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Keypard is a fairly small Moldovan company which provides a modest service for a modest price ($7/mo.) Surprisingly it doesn’t appear to boast about its free trial programs on the website In fact on the website it categorically states that in no circumstance will a refund be given.

Instead, it states that if you refer someone to them and the person installs service and logs on, you will be eligible for 30 days free Premium service. This offer is valid up to six referrals who actually install- total potential free service is thus 180 days.

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However, a previous review by us found there to be other free possibilities. Supposedly, upon installation of the Windows or Android clients, you are advised of a 15 day free trial. The review also uncovered the offer of a 30 minute per day free access period. Yet as this writing (March 13, 2014) there is no such reference to this information on the website. They simply state their no refund policy. Interesting! You might want to contact them for clarification before starting up. You may not know anyone who wishes to subscribe or maybe you do not choose to involve others until you are satisfied with the service yourself. So it would be good to get clarification.

We liked Keypard. With servers in the US, UK, Germany , Canada and the Netherlands it is certainly a player and a presence in the VPN arena. It is stylish and efficient with no limit to traffic speed and the ability for two devices to be connected simultaneously. The Android app is great and the Windows VPN client is a fine piece of software. Never before have we found connecting a phone to a VPN server so easy. We  also love the consistency between desktop and phone interface.

If the 15 day free trial is indeed in effect, then there is little reason not to give them a try!

Kepard Free Trial »

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