Ray Walsh

Ray Walsh

December 13, 2017

Vikings is an extremely popular drama show that airs on the History Channel, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. For people living in places where those services aren’t available, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the best way to watch the upcoming season of Vikings.

A Vikings season five VPN allows you to pretend to be in the US to access geo-restricted online cable TV streams of the History Channel. With a VPN you can watch Vikings season five as soon as it premieres!

When Does Season Five of Vikings Start?

On Wednesday 29 November at 20:00 Central Time Zone, season five of Vikings returns to the History Channel. For people who don’t want to wait to see the show, a VPN is the best way to unblock the History Channel from outside the US.

Where to Watch Vikings Season Five Live Online

If you haven’t seen all of season four of Vikings yet, and need to catch up, you can do so on the History Channel. It’s currently showing all of the previous seasons of Vikings on demand for free. So are Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Amazon Prime and Hulu will be showing Vikings season five shortly after it airs on the History Channel. However, the premiere is only available on the History Channel itself. So if you want to watch Vikings season five as soon as it comes out, the History Channel is what you need.

The best way to watch the History Channel from outside the US is using the US-only online cable subscription service Sling TV. For just $20 a month for the Sling Orange plan, you get access to over 30 channels – including the History Channel,  ESPN, AMC, and the Disney Channel. 

The good news is that you don’t have to commit to a long-term subscription or sign a contract. Sling TV is purchased monthly without a contract. This is perfect if you only want to use Sling TV to watch Vikings.

Although Sling TV is geo-restricted to US citizens only, you can unblock it using a VPN. Simply connect to a VPN server in the US and you appear to be in the US, which means that you can watch Vikings live.

Can I Watch Season Five of Vikings for Free?

Although Sling TV (Orange plan) costs $20 per month, the good news is that SlingTV offers a free trial. Newcomers to Sling TV can trial the service for seven days for free.

That means you can use a VPN to watch the premiere of Vikings season five without paying a dime! Simply connect to a server within the US, and navigate over to its website.

How to Watch Season Five of Vikings Live Online

Watching Vikings streaming on the History Channel with a VPN couldn’t be easier:

  1. Select a VPN for Sling TV from our guide. We recommend ExpressVPN because it has everything you need to stream Vikings online.
  2. Click through to your preferred VPN and subscribe.
  3. Download the VPN software and install it.
  4. Choose a VPN server in the US and click Connect.
  5. Navigate to the Sling TV website and make use of the seven-day free trial.
  6. Watch season five of Vikings!
BestVPN.com does not condone copyright infringement. While we are aware that VPNs can be used to spoof your location to another country, and thus overcome geo-restrictions, their primary purpose is to provide you with online security and privacy. First and foremost, this is why we recommend using a VPN.

Vikings Season 5 Episode 7 – Full Moon: Recap (Spoilers)


Time is nearly up for Ivar and Ubbe. As the full moon approaches the battle that promises to tear Ragnar Lothbrook’s legacy apart looms ever closer. Ivar’s confidence may be his downfall though, as Bjorn arrives back at Kattegat to reinforce his mother and Ubbe. Meanwhile, despite the heavy price she paid to send warning of the attack to Lagertha, Astrid is slowly coming around to her new husband.

Bjorn Comes Home


Floki seems to have outdone himself with the ships he built for Bjorn’s Mediterranean expedition as the explorers make it back to Kattegat in the blink of an eye. Not that Bjorn seems all that glad to be home. While lamenting the tethering of his Viking spirit he reveals his lack of feeling for the mother of his children to his new lieutenant Halfdan.

Never the less he arrives home to a hero’s welcome, and just in the nick of time for Lagertha who immediately informs her son of Ivar’s impending attack. She introduces her son to her new ally, the Sami King Svase, but in true Lothbrook style Bjorn seems more interested in his daughter Snaefred.

His interest in the princess is hardly subtle and is soon noticed by Torvi who agrees to release him from his marital vows on the condition that he continue to provide for their son. Bjorn wastes no time and does what any good Viking bachelor would do; he sends his mum to act as his wing man. Although she keeps a brave face during her encounter with Bjorn, Torvi flees the great hall and is found weeping outside by Ubbe. Gentlemanly consolation soon gives way to temptation, though, and before we know it Ubbe is making out with his erstwhile sister in law.

Halfdan’s presence does not escape Lagertha who interrogates him as to whether he will fight on her side or on that of his brother in the coming battle. Halfdan assures the queen that as her son saved his life he has sworn allegiance to him that he intends to honor the life debt owed he owes to Bjorn, but Lagertha is not quick to trust her sons new ally.

As they await the attack, Lagertha, Bjorn and their allies try to anticipate whether Bjorn will attack by land or sea. Lagertha finally decides to listen to Bjorn’s advice and ride out to meet Ivar on land, a risky strategy that would leave Kattegat completely undefended.

Haehmund is the One


Over a game of chess, the tense partnership between Bishop Haehmund and Ivar the Boneless begins to ease. The Bishop justifies their alliance with his belief that it is all part of God’s plan. Still unwilling to accept the Christian god, Ivar points out that the Bishops beliefs seem to mirror Viking religion.

As they prepare to depart Ivar and Haehmund discuss points of their respective religions. Ivar’s faith in the Bishop seems to wane momentarily, but Haehmund maintains Ivar’s trust by assuring him of the murderous bishop’s commitment to truth, honesty, and nobility.



Disappointed with the paradise promised to them, Floki’s fellow pioneers are beginning to grumble. Lead by Eyvind, the dissident settlers do not share Floki’s optimistic vision for the future of their new settlement. Even the presence of hot springs and geysers are not enough to convince the more cynical elements of the party of Floki’s holy mission.

Despite having the backing of most of the group, however, Floki still questions why the gods do not show themselves to the settlers and make his life a bit easier for once.

Soon the settlers start to make themselves at home and Floki lays out his vision for a new, more democratic society than the one they left behind in Kattegat. The momentary serenity is disrupted, though, when Eyvind accuses Floki of being power hungry.

Vikings Season 5 Episode 8 – The Joke: Recap (Spoilers)


The Pioneers


As the settlers gather to plan their future, cracks are already starting to form in the group. Floki proposes that they first build a temple even before the people build their own homes or farms. With winter approaching and their inventory already depleted, Floki’s critics, led by Eyvind, argue that their settlement will not survive unless they look after themselves before the gods.


The Eve of Battle


As the Invaders prepare to set sail, Ivar questions whether his younger brother will be able to kill Ubbe when the time comes. Hvitserk assures his brother, however unconvincingly, that it will not be a problem.

There is good news for Harald, meanwhile, as he comes across Astrid during a bout of morning sickness. But the would-be King of Norway has his joy cut short. Against Harald’s wishes, the battle-hardened shield maiden refuses to remain behind, despite being with child, and insists on being present for the battle for Kattegat.


Having decided to gamble on Ivar attacking by land, Lagertha and her allies ride out to meet him leaving Kattegat completely undefended. As they arrive on the battlefield it looks as though their gamble has paid off.

In a rare moment of civil diplomacy, the leaders of the two armies agree to swap hostages. Despite promising to fight for Bjorn, Halfdan returns to his brother’s camp, while Hvitserk, who has promised to fight for Ivar, returns to Ubbe’s. The two parties agree to meet again the following day and return to their respective encampments.

With Hvitserk safely in their control, Ubbe and Bjorn try to convince their younger brother to give them information that would avoid any needless slaughter. The youngest of Ragnar’s sons, however, seems resolute in his loyalty to Ivar.

On the other side of the battle field Halfdan tries to come to terms with being traded back to his brother by Bjorn. Both Ivar and Harald claim that family has a greater claim to Halfdan’s loyalty than his blood oath to Bjorn.

On the day of the battle the two sides make one last attempt to reconcile their differences and save tragedy and bloodshed. As the leaders of the two armies sit opposite each other in the last-ditch battlefield summit, the hostages return to their sworn leaders.

Lagertha and Bjorn give impassioned pleas to avoid a civil war, and in an uncharacteristic moment of weakened resolve Ivar renounces his oath to kill Lagertha. Outraged Harald refuses to drink their peace accord, and his defiance refreshes Ivar’s disdain for Lagertha. Spitting his drink all over his brother he disavows any relationship with Ubbe and the two sides resolve to settle their differences in battle.

The Battle of the Brothers


As the two sides face off across the battle field, Bishop Haehmund waits excitedly for his finest hour of pagan slaying. Ivar, on the other hand, is a little more nervous. Worried that Bjorn will try to outflank their army, at the last minute, Ivar decides to pull a third of their invading army back to protect the undefended fleet of ships. Leaving Haehmund and Harald to handle things on the battle field, he sends Hvitserk and his men into a nearby forest to outflank Bjorn and Lagertha’s army.

Finally, after three episodes of preparation and posturing, the battle for Kattegat gets underway. On the main Battle field, Bjorn and Ubbe lead their forces against Harald Fine Hair and Bishop Haehmund. The first wave of infantry collides with some of the bloodiest and most gruesome battle field action seen on the show so far.

Although the action on the battle field seems evenly matched, things do not go quite so well for Hvitserk and his men. As he leads them through the forest to outflank their opponents the company are ambushed by King Svase’s Sami warriors. Surrounded and taking heavy casualties from the Sami blow darts, Hvitserk returns a volley of arrows, but the archers miss their targets who are too well camouflaged in the undergrowth.  Outnumbered and outclassed by the consummate Sami fighters, Hvitserk and his warriors are forced to flee the forest and abandon their attempted flanking maneuver.

As Ivar pulls back his forces he cannot help but stop and listen to the battle unfold. With Harald’s rear flank left unprotected, Lagertha emerges from a nearby woods to attack the invaders from behind. Watching from a distance Astrid begs Ivar to take their forces back to help her husband, but Ivar remains resolute and sits back while his ally’s forces are slaughtered.

The first major casualty of the battle for Kattegat is Bishop Haehmund, whose demise turns out to be something of an anti-climax. While taking a quick breather from slicing up heathens, Haehmund takes a hammer to the back of the head from lowly uncredited extra, knocking him unconscious while Lagertha’s warriors push the rest of the invading army into retreat.

As Ivar and Harald regroup to lick their wounds and rethink their strategy, Lagertha stalks the battle field finishing off any survivors. When she comes across the Bishop, however, she orders he be taken prisoner and Haehmund is dragged back to the victor’s camp in shackles.

Vikings Season 5: Episode 9 ‘A Simple Story



So, round one of the defense of Kattegat goes to the home team, and the would-be usurpers will be looking to hit back twice as hard. With Ivar the Boneless’ resolve starting to waver, though, and his secret weapon bishop Haehmund taken prisoner by Lagertha, the outlook for the invaders is not good. Meanwhile, Floki’s dream of a peaceful new settlement is in trouble as Eyvind continues to vie for control of the newly discovered world.

Will Ivar buckle under the pressure? Will Haehmund be seduced by Lagertha? And can Floki keep the peace between his pioneers? With only two episodes left all will be coming to a head in the next few weeks, so catch Vikings next Wednesday 17th January at 9/8 central on History Channel, or on Thursday 29th on Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu.

What to Expect from Season Five of Vikings (Spoiler Alert)

Season four of Vikings came to an end with a storyline about the sons of Ragnar coming together with the singular purpose of avenging their father’s death. At the end of the season, they all appeared to have different ideas about what to do next – and Ivar complicated matters even more by throwing an axe into his brother Sigurd.

Season five kicks off with Sigurd’s funeral and a repentant Ivar saying that he didn’t mean to do it. Despite his appeals, the murder has caused a rift between the brothers. Now fighting for possession of the known world – which is an enormous expanse of land – season five of Vikings is all set to be an epic.

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