance, please contact our Live Chat support:
      HMA! Support

  13. Cristian says:

    The service became an absolute misery after their last update. I used to connect via L2TP which was very good and lots of servers. Anyway, after their update in June 2017 and servers removal, right now is a total misery. Very slow speed, small range of IP, etc.
    Try something different, I don’t know at this point what but I’ll never use this misery anymore.

  14. Kemp Enrique says:

    I have been using HMA from past few years and never felt a need for change as HMA was surely the best VPN software available in market considering the large pool of IP’s. But now after the servers update, they are left with very less IP’s and same IP’s keep on coming again & again. Many servers which are still being shown on their website are actually not available in software now. Many servers have been removed. I am finding an alternative for HMA that offers more IP’s. As other user indicated, it keeps giving IP’s with patter 5.62.xx.xx and repeats the similar kind of IP’s no matter how many times you change IP. Really disappointed after the update of HMA servers. I wish you guys have not made any changes to servers, maybe you guys just wanted to cut cost of maintaining more servers.

  15. Marie says:

    Useless service and terrible customer service.
    *Realized the service was useless in June 2016
    *Dec 2016: I canceled the service and went with ExpressVPN instead.
    *June 23, 2017, unsolicited French email comes in (I translate): “This is a notification of auto renewal for 12 months.” I immediately contact their service rep to ensure this is incorrect. I get a response from Adrian who says: “I have searched with the email adress (sic) and I have also searched with your name but there is no order placed!”
    *June 29, I get confirmation that my order was placed and my CC is charged! I ask Adrian for a phone number – I am ignored. I go back and forth by email and finally my card is refunded. But I’m out $$ because of rate conversion and fees. I send a note that I want to be made whole since I was charged against my will after being assured I would not be charged. Would you believe that today, I get this: “Although our official policy is only to grant refunds for first orders within 30 days we decided to make an exception.” Are you kidding me? You refunded my money by exception after stealing it from me?? Also, she tells me that to avoid fees, what type of credit card I should get. Really? You steal from me, I’m not supposed to be out a penny and I should be compensated for the 3 weeks I’ve had to invest into making things right. They are obviously charging everyone on file hoping to refund only a few – citing their 30 day policy. Absolute rubbish. You are dishonest and every single customer service rep I dealt with was either stupid or pretending to be by answering in the way that ignores the facts.

  16. bottles says:

    Any time i connect to Minnesota server,it gives a different IP address that shows in Washington.
    Please fix this problem because, i need this server for something urgently.
    Thank You

  17. Jone says:

    This service is SCAM. I was stolen by them.

  18. akio says:

    Recently decreased the number of sites in Japan from original 3 to 1 (which is virtual Japanese site, and not accepted as authentic by Japanese websites), making it completely useless. This happened after 30 days of my usage. No refund was given arguing that 30 days should have been enough to test. This VPN is blocked in China. Wasted my money.

  19. Aimee says:

    I purchased HMA prior to going to living in China for a year. Thank god I also bought another VPN from ExpressVPN, it saved my ass. HMA was a total disappointment, it never worked over there… WASTE OF MY MONEY. I WANT A REFUND. Don’t do it. I was a happy customer of ExpressVPN when working in China.

  20. Scott O says:

    Claimed to have VPN to China on their site, then admitted that they didn’t after I renewed. THAT’S FRAUD. Won’t refund because it’s “against their policy”.

  21. Melvin Hurley says:

    Absolute crap with speeds so slow that it is impossible to use Unfortunately I was conned by AVG having bought their own Safe Secure package they dropped support and discontinued it just after i bought a subscription. After ignoring me and my claims to refund, which they ignored, I was given this as their current product. No refund for a product the sucks.

  22. A user says:

    Their speeds suck. I connect from Spain to French and German servers and while I have a 300MB fibre optic line in Spain (and reliably get these speeds on, once I am connected to HMA, the speed drops to something like 1-3 MBits/s. Laughable! I will cancel my subscription asap.

  23. Martin Hilson says:

    It no longer works at all Unlocator or unblockus much much better. I was on automatic renewal. Today, I cancelled 10 minutes after renewal was chqrged. Their response for refund request after 3 years of subscription – tough luck, after 1st 30 days no refund. But i die get a kind regards.

    See below.

    Ava (Hide My Ass! Support)
    May 11, 15:28 BST

    Thank you for your patience.

    I have checked your Pro VPN account and this order was indeed placed as an automatic renewal.
    This means that when you placed your order you authorized automatic billing on your account.

    As per our Refund policy we issue refunds for the first order within 30 days of purchase, so on this occasion we are unable to authorize a refund as explained here:

    We believe that initial 30 days of service are sufficient amount of time to make sure if our service works for everyone’s specific needs, that is why we offer refunding option in this period only.
    The automatic billing is now turned off and no further renewals will take place.

    I am sorry that I cannot accommodate you in this matter and I appreciate your understanding.

    Kind regards,

  24. geo says:

    I used this vpn to bypass geo blocking for streaming. it used to work, but now it doesn’t anymore and they say they can’t do anything about it. useless.

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi geo,

      I’ll just point out that in our opinion, HMA is the most dishonest VPN service in the market. Services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer are actively blocking VPN users based on their known IP ranges – there are ways around these blocks (smart DNS routing and/or refreshing IP ranges), but it is a cat-and-mouse game. I therefore strongly advise that you take full advantage of any free trials and money-back guarantees that are on offer. This will allow you to find out for yourself which VPN services work for the content you want to stream.

  25. Yael says:

    They were good a few years ago now terrible. Just cancelled my subscription. VPN doesn’t work for unblocking sites as promised and customer service is a joke. Their website is also full of glitches, unrecognised password problems and endless trouble resetting it. Absolutely no point using or paying for this.

  26. Nick says:

    These guys are the biggest ripoff scam I have in my 40 years of traveling experienced!
    They are not what they say they are, they will not do what they say they do, don’t fall for there great web page, its pretty messed up company!

  27. Joe says:

    I signed up for a specific purpose and it did not work. I requested a refund 30 minutes after signing up and compliant to their refund policy. I’m already discussing with them via email for three days and no refund was issued. So, THEIR 30 DAY REFUND PROMISE IS A LIE!!!!

  28. Brian says:

    I have tried their service based on past reputation. They just don’t deliver. Customer support is poor. When I asked for a refund -as per their policy- they refused it. It’s a trap.
    Don’t trust them. Many other serious providers available.

  29. rf says:

    I just spent the past 3 days trying to renew my membership. Their payment processing company is asking me to donate blood for a simple transaction. I’m already a customer. It’s not rocket science! Take my money and give me the service. Now, I’m going through hell with these crappy gift cards and bit shit coin companies. What happened to hma? Did they change management/owners? I can’t believe what I’m going through for a simple purchase. I’m going to be overseas soon. I thought hma was one of the best. What the fu#k happened!? This would explain the poor reviews.

  30. Hula says:

    Bought a 1yr license for $14.99. Can’t even use it in two different Win10 systems (@work and @home). The connection is so SLOOOOOWWWWWWW it is downright terrible. It took forever to even resolve DNS names. Every webpages timed out and might only come up after multiple refreshes. And I’m halfway between LA & SanDiego … major centers of technology. Don’t waste your money.

  31. Amb says:

    HMA has poor product and customer service overall. Speed wise you will be better off elsewhere for the price. As for their service rendered it’s nothing spectacular and many times borderline frustrating. As for refund you can forget it as they will circle their TOA till your head spin!

  32. Unsatisfied Customer says:

    HMA automatically renewed my subscription for one year. I have not used their service in considerable amount of time. They are refusing to provide a refund at this point which means that they took about $80 from me knowing that I do not want their service. I have escalated this issue and will follow up with the results.

  33. David m says:
    • Not Rated
    • Not Rated

    I used hma years ago and wanted to restart my subscriptionwhile I was already overseas. What a Mess! Four days and countless hours later I still had nothing-except a charge on my credit card I’m fighting. My transaction needed up being flagged as suspicious-something I didn’t know for three days because the login messages said NOTHING about that, only that I needed to wait 24 hours (36 hours after I placed the order). I finally found a message from Avante in my spam. In addition to requiring a copy of my ID they also wanted me to send them a copy of my credit card statement! Really,nobody else has ever asked for that. I wrote them a nasty email, asking if they really expected me to do that overseas. The next day they changed their minds, but by now I’d lost the use of hma for four days on a six day trip. I’d had enough and did not want hma to have one cent of mine so now I’m fighting to get a refund. It’s too bad as I’d used them a fee tines in the past. NEVER AGAIN

  34. Pontus says:

    They are very unreliable. I do not suggest buying in any circumstances. The customer support is terrible. It is terribly slow, and will disconnect from server in 15 minutes or so. They will take your money if you are not careful. They took $78 from me due to a recurring payment, and will not refund. I had no clue that the payment was recurring. Please, do not give this company your money as they do not deserve it. Go to other VPN’s like ZenMate.

  35. Sini says:

    Do not trust them with your credit card number! I was charged one-year fees (70+USD) because I wasn’t able to cancel my order on time, because their on-line ‘account management’ service was down and no one replied to my support requests on time!! I have complained to the consumer protection board, and now I’m also wondering whether I have to cancel my credit card so that the same doesn’t happen next year.

  36. nick says:

    Poor track record with privacy! 2 hackers arrested because of hidemyass pure privacy protection!

  37. Tania Kamal-Eldin says:

    HMA swindled me out of money. Do not use them. And beware of automatic payment.

  38. michael C. says:

    Do not use HMA. Thieves and fraudsters. Hadn’t used their service in several months so I canceled it. Never received a confirmation regarding the cancellation. Noticed in the terms that the cancellation is effected AFTER the next pending billing cycle. Meaning you cancel, they charge you anyway for one more month. “Fine.” I figured I could eat $10 to get rid of them.
    The subscription lived on, recurring even. So I got charged for December (which is bullshit, but expected) and also in January. I have had to “cancel” again, and have opened an investigation with my financial institution. I will also be seeking cause for fraud in both the US and the UK.
    Unless you want to be ignored and ripped off?

    DO NOT USE HideMyAss VPN.

  39. JOE BLOW says:


  40. RB says:

    I have been using HMA for several years, and it worked well until the crackdowns by geo-blocked streaming services this year (2016). It now no longer works with Netflix, BBC iPlayer or Amazon Prime and is thus useless for an English speaking pat living abroad. One gets disingenious replies from HMA hinting at workarounds which don’t work. They then say they ask customers to respect the terms of service of the sites they visit. So it is clear that they do not intend to fix this! In short, HMA is no good for video streaming services.

  41. Upset user says:

    This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with any company ever. A poorly functioning VPN that automatically bills you for “renewal”. It is automatically renewed and they will fight to make sure that you get hit for an extra year subscription. Avoid this company at all costs and cancel ASAP if you have already sent them money.

    1. DAVID says:


  42. yourmom says:

    These guys renew your subscription yearly without sending an e-mail. They’re crooks, stay away from them. ALSO, it doesn’t work with netflix anymore.

  43. Marley Cyprus says:


    Our business had an issue where this software revealed our true IP and identity to a specific website we were visiting. HMA denied this and were unable to resolve the issue. We subsequently stopped using the software and found a better alternative.
    WE HAVE JUST BEEN CHARGED AGAIN AND THEY ARE REFUSING TO REFUND. They have taken 6 months payment from us! They can see we have not used this service for months and are refusing to refund ‘subscription’ payment. They can see clearly from their logs that we have not logged in our used this account for months.

    Be very careful of their refund policy; they will try and defend it by saying we have a policy- This is only for 30 days and the first payment made. In other words they deliberately trap you with ‘subscription’ payments.

    Their customer support were unable to fix the issue, we no longer use the service, they are refusing to refund.
    WE have been in contact with multiple support staff and not a single one of them are able to resolve this. Please do not believe their comments below that they have resolved anything.

  44. Nite says:

    guys stop using HMA VPN immediately,,,they keep logs,,forever,,,FBI was able to get the names of the sony hackers very easily…chek your self on google search,,,,

  45. Nope says:

    Even when you do have access, the connection lags. Everything is slow. Also, double check that it’s actually masking your IP. It may pop-up saying it has, but in fact hasn’t . If you encounter into an issue, god help you. You’ll spend a week in emails replying to a ton of different “specialists” within their team. Apparently, one hand doesn’t know what the other one is doing. Never had this issue when they were Privax LTD. Now they’re Avangate B.V. … read those reviews. Run is my advice. Run far away.

  46. Issa says:

    It’s the worst VPN ever, False advertising, SLOOOOW speed and horrible support. I strongly suggest you stay away. Add to it, you will not a refund even after you prove that their VPN doesn’t work, They are just thieves. I am planning on taking legal action against them. They have to be stopped. Add to it that they keep records of your activity. The worst. And did I say its very sloooooooooooooooooow?

  47. Ian says:

    I’ve used them for about 15 months and there service has got worst, as many others have said the do not hide your ass, also you can’t log in to many geo protected sites. Originally one of their big claims.

    Also be very careful if you do subscribe, I’ve just had a long winded argument with customer services (there’s a joke) explaining, or should I say hiding behind small print, and admitting that it’s impossible to sign up to HMA without auto renew.

    Be aware as I’ve been charged for another year to a service which doesn’t perform as it should.

    There are many better options out there and I think HMA know it they way they refuse refunds. A good service and people wouldn’t want to leave.

  48. Cathy says:

    HMA was working pretty well a few years ago. But now almost all websites detect your real location. I asked HMA if they were expecting to fix those issues. Their only response was that they don’t guaranty any result. Meaning even if we pay to hide our location that doesn’t mean HMA will be able to hide our location. Okay so why using a service which obviously doesn’t work anymore?
    I am going to cancel my plan right away. The worst was that they even didn’t pretend they were working on it. It looks like they just admit they screw you.

    1. Douglas Crawford says:

      Hi Cathy,

      A few years ago websites just looked at your IP in order to determine your location. These days they often use more sophisticated methods. Please check out my Complete Guide to IP Leaks for more details.

      1. Marley Cyprus says:


        Our business had an issue where this software revealed our true IP and identity to a specific website we were visiting. HMA denied this and were unable to resolve the issue. We subsequently stopped using the software and found a better alternative.
        WE HAVE JUST BEEN CHARGED AGAIN AND THEY ARE REFUSING TO REFUND. They have taken 6 months payment from us! They can see we have not used this service for months and are refusing to refund ‘subscription’ payment. They can see clearly from their logs that we have not logged in our used this account for months.

        Be very careful of their refund policy; they will try and defend it by saying we have a policy- This is only for 30 days and the first payment made. In other words they deliberately trap you with ‘subscription’ payments.

        Their customer support were unable to fix the issue, we no longer use the service, they are refusing to refund.
        WE have been in contact with multiple support staff and not a single one of them are able to resolve this. Please do not believe their comments below that they have resolved anything.

  49. arthur brogard says:

    I’ve used them for years, since before they became a UK outfit. I think they’ve gone down the tubes since that time.

    Their new offering doesn’t offer Secure IP Bind which means you can think you’re behind their proxy but some prog of yours is happily doing things on its own – after a local power reset or glitch or something.

    They suspended my account on the grounds that some authority complained that I had – as best I can make it out – ‘attempted to hijack an account’ !!

    I never do any such thing. Ever.

    They sent me no further details. They told me maybe my machine had been hijacked and told me to clean it and then they’d restart me, which they did after I told them I’d run everything I could find and found no threats.

    But they’re still sending me sort of authoritarian threatening emails, got one just now.

    Keep logs? Of course they keep logs. This ‘authority’ complained and they – HMA – tracked the IP complained of back to me. So where’s your anonymity? None. There is none.

    I will be getting rid of them. There’s other ways. Better something you can trust than putting yourself in the hands of this mob.

    Just let my subscription run out. And check their config, I think they’re very quick to automatically sign you up again if they have your credit card.

    Bit downvote. Simply: they don’t hide your ass.

  50. Mike says:

    very bad not what is suppose to do , updates not working
    low speed on most servers and no help

  51. Centric says:

    Had used HMA for a couple months now, but just was just recently sold out on a torrent share I had used, so I definitely don’t feel as though I will continue with this VPN.

  52. Ben Taylor says:

    What do you think of HideMyAss? Leave a comment and let us know!

    1. Med says:

      The worst (literally) VPN I’ve ever tried. Using free VPNs is way better than this.
      I made a 1 year subscription believing that HMA is a most known VPN on the market, but no, it’s also the worst.
      I tried all the recommended locations and I can’t even load a single website. Not to mention that their IP’s list is fake. Example: they pretend to have 4 IPs for Japan but only own 1 (which doesn’t work obviously).

      I sent then a comlaint and got completely ignored for days. They decided to reply only when I asked for a refund.

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