How to Delete a Yahoo Account Permanently

Thomas Ujj

Thomas Ujj

November 6, 2016

…Wait a second, why would I want to delete a Yahoo account?

A Little Background

Yahoo has spent a lot of 2016 in the news, but not in a good way. Whether it is the theft of over 500 million Yahoo accounts, the controversy surrounding leadership, or shady advertisement techniques, there’s plenty to be worried about if you are one of the millions of Yahoo users.

If, like me, you have an account on any Yahoo service, you are probably wondering how you can escape the mess that Yahoo has become. As such, I’ve included some instructions on how to delete a Yahoo account in just a few minutes. Keep scrolling to find out how!

Reasons You Might Want To Delete a Yahoo Account

There could be several reasons to delete your Yahoo account. For me, the biggest issue with Yahoo was the recent, massive hack by a “state-sponsored actor.” I lost faith in Yahoo’s security and ability to protect my personal data.

Another reason why Yahoo’s policies irk a lot of people is the company’s advertisement strategy surrounding smart technology, which seemingly guarantees an invasion of consumer privacy.

More people are becoming aware of some significant issues surrounding Yahoo. With the tech giant essentially being a (much) smaller Google, it’s important to hold the company to the same privacy standards.

Backup Your Yahoo Account First!

You may have anything from a few dozen to thousands of emails that you want to save before deleting your Yahoo account. Since Yahoo doesn’t have an export function, you will have to do some legwork to retain the data.

The easiest way to do this is to set up POP (Post Office Protocol) access to Yahoo Mail from another mail service (such as Gmail or Hotmail). Firstly, configure an incoming POP mail server with your Yahoo login information. The process could vary slightly depending on the mail service.

yahoo backup emails

Once you have the POP settings ready, you should have access to the Yahoo emails through your alternative email service. Feel free to save and forward any emails you wish to keep. Once you have deleted your Yahoo account, you can also remove these POP mail settings.

How To Delete a Yahoo Account: Guide

1. Get Everything Ready

If you are not interested in backing up your account, you might still want to save a few emails or contacts. If your Yahoo account is part of any other Yahoo services (Flickr, HotJobs, or similar), you may want to keep related information as well.

Once you delete your account, bear in mind that all relevant information (with a few exceptions that I’ll mention later) gets permanently deleted from Yahoo’s servers.

2. Terminate Your Account!

To delete a Yahoo account, you need to navigate to Yahoo’s account termination page. After logging in, you will see the prompt below.

delete a yahoo account prompt

Here, you need to verify your identity with a password, complete the captcha and click “Yes, Terminate this Account.” Keep in mind that this is the final confirmation before your account is permanently deleted!

delete yahoo account

3. Remove Yourself From Any Additional Yahoo Services

At this point, you are almost entirely free from Yahoo’s service. The only thing left to do is to remove leftover data from any additional Yahoo services.

These services can be any active, premium Yahoo services, such as Yahoo Finance or Yahoo Mail Plus. To remove these services, simply cancel your subscription to them.

yahoo finance

Some Other Online Safety Considerations

Yahoo is just one of many online services that have been hacked. Our personal data is constantly under threat from hackers, governments, and third-party companies. It is crucial to properly educate yourself about online privacy.

Check out some additional tips below. You can also read through the Ultimate Privacy Guide to see how you can improve your online security.

Use a VPN

Using a VPN is a no-brainer with the amount of hacking and snooping going on these days. Signing up for a VPN service is easy and affordable, and the security benefits are undeniable. A VPN will encrypt all data communicated between your device and the internet. It will also hide your identity and location.

You can read more about VPNs in the VPN Beginner’s Guide. You can also check out the most recommended VPNs.

Use a Secure Password Manager

With so many online services having complex password requirements, use a secure password manager to keep these secure and in one place. We’ve reviewed Sticky Password and 1Password, while KeePass is also a solid choice.

Using passwords that have a variety of symbols, numbers, and lower and upper-case letters could also be the difference between having your accounts compromised or not.

Educate Yourself on Privacy Laws and Current Events

So you’ve followed the steps of this brief guide. Think you’re completely safe? Think again! Privacy laws are constantly changing, with “Big Brother” laws and the EU-US Privacy Shield regularly being updated.

The best way to be secure on the internet is to stay aware. By keeping up to date with laws, privacy policies, and current events you can be proactive when it comes to your online security. An excellent way to do this is by signing up to the newsletter. This gives you weekly updates on everything regarding online privacy.

Delete a Yahoo Account: the Final Word

Online privacy and Yahoo don’t seem to go well together. This certainly validates deleting a Yahoo account. Migrating to another email service might just not be a good idea, it might be necessary.

Following the steps I’ve listed above (in addition to other security measures) can help you stay safe online and avoid any privacy issues with Yahoo. Leave any comments or questions you might have below!

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