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LibertyVPN’s services do not justify its very high price. The company offers just nine server locations and only one of those can be connected to with OpenVPN. Read more about this overpriced VPN.

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  • Three-day money-back guarantee
  • Multi-lingual site
  • Excellent speeds
  • Unlimited data
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LibertyVPN is a small company based in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean with representatives in Europe and Central America. Improvements could be made but they provide a well rounded service.

Pricing & Plans

As with basically every other VPN provider, LibertyVPN provides one set plan with increased discounts provided for longer period contracts. All of their prices are above the average and even though they promise a 100% money-back guarantee if a) within first 3 days and b) less than 50MB bandwidth used, though they are more lenient on the second point as long as it’s clear that you aren’t trying to abuse the system.



Liberty VPN as mentioned is based in the Marshall Islands which though you would give think gives them a great advantage to be outside of US and EU jurisdiction, they don’t really utilise this. They have servers in 9 countries with reasonable speeds and have a great support system alongside it. On the whole they provide a pretty good service.

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Security & Privacy

They support PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN connections. Though they only use 128bit encryption for all, it is adequate for the the general person. Unfortunately with the OpenVPN connection you can only use it for their UK servers which is a huge let down, though they say US in the works.
The disappointments keep coming in the security areas: they say they do not keep logs on their homepage but we have found out they do and it’s easy to trace back to you, PPP has to be disabled when connecting from an Android device and they do comply with DMCA requests.
In most cases they do use shared IPs and on request can provide dedicated IPs.

The website

The LibertyVPN website is similar to most. You can find most of the required detail pretty quickly but unfortunately their social platforms are hardly updated and, as mentioned below, their on page support is pretty limited. There is also no customer area on the website which is a bit of an annoyance. On the upside it is available in a number of different languages.



Liberty VPN has basic but adequate support. The main VPN Errors are covered in a Troubleshooting guide on their website and if that doesn’t help you out then they have a ticket support system who will get back to you within 24 hours (2 hours average). They also have a YouTube channel with some helpful guides.

The Process

Signing Up

Signing up is a fairly straight forward as with most other companies but unfortunately they do not allow anonymous payments – in order to help prevent fraud.

The Windows VPN client

Like with most lesser known companies LibertyVPN is limited in the software range. They do have a dialler for Windows which helps with establishing PPTP, L2TP and SSTP connections but for OpenVPN you will have to use the OpenVPN client. Though not as simple as having a propriety software this can be viewed as an advantage as the user you know that nothing malicious has been put into the code as it is all open source.

 LibertyVPN_Dialler LibertyVPN_OpenVPN
 LibertyVPN Dialer   OpenVPN Client

Performance (Speed, DNS and IP Test)

The IP tests we all find and the DNS test came back clear and indicating that they use OpenDNS – even though this is proprietary it is a lot more stable then OpenNic. For the speed tests we have now started using TestMy.Net instead of the old as it provides much better real world results. The speed tests were a little lower than we wish but were stable and adequate for every day use including streaming.

 LibertyVPN_NoVPN_Speed LibertyVPN_PPTP_Speed LibertyVPN_OpenVPN_Speed
 No VPN Speed  PPTP Speed OpenVPN Speed

Other Platforms

LibertyVPN do not support as many devices as other providers but they support the essential Windows, Mac, iOS and Android though again lacking a bit with the OpenVPN set-up. If you understand Linux or DD-WRT then you would also be able to set these up but they do not provide direct support for it.


We used their setup guide to set-up the PPTP connection on our Android phone and gave it a test. As expected the results were slightly slower that achieved on the PC. What we found useful is their recommendation of the app VPN Show – a simple widget designed to open your VPN settings instead of having to click through your settings.


We liked

  • Great support
  • Good multilingual support

We weren’t so sure about

  • No P2P
  • No anonymous payment
  • Logging policy
  • OpenVPN only in the UK

We hated

  • Have to disable PPP to use PPTP through Android

Overall LibertyVPN can’t compete with the big dogs out there but as a small company they provide a good service with great support so they are worth a consideration.

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Peter Selmeczy

I am an engineer by trade and tech geek by night, who's passionate about sharing his knowledge with the people. Find me on Google+.

21 responses to “LibertyVPN Review

    Use it watch iplayer in Cyprus, work well so far no complaints!

    Connecting to friends and family overseas I live and teach English in China, and without this VPN there’s NO way that I would be able to communicate with anyone (easily) back in Canada. I use it to get on Facebook and Twitter so I can keep up with my family back home. I use it to connect to my blog (because wordpress is also blocked here) and just overall keep it on so that I feel protected when browsing online. I also hire the teachers to work at my school and one of the first things I do when a new teacher gets here is to sign them up on Liberty VPN. So fast and simple it’s great. Love them!

    Fast network speeds, fantastic support and very reliable. I highly recommend LibertyVPN to anyone and it’s well worth the money!

    Home and business use Superb customer service coupled with outstanding backup from support staff. Easy to use and highly recommended.

    Facebook, Google in China Without this service, i would be cut off from the rest of the world when i’m based in China. Great service.

    I use it for banking, online shopping, streaming US content, and everything else whether I’m in the country or when I’m out of the country. I have used Liberty VPN almost every day since 2012, no matter where I am. I worked in India and needed it to access my U.S. content. I vacationed in Mexico and used it there. And, back in the U.S., I still use it to protect my privacy with public connections. It’s great for banking, purchasing, streaming, and downloading. In all that time, it has never failed me. I recommend it to my friends and colleagues and even bought an account for my workplace

    Fantastic customer service! I contacted Liberty via e-mail regarding an account concern. Not only did I get a response on the same day, Liberty made sure all my customer concerns were addressed. If customer service is high on your list, then I highly recommend Liberty.

    BBC iplayer and Sky Worked straight away and tech support always fast and responsive to any problems

    Secure connection to the internet. Anonymous web surfing. Liberty VPN was recommended to me by work colleagues. It does what it says. I am confident that my internet connection is as secure as it can be!

    I travel frequently and use VPN to keep local shown contacts wherever I am. Liberty VPN has been extremely useful and a far more reliable and service oriented VPN organization than others I have used. Easy and helpful remote and while staff seem stretched they do an excellent job in getting you what you need in a timely manner.

    Get around blocked ports, anonymity, streaming Fantastic service and customer support, would highly recommend! Has enabled me to stream from the US and use a range of sites, you never know when you might need this!

    Liberty VPN really stands up to its name. The connection is very strong, reliable and very stable. I have been a user for over two years, and it’s the best service so far. i did not have any issue and ability to change servers is an added bonus. My search for a reliable VPN service stopped here.

    This server is great for accessing content outside the country. The speeds are good, never had any issues.

    This vpn provider is great. Simply wonderful! The support given is very fast and managed to answer my queries every time. This vpn is simple to use, far simpler than what I have imagined it to be. Now I can watch us tv from my mac and tablet in singapore! 🙂

    Been using them for 1 year. Liberty VPN is a fast, reliable, and secure vpn company. I have not found a better VPN service.

    This service is amazing. I use it to protect myself on airports and non trusted wi-fi services. Also I use it to play games on foreign countries and watch some movies using a different ip address. Overall is a great service.

    I’m living in China and because of Chinese Great Firewall I can’t use many overseas websites. LibertyVPN help me a lot with access to twitter, facebook and etc.

    The best VPN service available, period. Liberty VPN has fast servers and the best part is the awesome customer care team which solves all your problems in just a matter of minutes.

    Awesome site, awesome staff, awesome service. Literally superb. Staff help you within seconds and LibertyVPN has transformed the way one can stay connected despite the external restrictions and nuances of the countries where I live and work. Just brilliant!

    I got exactly what was advertised everything is working I can access blocked websites in Dubai plus I can watch BBC iplayer online Great company!…

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