HipHop review (plus Time4Popcorn gets built-in VPN) -

HipHop review (plus Time4Popcorn gets built-in VPN)

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

June 10, 2014

HipHop is a new Popcorn Time fork dedicated to delivering music, rather than Popcorn Time’s more traditional far of movies and TV.


Anyone familiar with Popcorn Time will immediately recognize the interface, although in HipHop it is very stripped down, providing only the options to search for tracks, play them, and add them to a playlist.

It all works very well however, and the sound quality easily matches that of Spotify and the likes (as a subjective judgement. The author has studied sound engineering, but makes no claim to have a particularly good ‘ear’).

In testing, HipHop was able to find all sorts of rare and obscure tracks, which is not surprising as it boasts a catalog of ‘more than 45 million songs’. Compare this with Spotify (20 million), iTunes (26 million), and Google Play Music (18 million).

Of course, there is a very real argument that these commercial services provide a convenient and reasonably priced way to ensure artists get paid, but if you are one the millions of people worldwide who download music anyway, HipHop allows you the convenience of streaming tracks on demand.

HipHop can be downloaded from here, and the open source code is available here. Rather excitingly, the HipHop devs have announced that Android and iOS apps are on the way!

On a related note, the best iteration of the original Popcorn Time for movies and TV, Time4Popcorn, now includes a VPN service built in for free!

time4popcorn vpn

Oh yes, and in case you missed it, Popcorn Time is now available on Android…

Built-in VPN is also available in the Android app

Update 11 June 2014: The VPN provider used by Time4Popcorn is Kebrum, which keeps full logs for 3 days. We therefore recommend you use a different VPN service. An unforked version of Popcorn Time (without the VPN) is available here.

Update 17 June 2014: A rather acrimonious dispute has broken out between the Time4Popcorn devs and the official Popcorn Time community. Time4Popcorn is almost certainly ‘safe’, but the T4P devs may have misbehaved somewhat. See our summary and full links to the debate here.

Also, HipHop has been re-branded and relaunched. It is now known as Atraci, boasts 60 m illiuon songs, and includes built-in video playback culled from YouTube.


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