Hulu blocks VPN -

Hulu blocks VPN

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

April 24, 2014

Popular US TV streaming service Hulu has started to blacklist all VPN users from its service, regardless of their location. It has not issued any explanation of why it made such move, and given that it will likely loose many paying customers through this action, its motives are unclear.

hulu VPN block

What is also unclear is how Hulu thinks this tactic will work. The fact that  DNS spoofing services such as UnoDNS are still reported as working shows that only a crude IP block is in place, so it will only be a matter of time before VPN providers cycle their list of IP addresses to get around it.

At the time of writing we understand that PureVPN, 12VPN and HMA have all updated their servers and Hulu can now be accessed through them, and we expect other providers to soon follow suit. Of course, Hulu can always blacklist these new IPs too, but that is a game of unending whack-a-mole it cannot hope to win…

This is a breaking story, so we will update this article as further news becomes available.