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Douglas Crawford

Douglas Crawford

August 10, 2014

Regular readers of our blog should by now be familiar with our love of ‘Netflix for pirates’ app Popcorn Time, and its various funky forks and incarnations.

While we have covered various bits and bobs of Popcorn Time news recently, here are a couple additional interesting titbits…

GitHub bends over to MPAA and removes Popcorn Time code

Like many open source projects, the code for Popcorn Time was made available to all on the GitHub website. In July GitHub received a takedown notice for the Popcorn Time code from the MPAA,

‘We are writing to notify you of, and request your assistance in addressing the extensive copyright infringement of motion pictures and television shows that is occurring by virtue of the operation and further development of the GitHub projects Popcorn Time, and Time4Popcorn

This is spite of the fact that the code itself violates no laws, and the behaviour it enables (i.e. streaming copyrighted content) is legal in many countries. GitHub nevertheless promptly complied.

The actual Popcorn and Time4Pocorn apps remained available however, and oddly enough the original Popcorn Time repository on GitHub was left untouched. We today received an email form the Popcorn team today which said.

I want to let you know we are alive and due to recent MPAA takedown, we are working on a restructuration… We have a GIT repo up & running and we’ll send you the public link to register soon. (if you want to contribute)

Due to all activity and the summer vacations, the android app as been reported for now, but should be ready soon! Also, we should release the Beta 3.3 in the next week(s) with a LOT of new features and major bug fixes.’


Time4Popcorn adds AppleTV support

Controversial (but rather good) Popcorn Time fork Time4Pocorn recently added support for AppleTV, something that, much like the Popcorn Time fork TorrenTV which streams torrent movies directly to AppleTV, is sure not to please Apple.

Time4Pocorn already features Chromecast support (on the Android app) and built-in VPN (although we have our doubts about this).

An iOS app is also promised soon.

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