How to remove something from Google Street View

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

July 17, 2014

Now to honest, we feel that if strangers can walk past your house and peer into your windows (as is the case for most of us), then Google Street View does not constitute a major invasion of privacy.

Not everyone agrees however, and some on the internet have pointed out that it could show strangers the contents of an open garage, what type of car you drive, or could even show people entering or leaving the house, or a car parked the driveway that could lead to embarrassment or even divorce!

Of course, it might not be your house that you are worried about, and there are certainly plenty of examples of embarrassing things that the all-seeing Google Street View cameras have picked up that many would prefer not to be broadcast all over the internet.

Therefore, because we like to cover all aspects of internet security, and because it’s quite fun knowing that it is possible, we present a guide to removing images from Google Street View.

1. In Google Maps type in your address (or otherwise locate the image you want removed), and click on ‘Street View’.

street view blur 1

2. In the bottom left corner of Street View, select ‘Report a problem’.

street view blur 2

3. In the Image Preview section adjust the view of the image so that it is focused on the part of the image you are reporting.

street view blur 3

4. You will be asked what you are removing, why you want it removed, and for your email address. Fill in the word verification captcha, hit Submit, and wait a few days before checking Google Maps again.

With luck the offending image will be blurred over (though we very much doubt that Google will blur over our example view of the fictional sleuth Sherlock Holmes’s London residence!)

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