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NordVPN offers outstanding service, speed, privacy and bandwidth at a very affordable price. In fact it would be difficult to find a cheaper service if you opt for the one year subscription. NordVPN is a brand of Telfinkom S.A. currently with servers in 16 countries. They have offered dedicated servers, web hosting and web solutions since 2008. The VPN service was launched subsequently in response to the growing public demand for online privacy and secure browsing. As a result, they keep no information, no logs. No coupon is required to initiate service at their prices.

You can click the button below to start your free trial now:

NordVPN Free Trial »

Their refunds/guarantees are as follows:

  • They offer a 48 hour money back guarantee. But, be aware, that this is unavailable for technical reasons if the service was purchased using Bitcoins.
  • A 3 day free trial is featured. In order to get it you have to contact their support department at:

Be advised though that NordVPN may halt a refund in order to trouble shoot the issues that caused dissatisfaction with its services. They claim to be able to resolve 99% of the cases. Also there will be no refund if the user is in violation of any of the Terms of Service. This is especially true in the area covered by things such as criminal activity.

In support of their strong privacy stance, NordVPN keeps no logs- no information at all. They are also unique in offering Double VPN Encryption. This is a security solution in which data is encrypted twice through multi-node farms at AES-256-bit-CBC. Right now it is only available over an Austria-Netherlands combination node but more are being added.

So- high end encryption, no logs, unlimited bandwidth and speed, all at an affordable price. If you opt for the one year subscription the monthly cost is about $5.48! And add in that the service works with a PC and smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets and routers and you begin to see that there is value here.
With NordVPN’s 48 hour money back guarantee and 3 day free trial it is hard to see why you wouldn’t try them today!

NordVPN Free Trial »

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