Mega to create secure email

Last week Lavabit announced it would be shutting down its secure email services, rather than hand over private data to US authorities. They chose to delete the data and stop providing an email service rather than comply with the US government’s surveilance program. This is the unfortunate reality of the current world, if you are US company, you are at risk from the US government spying.

After this announcement, today Reuters is reporting that Kim Dotcom’s company, has decided to move into the space that Lavabit occupied until now, and build a secure email service. They will do this outside the US, and therefore outside the scope of the NSA.

This fits into the goal that Kim Dotcom talked about a few months back, that he wants to “Encrypt the whole internet”. Mega has been doing an “exciting” but “very hard” and time-consuming job of developing both highly-secure and functional email service, Vikram Kumar, CEO of Mega, told ZDNet.

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