Honey: The new, secure payment method!

Here at BestVPN we always like to advocate privacy and security, this is why we always find it useful if a customer can buy a VPN with BitCoin. Well courtesy of TunnelBear there is a new, secure payment method in town – Honey!

No we’re not joking, we seriously just purchased a 1 year VPN service with honey. While our method wasn’t very secure, purchased from an online retailer [with a credit card] who delivered it straight to them, if implemented correctly this method could be the most secure way of paying for a service. The only other company does a similar service is Mullvad – you can mail cash directly to them. While this method isn’t likely to catch on, it is great to see that TunnelBear keeps to it’s word while providing a great service that keeps you laughing every step of the way.


On a side note we should mention, that this was more of an experiment. We always like to question the claims and services of a provider – no matter how extravagant. If you would like to test it out for yourself feel free to get in contact with them but please remember that it’s neither cost nor time efficient.

Peter Selmeczy I am an engineer by trade and tech geek by night, who's passionate about sharing his knowledge with the people. Find me on Google+.

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