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LiquidVPN is a small, Michigan (USA) based VPN provider with some genuinely exciting and unusual products. They have 40 servers and boast 824 public IP addresses. They are supported by a great 24/7/365 customer support network. LVPN offers fantastic encryption services and, very importantly, keep no logs.

Its refund and guarantee policy, however, is just plain vanilla. The $6 per month for the basic package is certainly affordable but they don’t offer any free trial period.

LiquidVPN Free Trial »

LiquidVPN will refund your money within 7 days of initial subscription. But it will do so provided that:

  • You haven’t used more than 1000 megabytes of bandwidth
  • You haven’t violated any of the provisions in the Terms of Service
  • You create a ticket to their billing department requesting a refund

They do not guarantee speed of their service. This is problematic because we have some issues with their speeds (which they are working to increase). In any event LVPN shall never be liable for any damages beyond the cost of one month’s subscription price.

We were very pleased to discover their exciting Modulating IP Technology. This innovative process continues to change your IP address making it difficult to chart your activities on the internet. It could change as much as 100 times or more in a single session! As stated previously, this has caused it to have some problems with speed which we found annoying. As also mentioned, they are working to resolve these issues. In their favor they accept anonymous Bitcoin payments. However, they require too much information associated with the payment. It negates much of the anonymity.

But, overall, it is a sound VPN provider with some interesting wrinkles and it is affordably priced. If you are comfortable with the fact that they don’t have a free trial then you might want to try them. You won’t have to use a coupon to initiate your subscription.

LiquidVPN Free Trial »

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