After 2013, the world became a very different place. The trust we thought we could place in “machines” decreased significantly, thanks to the efforts of the NSA and other governmental spy agencies. In addition, advertisers seem determined to track all of our online movements, but at least that’s done only in the interest of selling to us. You can find plenty of in-depth information about this on our website. In short, you can be pretty sure that anything you do online is being tracked and stored, wherever you are in the world.

Obviously, this has led to an increased interest in privacy tools, especially VPNs, which are able to secure and/or anonymize your internet connection. Even so, you’re still entrusting all your data to a VPN company, so choosing the right one is essential!

That’s where BestVPN comes in! Over the last few years, we’ve reviewed in depth over 100 VPN services, written hundreds of articles on the best VPNs for specific uses, and posted up-to-date news on privacy.

Our mission is to give you the right information to best protect your privacy and identity online.

To start fulfilling this mission, we recommend reading our regularly updated Ultimate Privacy Guide.

We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page.

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