‘The Interview’ goes ahead

As we have reported previously, Sony was at the centre of a large scale hack in the previous weeks, which lead to the release of countless pieces of information relating not only to their business practices, addresses of celebrities and internal private communications.

Many believed North Korea to be responsible for the hack as a response to the Christmas Day release of the film ‘The Interview’, a comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco based around the assassination of the infamous King Jong-un.

Though the nature and the origin of the hacks still remain in a cloud of mystery, conspiracy and assumptions, the impact on Sony has been more than significant and many expected ‘The Interview’ to be put on a shelf and forgotten under the mass of political pressure. Despite this Sony has always planned to release the film and the only question was how they would go about the process.

Larger cinema chains declared themselves out of the game for showing it due to fears of attacks. However, many smaller cinemas started showing their hand and now Sony has gone ahead and released the movie.

Alongside this Sony has also released the movie online through the Play Store, YouTube, Xbox live and even on it’s own website. Unfortunately not only does this cost $5.99 but it’s also only available to US/Canada residents to watch – but luckily the latter isn’t a problem with a VPN. We’ve used ours to watch it and in our opinion it’s a fairly entertaining film.

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