Introducing self-destruct SSDs

Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

October 7, 2014

Do you store data on your computer that absolutely and totally can’t fall into the wrong hands? Then the SecureDrives Autothysis GSM enabled SSD drive may be just the thing for you!

Most ‘all out’ fail-safe drive solutions stop at completely formatting all data on the drive in the event of less or theft, but the Autothysis SSD drive goes further, and will physically destroy the drive’s memory chips, ensuring they are completely unrecoverable.

securedrive self destructed 1

This is pretty cool, but even cooler is the range of ‘trigger’ option available:

  • Interface – self-destruct is triggered when the SSD is removed from your computer’s SATA III interface
  • Low Battery Level – drive will self-destruct when the battery gets too low
  • GSM starvation Period – drive will go boom if out of GSM range for a set number of hours
  • Tap-to-Destroy – allows instant suicide using a smartphone app or ‘Token’ (programmable controller) that is in range
  • SMS Message – send a pre-arranged SMS message from a phone, and bye-bye drive
  • Destroy Data – allows the controlled destruction of the drive via Token / Smartphone app – great for physical destruction at end-of-life.

This video is from 2011 but shows what happens when an Autothysis drive self-destructs

What is nice about these options is that they can be used to complement each other. Therefore, if a computer is stolen and placed in a Faraday cage to prevent self-destruction by (for example) SMS, it will self-destruct after a set number hours of GSM starvation.

securedrive 3

All data on the drive is also protected by ‘256-bit AES hardware level encryption and computer independent 2 factor authentication via your Smartphone. The encryption engine is FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified.’

securedrive mobile app

While a powerful and determined enough attacker may be able to find a way to circumvent all this security, it looks pretty solid to us.

securedrive self destructed 2

Of course, none of this comes cheap, and an Autothysis 128s will set you back costs £967 GBP (approx. $1600 USD), while an Authoysis 128t costs £1,027 GBP (approx. $1,700 USD).

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