Ryan Burgess

Ryan Burgess

March 23, 2018

The ICC World Cup Qualifiers are starting this weekend (4th of March, 2018) to decide the last two teams for the ICC World Cup 2019. Ten teams in two groups will be fighting it out to lay their claim to an ICC World Cup place, meaning that Cricket fans will want to stream the ICC World Cup Qualifiers live online

In many countries, the ICC World Cup Qualifiers will not be accessible due to country-specific restrictions. Whilst Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, not many countries have a national team or following. Using a VPN to bypass these restrictions is an easy process, so you can easily watch the ICC World Cup Qualifiers online.

How to watch the ICC World Cup Qualifiers Finals

The Final two rounds of this year’s ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifiers will be the Super Sixes match on Friday 23 March (Ireland VS Afghanistan), and the Final on Sunday 25 March, 2018.

The teams for the final are yet to be decided. The Super Sixes match will begin at 7:30 am GMT. The Final of the ICC Qualifiers will begin at 8:30 GMT.

West Indies or Scotland (who are currently playing their qualifying match) will qualify for the 2019 World Cup. While Zimbabwe will need to beat Afghanistan in their match on Thursday 22 March in order to guarantee their position in the World Cup finals next year.

How to watch the ICC World Cup Qualifiers with a VPN

There are only a few simple steps that you must follow to watch the ICC World Cup Qualifiers.

  1. Find a VPN that is great for sports, have a look at our best VPNs for sports list. Our number one pick is VyprVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN software that comes with your VPN service of choice. The best VPN providers, such as VyprVPN, have apps for just about every platform under the sun.
  3. Connect to a VPN server location that your sports platform of choice resides in. For example, Sky Go and Now TV will require a UK server.
  4. Once you have connected to the VPN server, make your way to the streaming service of your choice (there is an in-depth look at these services later in this guide). You should find the service now unblocked, allowing you to subscribe.
  5. Now you can watch the ICC World Cup Qualifiers with no geo-restrictions.
BestVPN.com does not condone copyright infringement. While we are aware that VPNs can be used to spoof your location to another country, and thus overcome geo-restrictions, their primary purpose is to provide you with online security and privacy. First and foremost, this is why we recommend using a VPN.

Where can I watch the ICC World Cup Qualifiers?

The ICC World Cup Qualifiers can be watched from several different services located all around the world.

The easiest to have quick and extensive access to the ICC World Cup Qualifiers will be to use Now TV, which is available in the UK.

Live Streaming the ICC World Cup Qualifiers with Now TV

Now TV is Brittish service that shows Sky. It gives you access to every single one of their sports channels. Sky is known the world over for their extensive coverage of many different sporting events, including cricket. The ICC World Cup Qualifiers will be available on the Sky Cricket channel, which is part of Now TV’s sports package.

Now TV is restricted to just those living in the UK. But by using a VPN to pretend you are in the UK, you can gain access to Now TV. All you need to do is to connect to a UK VPN server and sign up for Now TV.

The pricing is very competitive. Costing £7.99 for a day pass, £12.99 for a week, and £33.99 for a month. The week pass being particularly good value for money.

Now TV is a good for others sports too, including the Premier League, F1, and Rugby. The Premier League and F1 even have their own dedicated channels.

Using a Virtual Credit Card to subscribe to foreign services

You may find that the service will not accept your credit card, this isn’t a problem. There are many different services that allow you to create a virtual credit card for exactly this purpose. These services often just require you to top up the virtual card with your currency, and you are good to go. Here are some example services:

  • Entropay is a good option for those looking to create a UK virtual credit card. Making it a good choice for those that want to use Now TV to watch the ICC World Cup Qualifiers.
  • Money Polo is another service good choice. They allow you to create a bank account in a myriad of currencies, so you should be covered whether you choose Now TV or a different foreign service.
  • EcoPayz is a bit different in that it creates a one-time use virtual card. The service supports multiple currencies. A good choice for those that just want to use the card once.

These services are not tested by our team but have good reputations and reviews. There are many different services out there, but make sure to do your research before sending any money

How Will the ICC World Cup Qualifiers work?

The ICC World Cup, 2018, will feature a total of ten teams. Eight of those places are already filled by the hosts, England, and the other top seven ranked teams in the world. Including the likes of Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

The two remaining places will require a qualifying process.

There are ten teams fighting for the two remaining places. These ten teams are separated into two groups of five. The top three teams from each group will move into the Super Sixes. Points played against other Super Six teams will carry over, whilst points from the bottom two teams are discarded.

The Super Six teams then play each team from the other group. The two teams with the most points after all matches played will go to the ICC World Cup in 2019.

The ten teams that are competing for a place in the ICC World Cup are:

  • Afghanistan (Group B)
  • Hong Kong (Group B)
  • Ireland (Group A)
  • Nepal (Group B)
  • Netherlands (Group A)
  • Papua New Guinea (Group A)
  • Scotland (Group B)
  • United Arab Emirates (Group A)
  • West Indies (Group A)
  • Zimbabwe (Group B)

Live Streaming ICC World Cup Qualifiers

When are the ICC World Cup Qualifiers?

The ICC World Cup Qualifiers start on the 4th of March 2018 and run until the 23rd of March, with the final taking place on the 25th. The final has no bearing on qualification.

The first two matches to be played are Papua New Guinea vs United Arab Emirates and Ireland vs. Netherlands. Both matches will be played at 9:30 am CET on the 4th of March. Make sure to adjust the time for your time zone.

The ICC World Cup Qualifiers are being hosted by Zimbabwe, and matches are played on a variety of grounds across the country.

Its time for the Super Sixes and Playoffs!

The ICC World Cup Qualifiers have moved on to the next stage. The West Indies, Ireland, and United Arab Emirates will move to the Super Sixes from Group A. The remaining Netherlands and Papua New Guinea will move to the 7th-10th place playoffs. In Group B, Zimbabwe, Scotland, and Afghanistan proceed to the Super Sixes. Nepal and Hong Kong will go into the 7th-10th place playoffs.

Both the Super Sixes and Playoffs are due to take place on the 15th of March, starting at 9:30 GMT.

The 7th-10th place playoffs will finish on the 17th of March, the Super sixes will be finished on the 23rd of March. The final will be played on the 25th of March but this has no bearing on who goes to the ICC World Cup in 2019.

Super Sixes – Results

  • Afghanistan beat West Indies by three wickets, Harare Sports Club
  • Scotland beat UAE by 73 runs, Queen’s Sports Club – scorecard
  • Zimbabwe beat Ireland by 107 runs, Harare Sports Club
  • Ireland beat Scotland by 25 runs, Harare Sports Club 
  • West Indies beat Zimbabwe by four wickets, Harare Sports Club
  • Afghanistan beat UAE by five wickets, Old Hararians

Final Super Six Matches Odds

Here are the odds for the final few games of the 2018 ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifiers:

The odds in favor for a West Indian win stands at 1/6 while that of Scotland is 4/1.

Zimbabwe are favorites to beat UAE with odds of 1/8.

Ireland are favorites to win against Afghanistan with odds of 5/4 vs 8/13.

Unblock the ICC World Cup Qualifiers – Conclusion

Using a VPN will allow you to pretend to be in a different country, so you can watch restricted cricket streams. Not only that, but a VPN will also grant you privacy whilst you do so. We highly recommend VyprVPN to stream the ICC World Cup Qualifiers as it is our number one sports VPN.

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