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IPVanish has performed consistently well in our reviews, and this time around is no exception. The Tier-1 network and fabulous speeds don't need another introduction though they definitely deserve it. Some new App features are also worth mentioning, as they improve an already quality service that extra bit more. Give IPVanish a try using the link below.
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On June 7, 2016
Last modified:December 6, 2016


Want to know about one of the best VPNs available today? Take a look at our comprehensive IPVanish VPN review.

Pricing & Plans

IPVanish VPN offers three plans with discounts in direct proportion to the length of user commitment. One month will run you a slightly above average $10.00 per month, while three months drops the price down to $8.99. If you like the service, you may want to take advantage of the $6.49 per month yearly plan. All plans have the same features and perks which we’ll explore further on.

IPVanish Pricing & Payment Options

You may pay with any of the payment methods illustrated just above, including all major credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin. Refunds are available within one week of payment, just make sure to read through the refund policy and account for your payment method as Bitcoin payments are by necessity processed differently than credit card transactions.

IPVanish Refunds


  • ProsPROS
  • Tier-1 network
  • Speed & reliability
  • Same clients regardless of platform
  • Superb App features
  • ConsCONS
  • Above-average Price
  • Limited support options

Video Review

We’d put together a short video that illustrates the service, but a few things have since changed, so we strongly suggest you read through the rest of this review in addition to giving this IPVanish video review a watch.


IPVanish VPN

P2P is happily allowed when using the IPVanish software. As a bonus, IPVanish keeps no connection or metadata logs, for those who care about staying as close to fully anonymous as possible. Moreover, as of 23 August 2016, you may have up to five devices simultaneously running the VPN at any one time, ensuring the security of most (if not all) your devices. A nice jump from the numbers mentioned in our previous IPVanish VPN reviews!

IPVanish offers over 500 VPN servers in over 60 countries, making for truly global network coverage. What’s more, they have some servers which are rarely found elsewhere, including Egypt, South Africa, and Australia. With a speedy Tier-1 network and clients for most any platform, maybe it’s time to give IPVanish’s one-week money-back guarantee a try.

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Security & Privacy

IPVanish VPN provides all the main protocols, though it’s certainly best to always stick to using OpenVPN, as it is often the fastest and definitely the most secure. OpenVPN uses 256 bit AES encryption, with SHA-256 for authentication, and RSA 2048 for handshaking purposes. Couple this security with the logless policy and shared IP’s in place as outlined above, and you’ve got yourself a sturdy service to rely on.

That being said, IPVanish is based in the United States (registered under Mudhook Marketing) and despite little to no evidence to the contrary for a number of years, no VPN will keep you fully anonymous. You, as a user are concurrently the most important first and last lines of defense, putting your faith in this admittedly strong VPN provider to do the rest.

The Website

The IPVanish website hasn’t changed much since our last few IPVanish VPN reviews, sticking to what it does well, namely providing accessible and relevant information without hiding it behind too many annoying clicks to confuse visitors.

IPVanish Homepage

The blog was another pleasant surprise, eschewing unnecessary advertising in favor of informed analysis, guest spots, and information strictly service update-related for customers.

IPVanish Blog

The Control Panel was similarly logical in practice, with Account, Billing, and Subscription links clear to see, and a handy server status infographic updated in real-time to allow for optimal balance between users.

IPVanish VPN reviews


Support is available 24/7, though only in ticket-based format. LiveChat seems to have been abolished altogether since our last review, and it isn’t quite clear why. The LiveChat support was mentioned as a strength in the past and is certainly something that many customers can’t or don’t want to do without.

IPVanish Support Form

Despite this, the help section is quite informative, and setup guides are plentiful and well illustrated. There’s also a user forum in place to learn from fellow subscribers, and to ping ideas back and forth if you’d like.IPVanish Support

The Process

Signing Up

Signup involves your email, password, and billing information (unless you pay by Bitcoin to more fully preserve your anonymity). Once that’s through, just follow the instructions you receive, or head over to the downloads section to find your App.

The IPVanish Windows VPN client

IPVanish Windows Client

The IPVanish Windows client hasn’t changed much at first glance – not that it needed to – but some tweaks have made it that much more impressive. Some common bells and whistles like auto-connect are there, as well as a dedicated IPv6 Leak protection switch, should you need it. There’s also a recently premiered killswitch which worked flawlessly during our testing. If your connection to the IPVanish VPN drops for any reason, the killswitch will ensure you aren’t left exposed. There’s also a DNS leak protection switch built-in and, best of all, an IP address scrambler to bypass Deep Packet Inspection, such as that in place around the GFW.

IPVanish Windows Client Settings

There’s also a brand new IP cycle feature that didn’t appear in our previous IPVanish VPN reviews, which cycles your IP once every 45 minutes at a minimum. It does this not only to keep things fresh, but also to make it harder for anyone to track you (though state-level actors wouldn’t be too off-put). The killswitch feature kicked in exactly as my IP was changed, down to the second. It was pleasing to see the IPVanish Windows Client working as advertised, so top marks to the design team on that front.

IPVanish IP Cycle

Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC and IPv6 Tests)

Speeds were great across almost all servers. Subsequently, the testing numbers seemed to back my prior experience. Speeds averaged in the 10 Mbps range downstream for both UK and Dutch servers, with only a couple Mbps dropoff from not using a VPN. The US speeds averaged a shade under 10 Mbps, but that’s understandable due to the larger distance geographically. Either way, browsing and streaming showed little to no effects while using IPVanish VPN, other than the times when the killswitch caught me unaware during IP cycling.

IPVanish Download
IPVanish Upload
Graphs show highest, lowest and average speeds for each server and location. See our full speed test explanation for more detail.

There aren’t any DNS leaks to report, though it’s a good idea to run periodic tests to make sure everything is in working order as it should be. You may use to check DNS leaks and the WebRTC Bug, while looks for IPv6 leaks. There’s also, combining bits and pieces of the other two tests, for further testing.

Other Platforms

IPVanish Platforms

IPVanish has dedicated Apps and installers for Android, OSX, and iOS, though the latter four platforms listed above require some manual setup on your end. Luckily, there are quite detailed and illustrated setup guides and video tutorials you can use to get everything up and running smoothly.


IPVanish Android App

The bespoke Android App held up well speed-wise when compared to its desktop counterpart throughout informal usage. Additionally, the dedicated IPVanish Android App also manages to capture the same feel (no small feat) and include all the same functional features as the desktop version, including the DPI avoidance scrambling measure, killswitch, and speed testing as shown above. It’s always great to see the same level of attention given to mobile applications as more people shift the majority of their online usage from desktops and laptops to smartphones and tablets.

IPVanish VPN Review Conclusion

I liked

  • No logging
  • Cross-platform functionality
  • Great speeds
  • P2P allowed
  • Varied payment methods include Bitcoin
  • New & useful killswitch, scrambler, IP cycle features

I wasn’t so sure about

  • No LiveChat support

I hated

  • Nothing

IPVanish has continually grown over the years to take its rightful place on leading edge of the VPN market with its impressive network and privacy commitments. Recent App improvements showed a cohesive strategy with a user-minded design, and near flawless implementation. While support could be spruced up, the total package on offer is in the upper reaches of competitiveness. Give IPVanish’s seven-day trial a go below.

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47 responses to “IPVanish VPN Review

  1. Hi I installed IPvanish yesterday, had a little trouble with the unsigned TAP drivers on Windows 10 not being digitally signed, up and running within 20 minutes, seems pretty good so far.

  2. IPVanish is okay and reliable service compared to some others, sometimes is a slow support however some things you need to try resolve yourself, they have thousands of clients sometimes u have to wait to get the answer. I see people complain on software, i never had any problems with it. Also that you cant get refunds, well this is a joke. Simply call your bank you will get money whatever the reason, do chargeback on paypal same thing! This is serious and big company you think they will steal someone mine or yours $70-$80 or $10-$20.
    If you come to this site and read review from professionals that service is good then go try it! dont rely and read comments too much.. you should all understand that many comments are fake or posted by competition both negative and positive. Sometimes people heard about VPN working for netflix, but dont even know to install VPN, or will encounter some other problem which they can simply resolve if try.. but no, then they will complain how company software is bad..etc

  3. Holy God, IPVanish is a nightmare!
    After repeated complete uninstalls and clean reinstalls, it continues to kick itself out of service, and simply will not complete a reinstall at this point on my Mac/El Capitan.
    I’ve received the same support message 4 times asking for screen shots of my manual installation settings. Every time I supply it, I get the same request for it from another support tech, a few days later; albeit it took 3 days to get a response more than once.
    A service which advertises 24/7 support, which doesn’t provide it, is a fraud. A service which advertises support, but blows customers off with a pretense of support, is a fraud. IPVanish is a fraud, period!

  4. This service works great for me and as far as billing issues? First off I protect myself by using throw away cards like a pre loaded card from say WalMart. Seriously why would anyone with any common sense use a personal credit or debit card. Go get a throw away card, load approximately $80-$100 on it as it only costs $3 to load it. Use that card then don’t reload it after the money is spent. Don’t complain about the $3 because if you can afford to throw $70+ per year on a VPN then you can afford it.

    1. Hi ProfZimm,

      Using “anonymous” payment methods does have some privacy advantages, but it is always worth remembering that your VPN is always know who you are via your IP address (unless using VPN over Tor).

      1. VPN over Tor is exactly what I use but I merely wanted to point out a simple way to keep charges from stacking up on personal bank accounts or credit cards. I’m still confused as to why people are bashing on a review site for services from a VPN. I’ve been using IP Vanish half way into my second year and haven’t had any issues to date though I realize others obviously have. I’ve also used a few others but for now I prefer my current VPN though that will change as it always does.

  5. After recent update, having trouble logging in: Program will not logon automatically and manual login gets hung up. Support was a joke, effectively non existent.
    I plan to move on to another service.

  6. Since the update, service has not worked. After 3 days waiting for support, all they have done is resend update link to me. Very poor and like of real attention, I am looking to cancel contract with them. Look for another provider as IPVANISH ARE NO GOOD.

    1. Fraud

      1:A Lot of e-mails to IpVanish about problems with their application
      2:They charged me twice for my account last year and refuses to pay back my money -Fraud !
      3: I cancelled my subscription last autumn and now they charged me AGAIN and refuses to pay my money back- Criminals !

      Where can I get their address ?

    I’m surprised you have IPVanish as a viable option for Netflix. I subscribed to IPVanish in 2016 mainly to access Netflix US content. It worked for a while then got blocked with the usual “you seem to be using an unblocker or proxy.”

    Tech support were aware of the issue and working on it. After 3 months it was still not resolved. I cancelled my subscription and was able to get a full refund. Maybe they finally figured it out…

    But like some mentioned, I also had few invoicing glitches that were all resolved by customer support. So one piece of general advice, watch your bills 🙂

    1. Hi Simon,

      We do our best to keep all our articles up to date, but given the ever-shifting nature of the Netflix landscape, this can be hard. We are going to take another look at out 5 Best Netflix VPN Providers, and make any changes as appropriate.

  7. I tried to sign up, never received the verification email, emailed them three times about it, never heard back, was charged TWICE for their yearly service, emailed them to cancel within time limit, never heard back, was still charged TWICE, and now I’m having to dispute the claim with my CC company. Awful. Still have never heard anything from them.

      1. I have used most major VPNs as I travel to China regularly. I had to file a dispute myself (I started with Ipvanish in 2014) and am less than impressed with ipvanish billing and support. I do think this is an important factor in a decision to use or renew a VPN and should be factored into reviews. For my purposes IPvanish was no longer doing what was needed effectively and I had a rough cancellation process. The other comments here about their billing do resonate with me and should be a factor in the reviews.

        1. Hi Mike,

          If our reviewers run into billing issues (which often crop up after a review is published), we do update the article to reflect that experience. We can only review what we ourselves experience, but this is why a comments section is so important. It allows readers to share their own first-hand experiences with other readers.

      2. How can you proclaim IPVanish “a legit company” after a ripoff experience like that? You think maybe the commenter is lying? I seriously doubt it — too many people having problems with this VPN.

        You couldn’t PAY ME to venture a dime on it.

        1. Hi Tin Frog,

          I do not doubt YuQiu’s experience. In fact, it is precisely in order to share such experiences that these comment sections exist! But I do know that it is unusual. I have persoanlly reviewed IPVanish many times over the years, and have never experienced any billing issues with the service. Our user stats also show that thousands of our readers sign-up to IPVanish all the time, and yet reports of this kind are rare. So what I am saying is that, sure, some users have obviously had a bad experience with the company, but company is not running a scam. It may cock things up occasionally, but it also has many thousands of happy customers.

    1. Hi Johnny,

      We hand moderate all comments due to the amount of spam we receive, and because we like to answer any questions. This is why your comment did not appear immediately. FWIW, IPVanish is not “our service” -we are a simply a review and comparison website. Thank you for being so polite.

  8. Created an account and one week later was still not able to access that account, this after numerous communications(3or4 times daily) with rude and inconsiderate replies from their support staff. I was given the spin when I needed support. Support staff is inferior and not accountable. I wouldn’t trust this organization to mow my grass. Try another option!

  9. Would like to check it out, as other services have failed but WebRoot anti-virus keeps blocking any IPVanish web page warning of malicious links or payload

    1. Hi Mike,

      WebRoot anti-virus is deferentially making an error here. IPVanish is a well-established and respectable company. I’m sure there must be some way way for you to whitelist the website using WebRoot.

  10. *Take Heed*
    I tried a 3 month discounted ‘trial’ with IPVanish and even after this ‘trial’ period was up they were still taking my money. I sent them numerous email’s explaining the situation. I was told that my account was deleted when in fact they still took my money!!!
    You have been warned.

  11. Was getting good service for around a year. Last 4-5 months has been terrible. Servers supposed to be in UK are in Netherlands or Belgium. Have contacted support and got excuses. Thinking of going elsewhere.

  12. These clowns actually sent me an email saying that it was “fishy” that my IP address didn’t match my credit card address and could I send them a gov’t issued photo ID. Yeah. Because intelligent people would do that??!??!?!?!? The word irony just doesn’t cover a company that d@mned stupid.

    1. Hi Charlie,

      Hmm. I will note that VPN companies are particularly vulnerable to credit card fraud, as there is no physical part of their service that is required for delivery to a real world address. It is also true that if you pay by credit card then IPVanish will know exactly who you are anyway. For greater anonymity, always pay using properly mixed Bitcoins (which IPVanish accepts). Do be aware, however, that your VPN provider will always know your true IP address (so you are never truly anonymous).

  13. Since this review in June / as of August – IPVanish has updated the max 2 concurrent devices to 5 devices … So far only a couple of days / this service rocks!

    Pricing is in line if not better than many – a solid service / give it a try for a month.


    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the heads-up. That’s great news! I have updated this review, but it may take a while for the info to filter through to all our 5 Best lists.

    I try IPvanish this year because offer some good extra as scramble, kill switch, and no data logs.

    I try ironsok… and I was very happy super fast multiple vpn 3 at time , good dns spoof .

    IPvanish so so the app on windows is not good and nice as the mac , had issue in speed more than one time and the support says is because is a VPN ( wait a minut but I pay for it premium… btw ) have a real big issue in dns or (location ) Example : used sweden now and it says Amsterdam …. used Singapor it says America …. this is bad for people that need a good location associated by VPN .
    Also many website or app find that I use a VPN !! gumtree.c o m example etc.. this not happen to me with other services…

    In general I am 50% satisfied still have one year will see if the services become better.

  14. Many reviews are either paid, biased or unknowingly post reviews without ever knowing or experiencing software, server speed or specifics unknown to them simply because they haven’t personally experienced any problems. I have had different problems associated with different VPN’s but you won’t read about them in most of the reviews that i have read. Its still a user be warned and “IF” these VPN service providers were so confident that they are the fastest, the best or provide a great service, “no hassle” money back guarantees would be posted without any of them using cloaked excuses not to. This crap about conditional refunds based on their service techs is a condition I don’t want, been there and most have tiered technical support in which you have a problem, the first to waste you time is their online support.
    Then comes the level 2 support and if all of that fails well, we can all go to level 3, 4 or wherever they direct you. Truth, if I wanted to be a beta tester for their VPN service, I’d apply for the job and get paid for the frustration instead of paying them.
    Hidemyass works but many of its servers are overloaded, speeds are slow to ridiculous especially in the hub ports like Seattle. PureVPN, I wouldn’t bother with as getting connected is a major exercise I could live without. PIA or private internet access is above average when it comes to speed but throughput on their servers could be far better considering some of the locations they have. NordVPN speeds are average and not as high as they should be but they are off the radar when it comes to the US Gov’t trying to get anything out of them so security is about as good as it gets with them.
    There are some VPN’s that are so pricey, I have declined to try or buy so they might be good, they might not be good or suitable for everyone but you won’t read anything about them if there is and it relates back to reviewers and their personal reviews based on whatever personal experience they’ve had. This nonsense about which VPN is best for Android, or Windows or IOS or Linux makes about as much sense as which bottled water is best to drink. Its still user beware and read the refund policies before you buy

    1. Hi intrepix,

      It is true that when it comes to claims made by many (but not all) VPN providers, Caveat Emptor. BestVPN exists in order to help readers through this minefeild, and we always review services hands-on. As for “This nonsense about which VPN is best for Android, or Windows or IOS or Linux” – in part these articles do exist because that’s what people search for in Google, but some providers do support say, Linux, but better than others (if they they do at all), and for example, and we add additional information to such articles that readers interested in the subject may find useful (such as how to setup OpenVPN on Android in our 5 Best VPNs for Android article.)

  15. I had the same problem as Bruce i.e. trying to register over a VPN.

    I sent a support ticket and within 20 mins they had sent me my login credentials and off we went!

    1. Hi anders,

      IPVanish is a US-based service, but the US has no mandatory data retention laws whatsoever. The NSA might tap its servers anyway, or a court could issue an NSL with accompanying gag order but this cannot simply be assumed.

  16. I want to use you 1 years pvn. I have a big set up . I heard from my one friend that your pvn work well than other PVA. If i get good result with your pvn then i need more than 10 pvn at a time and i hope it will gradually increase with me set up. I feel prefer you may contact at my skype: or you can text me your skype.

  17. Hi,
    Interesting review, IPVanish does seem to be quite good.
    However I’m a bit worried about speed: I see you only tested speed from a 10/10-ish Mbps connection. My connection is 100/50 Mbps and I wonder if the VPN will put a horribly low limit on that. Actually, it seems that UK and US East servers already limited your speed to some extent. Did you do any tests from a faster connection?

    1. Hi John,

      Our reviewer used the connection that he had, so I’m afraid not. IPVanish does, however, offer a 7-day money-back guarantee (which I believe it honors). So the best course might to do a trial run and test the service out for yourself.

  18. I have been using IPVanish for just over one year. For me, it’s been the best VPN service I’ve used for its easy setup, features, speed, number of servers and price. (I’ve tried various other ones over the years, some more expensive until I came across IPVanish – works a treat!)
    As for support, I only had one minor “issue” and the response was fast, courteous and resolved very quickly.

  19. A bit of advice: If using IPVanish on a Mac, you’re better off using a 3rd-party app like Tunnelblick to manage the OpenVPN connections. In mine at least, the Mac IPVanish app was buggy as hell, and upon uninstalling, it kept the kill-switch active for all internet connections, killing connectivity.
    I was happy to delete and re-configure the different wired and wireless interfaces myself, but I can’t many people are happy to put up with this level of bother.
    The Windows app works well.

  20. WARNING! ipvanish will renew your credit card without notice, whether monthly or yearly and it will impossible to get a refund. DO NOT USE!

    1. Hi Jordan,

      Do you understand that we are a review website, and that we have nothing to do with this service? If you have a problem with IPVanish then please contact them about it, rather than leaving comments such as this on our review page.

  21. Painful process. Tried to log onto the site from the UAE. Site is blocked. Then had to use ANOTHER vpn to log onto their site. Tried to make a payment and PayPal doesnt work. So had to use my credit card. Guess what? Payment went through but they blocked my account because my physical location & IP address didnt match (due to my using the VPN). They sent an email asking for authentication with no timelines at all on when they will resolve the issue. Best part is you can’t even give up on the process and seek refund since you have already paid for a service you can’t access! Ipvanish might be a great VPN but if you are access it from a country which has internet restrictions, best you place your best on more reliable VPNs.

    1. Hi Bruce,

      Ouch! I have found in the past, however, that IPVanish does honor its 7-day money back guarantee (or at least it did for me).

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