How quickly did VPN providers update their configs for Heartbleed?

Our thanks to BlackVPN for posting the following information on Reddit, which we simply reproduce here.

We will note however that BestVPN asked VPN providers ‘How are VPN providers handling the Heartbleed crisis?’ long before TorrentFreak published a similar (and now more up to date) article.

TorrentFreak recently asked VPN providers how they responded to the Heartbleed crisis – however the real question should be: How soon did you generate new private keys and release updated VPN configs?

VPN services that updated configs + keys (sorted by date these were available):

VPN services that plan to update their configs + keys soon:

  • BOLEHVPN: “…which we hope to release in a month or so and are considering a complete reissue of all keys when this is released.”
  • SLICKVPN: “we’re still planning to re-issue keys with the next client version, which should be updated by this weekend.”
  • CRYPTOSTORM: cryptostorm’s Post-Heartbleed Certificate Upgrade Trajector

VPN services that DO NOT plan to update their configs + keys:

  • PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS: V.36 Change Log – however OpenVPN configuration files have not changed and still have the same checksum
  • VPN.S

Note: We apologize for BestVPN mangling some of the above links. Our technical expert is on holiday at the moment, and will hopefully fix the issue when he returns. In the meantime, affected URLs can be edited manually.

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