How to Copy/Paste into websites that don’t allow it using Firefox

We are big fans of password managers, as they make using secure passwords (with lots of random letters, capitals, and numbers etc.) on every site you visit a practical and (relatively) easy proposition.

We are fans of KeePass (and its variants) in particular, as it is a completely open source and highly secure password manager (check out our review and how-to guide here).

The problem is that some websites (such as PayPal) have disabled copy (or cut)/paste into their webforms, which makes entering long and complex passwords (such as ‘c0r4;d’*=owyvz2\!5$sog’) a complete pain, and may discourage some from bothering with a password manger, which is bad for security.

Fortunately, a work around is available for users of Firefox (also popular with us on account of it being 100% open source).

1. In Firefox type about:config into the address bar, and bravely click the ‘I’ll be careful, I promise’ button.

copypaste 1

2. Enter dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled into the Firefox preferences Search bar(just copy and paste from here).


3. Double-click the entry and you will see its value turn to ‘false’.


Congratulations! You have now disabled a websites’ ability refuse a copy/paste operation. You can now close the Firefox tab and copy/paste to your heart’s content!

Note that this trick may prevent sites from automatically copying things onto your clipboard (some coupon sites do this for example). As far as we are concerned this is a total win, but if for any reason you want to change the settings back, just repeat these instructions, but double – click the dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled entry so it says ‘true’.


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2 responses to “How to Copy/Paste into websites that don’t allow it using Firefox

  1. Hi Douglas, great tips on how to utilize Firefox. Luckily I don’t have to hassle with it since I use a password manager too. Mine is Sticky Password ( and works pretty awesome on most of the fields, but there are always some weird forms which are unable to capture or autofill. I have tried more managers, but this one works the best for me.

    1. Hi Trevor,

      I’m glad you liked the article. I’m sure that Sticky Password is a good program, but the fact that it not open source will always be a big issue for us.

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