How much per episode? No wonder people pirate Game of Thrones!

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

April 16, 2014

The entertainment industry ploughs millions of dollars every year into lobbying governments and trying to convince the general public that people who download copyrighted content are thieves. However a survey by TorrentFreak which looks at the price per episode for the latest season of the wildly popular epic swords and boobs TV series Game of Thrones makes us ask who, really, is thieving from who…

 thrones prices

These figures assume that watchers already have internet access so the cost for this is not included, but that they are only interested in buying cable or similar services in order to watch Game of Thrones.


Foxtel cable subscription (Premium and Movies Drama Combo package needed for HBO) AUD$74 per month (US$70)
Minimum subscription 6 months AUD$520 per month (US$49)
Price per episode AUD£52 (US$49)


Although not well advertised, the Foxtel Play service lets you stream Game of Thrones, and costs AUD$50 per month (US$46). There is however currently an introductory offer of AUS$35 for the first 3 months (no contract), making this the cheapest way for Australians to watch the series.

United States

HBO subscriptions cost between US$15 and US$25 depending on where you live, what ISP you are with, and what plan you belong to (existing Comcast customers, for example, can add HBO for $15 more per month for 12 months to their current XFINITY Triple Play or TV service).

United Kingdom

The most expensive place surveyed to legally watch Game of Thrones.

Sky Atlantic subscription £21.50 per month (US$36)
Minimum contract 12 months, so price per episode £25.80 (US$43)


Note that the TorrentFreak article contains a couple of important errors. Although the first show of the season was broadcast simultaneously with the US’s Sunday 9pm EST showing, for the rest of the series viewers have to wait until Monday evening before they can watch the show. Also, the Sky NowTV entertainment pass (introductory offer £.4.99 per month) only gives viewers access to Game of Thrones Seasons 1-3, not the latest one.


Bell Basic Satellite Package + The Movie Network CAN$46.95 + CAN$20.20 = CAN$67.15 (US$60)
Rogers Base Digital TV Package + TMN and encore addon CAN$38.86 + CAN$21.16 = CAN$60 (US$55)

 The Netherlands

Low cost cable subscription Around €10 per month (US$14)
HBO can be added to most standard cable TV subscriptions Around €15 per month (US$21)
Total Around €25 per month (US$35)


The first episode of Game of Thrones Season 4 is available to watch on YouTube for people in the Netherlands (or those using VPN to geo-spoof their location).


$37.60 on average to watch one episode of Game of Thrones! Wow! It is hardly surprising that the second episode of the season four broke torrent download records

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