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The Romania based ibVPN is an affordable, reputable VPN provider which has been operating since 2003. It has grown steadily over the past 10+ years to offer a range of services. And it keeps no logs; though some information is held for 10 days.

ibVPN is among the cheapest of the big name VPN providers. It has several packages from which to choose and with varying degrees of options. But for $4.95 you can start with their basic program. And you can subscribe risk free. No coupons are needed.

They offer a 6 hour free trial which does not require a credit card to establish service. This is not a great deal of time but, then again, there are no strings attached- no upfront payments. Backing up the free trial period is a 15 day money back guarantee period. If you are in any way dissatisfied with their service or performance your money will be promptly refunded. We were initially pleased with them during the trial period. But we found that we had to uninstall and apply for a refund. We had frequency issues which slowed our whole internet connection to what we considered to be unusable speeds.

It should be noted that many months have gone by since we last tested them. It is possible that these issues have since been resolved and the problems we encountered have been solved. This is for you to discern.

With a 6 hour free trial period, backed by a 15 day money back guarantee period, you have ample time to determine if in fact they have improved speeds. You’ve nothing to lose. Give them a try!

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