HTTPS Everywhere now gives Android users extra security

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HTTPS Everywhere is one of the browser extensions  that everyone should have installed, but until now it has only been available for desktop browsers. Well, mobile users can celebrate, as it can now be installed on Firefox for Android.

The HTTPS Everywhere extension was developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and tries to ensure that you always connect to a website using a secure HTTPS connection, if one is available.

With last week’s Edward Snowden revelations showing how the NSA spies on smart phone users thanks apps leaking unencrypted data, the timing for this release could hardly be better.

Although the way in which HHTPS Everywhere ‘using thousands of URL rewrite rules’ works is ingenious, you should be aware that if a website does not support for HTTPS at all, then your bowser will connect to it using regular unencrypted HHTP.

How to install HTTPS Everywhere for Firefox Android

1. Install Firefox for Android from the Google Play Store. We recommend using of Firefox over Chrome on Android devices thanks to its open source nature, and support for extensions such as Ghostery and AdBlock Plus (and unlike the open source Dolphin Browser, it supports Private browsing mode).

2. Open the HTTPS Everywhere download link in Firefox for Android (if you are currently reading this on a different device, then emailing this page to yourself may be an easy way to transfer the link to your Android device). Click ‘Allow’, then ‘Install’, and finally ‘Restart’.

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The EFF apologizes to iPhone and iPad users for lack of HTTPS Everywhere support in iOS, laying the blame at Apple’s feet for its policy of locking out Mozilla.

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