How to unblock Hulu

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

April 29, 2014

So popular US TV web streaming service Hulu has decided to start blocking the IP addresses of many VPN providers (you can see which ones, and how they are responding to the situation here).

We predict that Hulu will soon tire of the game whack-a-mole, as it bans IPs and then VPN providers recycle their IPs for new ones, which may get banned etc. ad nauseam.  However if you are affected and need your fix of Hulu programming now, this guide is here to help!

1. Use Hola unblocker

This free web browser extension for is great for unblocking websites in the US, UK, and many other counties around the world.  It currently works fine with Hulu, and you can even use it in addition to a regular VPN connection if you want to maintain your privacy (although this can come with a substantial performance hit, depending on where your VPN server is located).

For general website unblocking we prefer the ZenMate plugin for Chrome, which works as a full VPN and securely encrypts your data rather, than acting as a simple proxy. Though they were initially blocked, they have now worked around the problem.

Hola is available for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

2. Go elsewhere!

Hulu does not make its own TV programs – it is simply a platform for showing content created by others, such as NBC, CWTV, and CBS, and you can watch the shows they make by going to program-makers own websites.  Canadian websites such as CTV and GlobalTV also feature many of the same shows as Hulu, and can be easily accessed through VPN.

3. Use a smart DNS service

DNS spoofing services such as those run by UnoDNS and TorGuard are effective at bypassing geographic restrictions, and have not been blocked by Hulu. The downside however is that they cost money, something you may be loath to spend if you already pay for a VPN service.

If you are deciding between a DNS or a VPN service, remember that VPN will not just geo-spoof your location, but encrypt your internet connection to give you a high degree of online privacy, protect you when using public WiFi hotspots, and will let you safely P2P download

4. Use a dedicated IP address

Various VPN providers such as TorGuard and VPNArea offer dedicated IP addresses (i.e. you are assigned your own personal IP address, none of which are banned by Hulu as far as we know).  Again, this costs extra money (although VPNArea offers dedicated US IPs for just $3 per month), but a bigger problem for us is that  dedicated IPs provide less privacy, since only one person is using the IP rather than it being shared among many users without any easy way to identify which user performs which action on the internet.

Renting a VPS in order to set up your own US IP address provides similar results (including disadvantages), but is generally much more expensive.

5. Pirate it

Not everyone wants to pirate copyrighted work, but when arbitrary geographic restrictions prevent access to popular content that others can access freely for no other reason than because of where they live, what do content makers expect?

Your friendly neighborhood BitTorrent tracker will provide all the links you need to download whatever shows you want, or Popcorn Time will let you stream TV shows in high quality from the YTS torrent site’s extensive catalog. Just remember to protect yourself with VPN when downloading, so the copyright Nazis don’t catch you!

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