Is this the world's most scary anti-piracy video? -

Is this the world’s most scary anti-piracy video?

Pete Zaborszky

July 3, 2013

Our thanks to TorrentFreak for spotting what could be the world’s scariest anti-piracy video! We would also add that it might be the world’s most misleading video, but unfortunately that is a title far too hotly contested…

The video from the UK based Federation Against Software Theft (cutely acronymed FAST) encourages people to ‘report piracy in confidence’ to their hotline number, a practice which is just asking for malicious and ‘revenge’ reporting. TorrentFreak claims that FAST offers a reward to informers, but we have been unable to confirm this.

Once reported, FAST are likely to turn up at your home, extorting payment of a fine under threat of further legal action. All very nasty, and utterly deplorable.

If any of our readers spot even scarier anti-piracy propaganda out there, do please let us know!