IPVanish Coupon and Discount

At BestVPN, we strive on giving customers legitimate deals. Thanks to the great folks at IPVanish, we can now present you with an exclusive 15% off IPVanish coupon.

To claim this great IPVanish discount, you will need to head over to IPVanish and at the checkout enter the discount code shown in the image below. If you sign up to the yearly plan you will get the 46% long term discount and a further 15% on top of this. bringing the price down to just $5.52 per month! We must note, that the discount is only for the first billing cycle so if you want the most of it, we do recommend getting the yearly plan!

IPVanish Coupon

IPVanish Coupon

If the additional 15% discount wasn’t enough for you, IPVanish also provides a 7-day money back guarantee. We’d be surprised if you did use this, because as we explain below, they offer a superb service.

Summary of IPVanish

IPVanish is one of the oldest VPN providers on the market which has done wonders for their reputation, the quality, and essentially all aspects of their service. Most importantly, the company owns and runs their own Tier 1 level server network. Firstly, this means that they control all of the data and hence do not compromise your security and privacy. Secondly, it means that you’ll get some of the best VPN speeds for buffer-free streaming and browsing.

On top of the above, IPVanish allows for the connection of two devices simultaneously so you can stream Netflix at home and have your mobile internet protected at the same time as well. In case you have any problems, the company has a very good customer support team, that starts with a simple online database and for larger problems they have a very efficient ticket support system.

As expected from one of the top VPN companies on the market, they keep no logs, despite being placed in the US. For this reason, P2P is completely allowed as well. To further ease any privacy worries, their software contains great add-ons such as an IP cycler, a scrambler, and even a kill switch. If you’d like to find out more about them, then we’d recommend reading the full IPVanish review, and claiming your IPVanish Coupon & Discount straight after!

Since you’re here you probably already know what a VPN service is. However, there is a lot more to online security than just using a VPN service. To learn more about the topic we’d recommend reading our Ultimate Privacy Guide, as well as all of the other fantastic guides that we have put together.

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