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NordVPN is a very fully featured, privacy-friendly VPN service based in Panama that is also very fast.

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  • Great for Privacy : No logs at all so nothing to trace what you do online
  • Based in Panama: so no government spying or link to the NSA
  • 6 simultaneous connections Good for the whole family!
  • Servers in 61+ countries
  • 30-day money back guarantee – so you have nothing to lose!
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NordVPN: What’s new in 2018?

NordVPN is a well-subscribed VPN with a focus on privacy. It is a VPN service that is often rated in the top 5 VPNs for many purposes. In terms of speed performance, the VPN has really improved this year, and I am impressed with how fast the service now is. Unfortunately, I again found support to be something of a let-down. This may just be bad luck on my part. I have been assured that.

Since last time a lot of changes been made in the support team, trying increase the quality of support. And we saw really good results.

I am pleased to note that US Netflix still works fine. When I tested the service in February I detected an IPv6 leak, but was told by NordVPN in May that it had implemented IPv6 leak protection. I cannot test this for myself at the present time, but have no reason to doubt this claim (which has also been backed up by at least one of our readers).

Pricing and Plans

NordVPN has just the one plan. It costs $11.95 per month if paid monthly, with discounts available for bulk time purchases. If purchased annually, for example, the price drops                                                                                                                                                                                                                          to a very reasonable $5.75 per month.

A three-day free trial is available, which does not require you to provide any payment details. NordVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

NordVPN accepts payment via credit/debit card, or PayPal. It also accepts bitcoin, which allows for potentially anonymous payment. However, as always, please remember that NordVPN will know your true IP address, regardless.

Additional payment methods are available through NordVPN’s payment partner, Paymentwall.


NordVPN is based in Panama. All customers enjoy the following features:

  • Six simultaneous connections
  • Servers in 61 countries
  • Choice of IKEv2, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec VPN protocols
  • P2P: yes
  • Dedicated IP available on request
  • Smart DNS service
  • Double VPN
  • Tor over VPN
  • Web proxy and web proxy extension for Chrome (free)
  • Socks5 proxies
  • VPN access for China via obfsproxy
  • DNS servers (useful if manually configuring a secure VPN connection)

As always, I recommend using the OpenVPN protocol where possible (although IKEv2 is also good).

Although six devices can be connected to the service at once, if you connect devices to the same server, you must choose different protocols for the VPN connections. TCP and UDP are counted as different protocols. So you can connect one device to TCP and another to UDP.

That means that a total of four devices can be connected to a server at once – through L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN TCP and OpenVPN UDP. If you have two more devices at home, you can connect them to another server with any two protocols.

Personally, I do not consider this to be a major limitation, and permitting six simultaneous devices is generous.

The Socks5 proxy is particularly useful to downloaders who only wish to proxy their torrent clients, or double-proxy with a VPN for extra protection!

Smart DNS (“Smart Play”)

Smart DNS is a technology that enables you to geo-spoof by resolving your DNS requests at a specified location. This makes it ideal for streaming geo-blocked content.

According to NordVPN, users can access over 150 streaming services using NordVPN SmartPlay. These include Hulu, Amazon Prime, ABC Go, Zattoo, Cartoon Network, Shudder,, Telemundo, VH1, Vevo, TNT Drama,, StarTrek, Spike, PBS, Slacker, NBC Sports, FoodNetwork, DramaFever, Discovery, Crackle, and many more.

NordVPN’s implementation of Smart DNS is rather unusual. For a start, it uses an encrypted proxy connection. I am not sure what advantage this brings over an unencrypted connection, though, as Smart DNS is not really about security or privacy.

For a second, it requires no additional configuration. It runs inside all NordVPN’s apps, and when connected to a VPN server, detects whether the streaming service requires such a connection first. It then routes you accordingly, if such a bypass is needed.

In practice, this meant that I could watch US Netflix even when connected to a non-US server. However, this did not work for BBC iPlayer.

One downside of this setup is that you cannot configure NordVPN’s Smart DNS to run on devices that cannot run a VPN client, such as your smart TV, games console, and Roku.

Double VPN

This rather unusual feature offered by NordVPN allows you to “chain” VPN servers, so that your data is routed between two or more VPN servers as it travels between you and the internet.

Your PC/device -> VPN server 1 -> VPN server 2 -> Internet

NordVPN double-hop

As you can see, data is re-encrypted as it leaves each server

NordVPN double vpn

NordVPN now offers several double VPN combinations.

Such chaining can provide some security benefits, but will always result in a major loss of speed. As I argue in this article, I think the privacy/security benefits of “double-hop” VPN are rather limited. But I understand that this is not a view shared by everyone. For those who value the feature, NordVPN is one of only two providers I know of to offer it (the other being IVPN).

Tor over VPN

For a full discussion on the pros and cons of using Tor over VPN (or Onion over VPN as NordVPN terms it), please see here. In this configuration, you connect first to a NordVPN server, and then to the Tor network, before accessing the internet:

Your computer -> VPN -> Tor -> Internet

NordVPN achieves this using an OpenVPN configuration file, which transparently routes your data from the VPN tunnel to the Tor network. This means that your entire internet connection benefits from Tor over VPN.

This setup does offer some privacy and security advantages, but a similar effect can be achieved simply by using the Tor Browser while connected to the VPN. Crucially, such a setup is much more secure than the method offered by NordVPN.

Tor over VPN (however you do it) will seriously slow down your internet speeds, as you get the combined hit of using both the Tor network (which is very slow) and the VPN.

Visit NordVPN »


NordVPN is based in Panama and promises to keep no logs at all:

NordVPN does not monitor, store or record logs for any VPN user. We do not store connection time stamps, used bandwidth, traffic logs, IP addresses.”

Panama has a completely uncensored internet and zero government surveillance. It is also comfortably outside the direct influence of the NSA and GCHQ.

In fact, the simple fact that this no-logs VPN provider is based in Panama makes it one of the best choices available for privacy fanatics.


NordVPN uses the DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA encryption suite for its OpenVPN connections. This almost certainly means ordinary RSA-2048 key encryption and HMAC SHA1 authentication, which is just fine. Use of a Diffie-Hellman key exchange provides perfect forward secrecy.

OpenVPN Encryption
Data Auth
Forward Secrecy
Logs & Legal

It is worth noting that NordVPN’s iOS app also uses an impressive level of encryption – IKE ciphers (phase1) to negotiate keys are AES-256-GCM for encryption, with SHA2-384 to ensure integrity, combined with perfect forward secrecy and 3072-bit Diffie-Hellmann keys.

Unusually, NordVPN’s Mac OS X client uses IKv2 with Cisco’s NGE (Next Generation Encryption) protocol, instead of OpenVPN.

For more information on VPN encryption terms, please see here.

The NordVPN desktop client has a per-app kill switch and prevents IPv4 DNS leaks.

The Website

The NordVPN website has a fairly attractive blue and white theme, and is generally well presented. An FAQ outlines what most of NordVPN’s services actually do, but tends to shy away from too much technical detail.

NordVPN servers

NordVPN server list.

A nice feature of the website is a page displaying the status of NordVPN’s servers. This clearly shows which specialized servers are available, plus server load, and the VPN protocols supported by each server.


24/7 customer support is provided via a ticket system (web form), Facebook, Twitter, or email. A live chat option is also available. When I contacted support via live chat, I usually received an instant or very quick response.

In the past I have found the quality of its support to somewhat uneven, but NordVPN seems to have upped its game of late. So much so, in fact, that it won Best Customer Service award in our recent Awards.  NordVPN provided fast, detailed and knowledgeable responses to our battery of customer service tests.

A small knowledge-base, plus various setup tutorials, are also available. In addition, a regularly updated blog discusses both internet security issues in general, and NordVPN-specific topics.

The Process

Signing Up

Signing up for the service is a straightforward affair. A valid email address is required, but there is no reason this cannot be a disposable one. Unless paying in bitcoins, of course, NordVPN will know your payment details anyway.

Once signed up, you can download NordVPN’s software immediately, and will receive a confirmation email containing some useful links.

The NordVPN Windows Client

NordVPN Windows 2

The map is pretty. VPN newbies might find the Connection Wizard (bottom left) handy.

NordVPN Windows 3

As we have already seen, there are lots of servers to choose from. These include many specialized servers.

NordVPN Windows 4

There is a per-app kill switch. You can choose which apps will be shut down in the event of a VPN disconnection. This is very handy, but note that it is not a firewall-based kill switch. So if the NordVPN client itself crashes, the specified apps will not shut down and can continue to access the internet.

NordVPN Windows 5

DNS leak protection is enabled by default.

The NordVPN Windows client, then, is very fully-featured, looks good, and is easy to use.

Performance (Speed, DNS, WebRTC and IPv6 Tests)

All tests were performed using my Virgin UK 80 Mbps/5 Mbps fiber connection, using OpenVPN UDP.

The graphs show the highest, lowest and average speeds for each server and location. See our full speed test explanation for more detail.

This is great performance, and is particularly impressive given my above-average broadband speeds. This is because when shared IPs are used, the raw connection speeds of all users tend to average out. It is worth noting that in tests earlier this year, I noticed a big slowdown when they were performed in the afternoon UK time. These tests were also performed in the afternoon, which backs-up NordVPN’s claim that it has been working hard to improve its service.

So no IPv4 or WebRTC leaks. Please note that those Private RFC IPs are local IPs only. They cannot be used to identify an individual, and so do not constitute an IP leak. Unfortunately, my ISP (Virgin Media UK) does not support IPv6 connections, so I am unable to test for IPv6 leaks at this time. This is a situation that should change in the near future.

As noted earlier, US Netflix will work when connected to any server. I was pleased to note that BBC iPlayer also worked when connected to a UK server.

Other Platforms

NordVPN provides custom apps for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android. It also provides manual setup guides for these platforms, plus Linux (Ubuntu and Raspberry Pi), Blackberry 10, Chromium, and various routers and NAS. These guides look a little on the bare-bones side, but should work well enough.

It is also possible to purchase a pre-configured NordVPN router from Flashrouters.

The Android App

2017-02-10 14.30.48

The app looks remarkably similar to the Windows client, which is a good thing.

2017-02-10 14.31.55

I detected no IPv4 or WebRTC leaks while using the Android app, but please bear in mind that IPv6 leaks are not blocked by NordVPN’s software.

Other/Free Services

NordVPN offers a number of privacy features that are free to everybody (not just subscribers). These includes a web proxy, a YouTube proxy, and a free proxy list. I would hardly trust my life to such tools, but it is nice of NordVPN to provide them.


 I liked:

  • No logs
  • Based in Panama (great for privacy)
  • Six simultaneous connections
  • Great customer service
  • Servers in 58 countries
  • P2P: yes
  • Great speed performance
  • Three-day free trial
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Accepts bitcoins
  • Good encryption
  • VPN access for China via obfsproxy
  • Smart DNS service (when it works)
  • Works with US Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Socks5 proxies
  • Dedicated IP available on request
  • Double VPN (I’m a bit dubious, but others like it)
  • Per app kill switch (not firewall-based)

I wasn’t so sure about:

  • Tor over VPN (using the Tor Browser over VPN is safer)

I hated:

  • Nothing

NordVPN is undoubtedly a very fully-featured service. The fact that it is based in Panama and keeps no logs is also a big draw for those who care about privacy. Its software looks good, and by and large works well. Speed performance has improved dramatically over the course of this year, and is now very impressive. And a three-day free trial, plus a 30-day money-back guarantee  give you plenty of opportunity to ensure that everything works for you as it should.

What you get with NordVPN is a very fully featured, privacy-friendly VPN service that is also very fast.

Visit NordVPN »

Update 24/10/17: A rival website has claimed that NordVPN is owned by a US company. The author of the article does appear to have great detective skills, so we reached out to NordVPN for a response:

“Let us explain CloudVPN. Nothing is shady or unclear about the company and its relations with NordVPN. In fact, it’s rather vice-versa. NordVPN is indeed based and operates under the jurisdiction of Panama, away from the 14-eyes countries, mandatory data retention and so on. However, being based in Panama has a downside. It complicates our ability to sign our apps, place them in stores and process our payments. Therefore, we’ve established a proxy based in the US, which in a nutshell acts only as our payment processor and has nothing to do with the actual service.

Having now managed to run some IPv6 tests, however, we can confirm that some of NordVPN’s servers do suffer IPv6 WebRTC leaks. We have alerted NordVPN to this fact, and if the situation is not fixed in the next few days I will update this review accordingly.

Douglas Crawford

I am a freelance writer, technology enthusiast, and lover of life who enjoys spinning words and sharing knowledge for a living. You can now follow me on Twitter - @douglasjcrawf.

183 responses to “NordVPN

    Bought it last week, must say I am pretty happy. Of course it is my first VPN, but after getting in contact with customer support I am quite sure I am here to stay – their technical expertise is simply mind blowing, right now I am convinced they could set up VPN on my toaster if I wanted, the only question I have is will it work with IKEv2 or only PPTP!

  1. I got nearly the same speed with Nord as without and You write you have 36 percent speed drop due to encryption but describing you download speed you are about to describe you’ve downloaded the same file 4 times quicker. So I think you should re-test NordVPN. And maybe you have tested on different encryption? They have recently improved and demonstrates one of the best speeds in the market at the moment

    I’m a new NordVPN user. After years of dealing with another VPN provider customer support for many issues, I was very impressed with the short time it took to respond to my questions for NordVPN. Customer care is just excellent, and can’t say anything bad about speed – it’s just a few percent decrease.

    Plenty of servers and usually I get good speeds. No real problems yet. NordVPN works as advertised. Getting it set up and working on my iPhone, iPad and macbook was extremely simple and easy

    I can say that I have not noticed any meaningful performance degradation at all with NordVPN and its nice to have the added security. I use it on my iphone as well (up to 6 devices). The only downside is that some sites will detect that you are on a different PC each time you log in (like financial sites) so you have to go through additional verification. This is due to the IP address rotation. I definitely recommend NordVPN

  2. Used to use NordVPN up until about a week ago – strongly recommend avoiding them now. I bought the long subscription after evaluating them and all was good for about six months. They broke something a couple of patches back and absolutely killed my performance. I’ve got a 100MB/sec pipe from my ISP that routinely speed checks at 95 – 120 with the VPN off, and it used to test at around 75MB/sec with it on.

    I installed a NordVPN upgrad one day and the performance fell off a cliff, dropping to the 10 – 12 range. Made all manner of config changes on my end at their request, tested and retested on/off speeds, sent diagnosticsg and logs from the VPN to them, applied at least one more patch (at their request), and no resolution.

    Frustrated at the time I was wasting dealing with their blind efforts to try to config their way out of the problem on my machine, instead of them fixing whatever it was they f*d up, and needing and not having a functioning VPN, I asked for my (prorated) money back. I know, I know – they explicitly state refunds have only a 30-day window and I was well past that, and they reminded me of that at every opportunity, while I reminded them that had their VPN failed as badly during the 30 days as it was now, I wouldn’t have purchased it to begin with, and given their failure and inability to fix it, I felt like I was entitled to a refund outside the 30-day window.

    Didn’t get it – got a lot more excuses about how they would continue to work to find out what was wrong, along with directions for more configuration changes on my machine – “…suggest setting up manual IKEv2 VPN protocol…”. They were perfectly willing to waste more of my time and they were working much harder at keeping my money than they were at trying figure out the problem.

    I jumped to PureVPN and haven’t looked back. It performs better than NordVPN did even when it was working and gets very favorable reviews from testers. I liked NordVPN until they demonstrated they’re not capable of maintaining and supporting a reliable product – now that I know first-hand what they’re about, my recommendation is to avoid them.

    So far hadn’t any issues with NordVPN. As described lighting speed and stable connection – no drops even for a few days.

    NordVPN is the best application to be secured and enjoy all geo-restricted content.

    I’ve noticed NordVPN have increased their servers volume dramatically, so now they have lightning speed and no problems with overcrowded servers or disconnects. Their price quite good, at the moment they are running promo so you could buy it as cheap as $2.75/month

    Things I’m enjoying with NordVPN:
    1. Generally good speeds
    2. Lots of servers – even more than I actually need – over 1600 and growing 🙂
    3. The PC app and mobile apps have killswitches and are very user-friendly.
    4. Good price, especially if you got some coupon or like now they are running Black Friday deal

    After using another vpn and left due to bad service – NordVPN upto now is awesome

    I was a happy user of NordVPN, but when I’ve found out that I could watch American Netflix from Canada I fell in love with NordVPN. Everything else (speed, connections stability, servers load are also at a good level).

    NordVPN keeps a great balance between price and performance. It is a reliable app that does everything I expect and even more – like letting me watch Netflix overseas. I’ve been using it for several months and never had any issues. Recommendations for NordVPN.

    The best VPN service which offers lighting speed, 24/7 customer support and even more like unblocking US Netflix. I’ve tried many free and paid VPN providers in the past but they all had some issues either no customer care or speed or limited server locations. NordVPN is the ultimate best.

    Easy to set up and use and NordVPN app just keeps getting better and better every day. Great value for money and, excellent service quality and superb features. Next level VPN service

    Switched to NordVPN after another service let me down. The NordVPN guys were brilliant, they gave a load of their time to get me set up again and their 2 year special offer is an amazing price and the service is running perfect on my macbook and ipad. Good company!!!

    1. Hi Bai,

      Hmm. Sven Taylor does present a very convincing case. Good detective work! We will investigate further, and post updates if needed.

    1. Hi hi,

      It seems newer servers use HMAC SHA-512, while older ones use HMAC SHA-1. It should be noted that although recent OpenVPN audits have recommended upgrading from SHA-1 to SHA-2, HMAC SHA-1 remains secure.

  3. Just paid for a 2-year subscription since ExpressVPN is down on most servers for Chinese users. As a foreigner working in China I do need access to google heavily. The one thing I found not quite convenient for the mac client is that you don’t get the “server speed-test” function as the Express VPN client where you can see clearly the latency and the download speed of each server so you can be sure to choose the one that fits you best to connect. Other than that, everything seems fine for me. So if you can include this function in future update, I will be sure to be a loyal customer 😛

    NordVPN extension for Chrome is a great option for safe browsing. For other activities like torrenting app works also great. So far (i’m using 3 months) no issues

    Very easy service to use. I’ve tried a few services and the installation and use of NordVPN are the best I’ve encountered so far. Does exactly what it is supposed to do and is extremely user-friendly.

  4. I am sorry to tell you that I have been cheated again and have not yet received it. Just now I tried to contact customer support again, customer support told me that I still need to wait 2-5 business days. I am very angry.
    NordVPN is a fraudulent company, there is no refund service at all, they will only tell you, wait until you lose patience. Yes. I promise to God that everything I say is true.
    Douglas Crawford You should disguise as a new customer, once again evaluate Nord’s integrated services, as an excellent VPN evaluation site

    I will not contact them anymore, I feel like a fool.

    1. If they want to refund, only need 1 hour, and I was silly to be a refund of a lie to deceive for 7 days. Maybe they do not care about me a user, but later in the Chinese market, as long as I see someone mentioned NordVPN, I will tell my experience to them. As long as I found the Chinese site recommended NordVPN, I will go to report. Because China prohibits VPN

    2. Hi, we can only assure you that you will receive your refund. Refund must be processed by the payment provider and that takes some time, depending on the payment method you used. Refunds via Bitcoin must be processed by Bitpay, we have already issued your money back on our end and as soon as Bitpay processes it – money will reach your wallet.

    3. Today, I received a refund, though not enough, but I received it.
      9 days time 7 times contact, bad experience.
      I think it is because of the complaints here, it played a role.
      Thank u, Douglas Crawford

    Awesome price for premium service. I get really good speeds overall and I’m extremely satisfied by this service. Their live support is great – they replied me even on weekend and solved my problem.

  5. Bad service, my refund request has gone 5 days, customer support every time in perfunctory me, I have 3 times consultation, still did not receive a refund, terrible! I only used it for 1 day and I told client support that I was willing to pay for 3 days, although the refund was supported, but so far I have not received my money.Douglas Crawford, I hope you have a real rating, it The integrated service should not get 10 points out of the box.

    Follow-up, I will report the final refund results.

    1. Hi ms wei,

      I agree that NordVPN’s customer service could be better, but it is usually good at honoring its money back guarantee.

    2. Hi ms wei,
      we are very sorry for whatever has happened. It would be great if you could provide us with your ticket ID and our team will get back and resolve any ongoing issue right away.

    3. my Nord id is
      Yesterday I contacted customer support for the sixth time and still told me to receive a refund within 24 hours. This is the third time I have received a refund within 24 hours. I am using BTC to pay, but as of today, my wallet address is still valid. Unfortunately I still did not receive, I even wanted to give up.
      I think that the evaluation of the user rating should be true, so I think 10 points is not accurate. At least the score of the integrated service should not be a full score.

    This VPN was one of the best all the time. After releasing Chrome extension it became the best without any compromise. Love it!

    Just found out their new feature – product – extension for google chrome browser and it’s really cool, because it maximizes your browsing speed near to ISP. Overall NordVPN performs for me great. I got on average 85 – 90 Mbps DL speed on 100 Mbps line so I think it’s nice results for the desktop. On iOS I’m getting even better speed. They are not promoting proactively, but still they work accessing US Netflix (also works with mobiles what is cool, because you don’t need to connect your router or configure TV I just share it through apple TV.
    Overall it the best choice for clever price.

  6. in china,dont use Nordvpn,

    The VyprVPN will keep the log, so I moved to NordVPN because I see the comment is excellent.
    NordVPN application has a bad interface, there is no Chinese support, you do not know which server is faster, and will drop.
    Even worse, although nodrvpn shows the connection status, but the use of the process, suddenly dropped, and other garbage like VPN, God, actually dropped, dropped, yes, this will reveal my real Of the IP.
    Speed is also very slow I tried connecting to the nearest JP, TW, and Europe, USA. The speed is slow, averaging only 15-20kb.
    VyprVPN interface is very simple, and a look can understand that I should choose which server to connect.
    I will never use NordVPN again and I will continue to look for new VPN vendors.

    1. After my communication, my refund request was agreed, although my personal experience was very bad. But can not say Nordvpn is not good, so only for users in China, need to be carefully considered.

    2. Hi Jack,

      Hmm. The NordVPN software does have a kill switch, so you should not be exposed if the connection dropped. Have you tried using its obfsproxy setting, which should help if the connection was deliberately cut?

    NordVPN provides reliable service and I am happy they are improving all the time. Since I’ve signed in half year ago – server volume has doubled and keeps growing.

    Connection speed is incredible and there is no big difference if you connect to your home country or overseas server. Personally, I don’t feel any difference in speed while with Nord and without.
    Give a try to this service.

    Found NordVPN to be the best mix for security and entertainment as it’s out of 14 – eyes with no logs and great performance. Big advantage it is still working accessing Netflix, HBO, BBC while other services are struggling and also that it’s friendly with torrenting without any bandwidth limits. Encryption has minor impact on speed though they are using AES 256. Also I haven’t experienced often connection drops or other problems like IPv6 or WebRTC leaks.

  7. Sorry Doug, but I must disagree with this review. My experience was exactly like the review at already mentioned. Constant disconnects makes Nord useless. I opened a ticket with them but support was not helpful. Their answer – try a different server. Did that for three weeks. Then their answer was – try different device. Tried with 6 different devices of all types. Not sure how many other devices to try with. I gave up eventually and went to VPNArea which has been stable. For me anyway, Nord did not deliver the promised services and will not refund any of my money. Suppose people will need to draw their own conclusions.

    1. Hi Macintosh,

      I’m sorry that you have had a bad experience. I can only review a service as I find it, however, and I did not suffer any connection issues…

    2. This site is just a shill of VPNArea or perfect privacy. I’ve used NordVPN, but after my subscription ended I trusted these idiots and went with Perfect Privacy. What a mistake I made… Service was terribly slow, couldn’t access Netflix, I asked for a refund (I was totally eligible as per they money back guarantee) and they just evaded my requests. Angry as hell, I decided to dig a bit about these “unbiased, honest reviewers” (or at least this is how they are positioning themselves). Here’s what I’ve found: they talk a lot about transparency and shit, however they state that they are located at this address: 1712 Pioneer Ave Ste 500 Cheyenne WY 82001. This single address in a town of 60 000 people holds more than 2000 companies. It is suspicious at the very least. Now, try reading their reviews. All of them. These reviews are full of double standards, applied as they see fit. Popular providers are purposely underrated and vice versa. They are definitely a project, funded by Perfect Privacy or another VPN provider and this project is only built to talk shit and make customers suspicious. To sum up – I went back to Nord. No IP leaks, no WebRTC leaks, no IPv6 leaks, speed is normal, servers are not overloaded and there are thousands of them. My advice – test services before using and go with the one that suits you best.

      1. Hi GoldNote,

        I think you must be confusing us with another website. We do not recommend Perfect Privacy on any of our web pages. We do have Perfect Privacy Review which is now over two years old. Although a positive review, we have added the following disclaimer to it:

        It has come to our attention that some of those involved in founding and running Perfect Privacy were, in 2012, involved in legal proceedings in Germany and Austria in connection with alleged involvement in far-right political groups and spreading Neo-Nazi propaganda. Some of these individuals received prison sentences as a result, but it is not clear to what level they were involved in Perfect Privacy itself, and neither is it clear what the current status or political affiliation of Perfect Privacy’s leadership may be. When questioned on the topic (Google Translate), Robert M. from Perfect Privacy stated only that “Perfect Privacy has never had a rightist background and has always been politically neutral”.

        That is also not our address. is a British company.

    1. Hi dave,

      Different reviewers will, of course, often come to different conclusions. To address some points raised in that review, however:

      – In my tests I detected no WebRTC leaks. As noted above, I am currently unable to test for IPv6 leaks.
      – NordVPN has worked hard to improve its network over this last year. As you can see from the test results above, I founds speed performance to be very good (but I have heavily criticized NordVPNs performance in the past). Neither did I suffer any connection issues when using the service.
      – I agree that customer service could be better.

    Tons of servers so it’s easy to find the best one for you. They have recently updated app so I’ve found very comfortable to list servers which are closest to you or least loaded or just by alphabetical order if you have your favorite

    My favorite VPN provider. Found it has the best value for money as premium VPN. No problems at all so far.

    One of the most highly rated VPNs out there. They really do go above and beyond to secure your information.

    Before NordVPN I was using one of the best rated vpn provider but their speeds recently went down dramatically and contacting customer support hasn’t helped at all. After switching to NordVPN I’m so happy with the results. I bought a 2 year subscription and the speed, customer service, quality and price is excellent.

    Between March and May this service was very good. June rolled around and something changed, the servers would just kill the data stream while remaining connected. sometimes it would take hours, other times minutes. some days the service is unusable as the loss of data stream would be so frequent nothing was usable. I have a ticket with Nord over 120 entries long, all I get is continuous change of techs who do not read the thread and request what has already been done. the replies from tech are now averaging over a week. between friends and family whom I recommended Nord to, 9 in all, we are all experiencing the same problem. this ranges from Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara Ontario, Oregon, Arizona, Florida, and West Virginia, and all but one have open tickets, Nord says I’m the only one with this problem.

    Really?? even when I send them the ticket numbers of the others they insist I’m the only one. I got a 3 day trial with HMA 2 weeks ago and did not have a single loss of the data stream. same with IPVanish last week, so the problem is with Nord AFAIC. Nord does not the will, or expertise to fix this and last week refused to refund the unused part of the 2 years I paid for. they have no phone number and refuse to call, so you are stuck with chats which lead to a waste of time, and their ticket system which they reply to when someone else in their tech team decides to reply (11 to date).

    I have access to 3 different isp services and public wifi, the data stream dies on all, and on all my devices, pc, ipad, iphone, android phone, android box, and xbox.

    I have been with 7 different VPN providers over the years, this one has to be the worst so far. I chose nord because they are away from the 14 eyes, and the 1 month I took before signing up for 2 years was flawless.

    Low price, a lot of features, speeds above average, security – over it. So far haven’t experienced any cons

    Have everything I could expect from good VPN. Keeping in mind its price – even more.

    I had my own way to test vpn’s – so I’ve contacted several services customers service with quite a simple question. From Nord I got an answer within seconds while with others I had to wait for a long time. Some of them answered just after a few days.

    As I haven’t got any issues (it was easy to start using on all platforms) can’t say anything about support, but everything else just great!

    Using more than a month and so far satisfied. No noticeable speed drops browsing or torrenting.

    Using to access streaming services from Asia. Don’t have anything to complain about. A few weeks ago I was in Beijing and it works without issues.

    I have just noticed that NordVPN has more servers than ExpressVPN (Nord 1100+ vs. Express +1000). Don’t have anything to complain about for Nord and my recommendation is to give a try them – they have improved significantly!

    I’m more than 7 months with them and they did huge step improving this vpn service. Think they are pretending to #1 seriously. Don’t have anything to complain about.

  8. I’ve just extended my subscription for 1 years. I like how this service improves day by day. It deserved to be ranked #1 keeping in mind security level, performance and price.

    Thank You guys for a great job!
    My review of Nord sounds like this :))
    Price – really really great;
    Features – really really perfect;
    Reliability – really great;
    Speed – really nice;
    Customer care – I’m not sure because I’ve just contacted for the server list to watch Netflix on mobile but guy I was talking was REALLY pleasant 🙂
    Sorry for so much REALLY, I’m just laughing at the previous comment – I know you work a lot that all comments would be unique.

    I was THIS close to signing up for NordVPN, when I realized just how many fake reviews they’ve planted on here. Notice how many reviews in the same broken English say it is “really great”, “really perfect”, “really works,” “really satisfied”, “really doing great”, “really nice”, “really pleasant”?

    Go ahead–do a CTRL-F on this page and search for “really.” Scroll through and take note. No NordVPN for me, and shame on for turning a blind eye and allowing this. I now no longer trust this site for suggestions on any of the services. Really.

    1. Hi NoReally,

      As moderator, I do try to weed out what are clearly fake comments on our review pages if they are too obvious. The comments on this page have not set of any alarm bells for me, but everyone is, of course, entitled to come to their own conclusions. I will just note, however, that in general, NordVPN is very well regarded here at

    2. If you wanna know how looks REALLY VERY fake reviews – just visit for example pure’s dashboard on Trustpilot or similar sites :)))

    3. I agree that many of the comments here contain the same adjectives (“really”) similar syntax, similar grammatical errors and a strange selection of names that are chosen to indicate that the posters’ native language is English, when it clearly is not. This is certainly suspicious, although it doesn’t necessarily mean that NordVPN is a bad service. I am seeing a similar pattern in comments on other sites.

    4. Really ? oh come on, Really …
      I agree with you NoReally .. Way to many “Really`s” for my liking..
      I did a CTRL-F and found 63 of them..I think I use the word maybe 4 times a month LOL
      Just look at the one above this comment :
      ” Price – really really great;
      Features – really really perfect;
      Reliability – really great;
      Speed – really nice; ”
      Thank you for bringing this to my attention .
      Saying that I do find this site very informative and will still probably go with Nord because of the No Logs they claim ..That is more important to me then most of what a VPN can do.

    After comparing and testing several VPNs I’ve come up with the choice of NordVPN. It’s great they have tech support via live chat 24/7 because when you have a problem you want to fix it immediately, not after waiting twenty-four hours or even longer. Maybe I’m lucky but I was connected to really a friendly and helpful guy.

    I love their new feature CyberSec. It feels like NordVPN boosts my connection speed. Of course, I understand this is because it looks so because ads are not loaded, many of them in fact. Also it’s great they started to work in China, definitely will recommend my friends in Beijing to try them.

    I tied NordVPN after another VPN which was far away from what are advertise and what speaks many reviews. With this one I’m really satisfied. And don’t think that issue with support should be the main reason not to put this VPN in top free. P.S.I was disappointed with one of them.

    Newbie but it works like you could expect could work the best ranking vpn. From UK have excellent speed with US servers so I’m enjoying US Netflix and asked support guys for servers to get it on mobile – works also.

    Overall NordVPN keeps great balance between security and performance. Speed – I was impressed, especially after reading some negative comments. I performs really well doing all activities (browsing, downloading torrents). Connection stability – also good. Customer care – also good. Contacted for small issue and got answer instead. The only thing not sure about – new feature CyberSec, think they need to improve it more.

    I have recently subscribed and using it for a week now and I like NordVPN a lot. I got really good speeds downloading torrents which are quite the same like without it. And I disagree with terrible support, I had issue due they new feature CyberSec and guys solved that issue in a seconds and where really pleasant

  9. I have been a NordVPN customer for slightly less than a month and I’m impressed with the speed of some of their servers. With the previous VPN service provider, I can hardly get above 800kbs for 1 or 2 files while downloading a few files at the same time. With NordVPN, I would sometimes get up to 4Mbps for 1 file and the rest at above 500kbps.

    As for customer service support, I am quite pleased with their responses so far and I would say it is not as bad as some of the reviews. Having said that, they can certainly improve further to gain the competitive edge.

    NordVPN really works in China. It really doing great and at the moment somewhere they’re ranking #1 soon it will be everywhere i Think. Personally my experience is positive and I’m happy with them.

    Just tried new NordVPN feature CyberSec. So far it’s just beta testing but it really works and blocks all ads, tracking, banners. Really happy with their service!
    Overall it performs really great and works as described.

  10. Big scam. How many times do they promise you a 30 day money back guarantee? Ever tried to get it?

    You won’t. They will take your money, and you are screwed. Try opening a ticket and they will ignore you, and send you form replies.

    The only thing they are good at is CREDIT CARD FRAUD and paying for fake reviews on sites like this.

    1. Hi Nylarathotep, accepts payment in order to perform reviews, but as even a cursory look through our reviews will show, this in no way influences their content. Our reviews are impartial – this is a core principle behind this website, and our reputation relies on it. As you can see from this reviews, I also had problems with NordVPN’s support, but I think you have been very unfortunate in your experiences.

    I’m with Nord for a while and could state they are improving their service day by day by adding lots of new servers, improving app, adding new features, latest news – they started work in China, of course so far they are working just on windows but I strongly believe it’s just a matter of couple of weeks

    I like this service a lot. As much as I have tried different one’s it performs at the moment really great. Apps are really easy to setup and use. All features works as described.

    Bought to my trip to Europe. Now I’m in Germany and everything works just perfect. Nice speeds, I even don’t feel any impact without testing speeds (my test results are also very good, got just 5 Mbps decrease due to encryption. All features works as described, kill switch is very useful while you’re torrenting, because here it’s like strictly forbidden. Netflix also works on both desktop and mobile. Not sure about other streaming services because haven’t tried yet.

    Very disappointed with trying Nord as I could not connect to anything right from the start so decided to change the DNS servers both within the client and on my computer and nothing worked. Did not wait for a reply from customer service. Also, do not care much about that fancy looking map with the locations scattered all around as a simpler looking client (like IVPN) is preferred with a simple list of servers (nothing more or less is all that is required) and my particular experience with Nord was not a good one, unfortunately.

    1. Whatever vpn app you use there is some problems that users might face. In case of trouble there are always help to get through live chat.
      If you cannot get connection from one server, try another server.
      I suggest you contact nordvpn with live chat

    I have tried number of vpn’s and personally for me it performs the best (located in Europe). Performance depends on many factors so maybe it’s fortuity I got best results with it, but so far I’m really satisfied.

    As far I’m using it it works really good. Don’t want to agree about terrible support, because my experience are totally different. Very pleasant stuff and i have insight that they really know what they are doing.

    Great speed, works accessing US Netflix and BBC iPlayer, haven’t noticed any connection drops neither on desktop nor on iOS. It’s not really relevant for majority but also it’s great it started to work in China so you don’t need to search for alternatives if there is must to travel there. Haven’t contacted customer support, but hope it good like whole service

    App is really easy to use and service performs really nice. Could confirm that speeds are really good. Can’t say much about customer support because had just small issues and they have solved them immediately, want to believe it was just eventuality for you they hadn’t solved problem.

  11. I cancelled NordVPN service because of continued problems with connection speeds and reliability, and, in particular, their Windows 10 software. I have the latest Windows 10 and Microsoft Surface Book. I kept having difficulty getting the software to launch: virtually always required at least 2 attempts. I did clean re-installs, removed TAP adapters and the rest, no help. Combined with poor reliability in UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, and so on, decided to cancel. Android worked fine mostly. I have to say their service is far below par. Do not expect any help from there.

    Was a little bit cautious at the beginning due to reviews I’ve read they are facing problems with support and speed issues, but after trial pick up a 2y subscription. So far performs really great, have minimum impact on speed, works with Netflix and as much as i have tested with haven’t got issues with IPv6 leak.

    1. Hi Shelly,

      As you should be able to see, this review is being updated as I write. NordVPN seems to have fixed its speed and IPv6 issues, which is great. It also says that it has been working hard on improving its customer support, but I had a sub-optimal experience of it in this last week.

    Just came back from China and want to confirm NordVPN works perfect there. Really happy I went with this service. So far my experience just positive and it performs really great!

    What I found really attractive with NordVPN is it have very user friendly interface and large selection of servers (they have just announced have 1000+ servers). And what i really like a lot it’s streaming services. P2p also works well. So far hadn’t got any issues

    Using while on business trips mostly in eastern Europe and have great experience. Really great performance with local and US servers. It’s also great I could access Netflix, Hulu and many other.

    Took a 3 days trial after my previous service subscription has expired and in my opinion it was too expensive looking at its performance at the moment (in my opinion it became oversubscribed). Found out NordVPN performs quite good, speed drop is reasonable, apps easy to use, it have all features i need and even more, haven’t detected any leaks and also liked a lot smartplay. Have contacted support for some extra information and felt also satisfied with customer service.

    I was impressed with speeds! I’ve reached near 90Mbps with US servers using 100Mbps line located in Europe! Thanks NordVPN! Great job!

    Switch to this VPN after have read my former VPN could leak data due to some technical issues on their side. First impression is good enough. Speed drop just around 10% what is reasonable keeping in mind it uses AES256 encryption while my previous vpn had even larger drop with AES128. Customer support also very helpful. Think they have improved well from review, because I had positive impression. Also I was impressed that Netflix works on all US servers and there is no need to search exclusive like in previous one. So far I like NordVPN a lot!

    Currently running them in Germany, works really well, nice clients and very minimal speed drop when connected, maybe only around 5%

    I’ve recently switched to NordVPN from other top listed VPN because I’ve tired of each time spent tens of minutes searching witch US server still support Netflix. So far I’m satisfied because all servers I’ve tried supports streaming, there are a lot of servers so haven’t noticed problems with speed now.

  12. And forgot to mention that I’ve checked several times for example at and haven’t detected any IPv6 leak so Douglas with all respect to You, think should update your review because now you are a little bit misleading your visitors

    1. Hi Warner,

      NordVPN has, indeed, now implemented IPv6 leak protection. I can’t test this for myself at the moment, but have updated the article to reflect this development. Thanks for letting me know.

    Tons of servers all around the world. Bought to access US Netflix while on trips in Europe, but after senate let ISP to sell data using all the time. App works stable, haven’t noticed connection drops, speeds are also fine in US and in Europe

    After reading a lot of reviews gave a try to NordVPN because it was ranked in many sites #2 like the best quality and price option and I’m totally satisfied so far with all features and the app. Using all the time on all devices, haven’t noticed any drops so far.

  13. Tried this VPN after another service didn’t deliver on it’s promises of speed and stability. After the one month trial period during which you can ask for a return, speeds and stability were significantly reduced. Didn’t change any settings in any of the three computers I tried, and the internet connection was rock solid and speedy when the VPN service was not used. Tried different servers to no avail. Asked for tech support, who gave me the usual “try this protocol and these changes” etc. even though I told them nothing changed in my computer configuration. Asked for a refund and was of course reminded that the trial period was over and that they couldn’t issue a refund.

    1. Hi Ed,

      As I note in this review, even during my testing period I found speeds to be an issue. And as you can see, I was less than impressed by the support provided.

    After a trial of few top rated vpns finally satisfied with this one. Good balance between price, performance and price. Apps are really easy to use, good performance on desktop and iOS. So far hadn’t any issues so can’t say much about support, but hope they will help me set up OVPN to get connected in China so rating in advance.

  14. I’ve been trying NordVPN for almost a month now but I’m not sure if I want to continue with it. In many ways it’s far better than the 3 or 4 I’ve used in the past several years, and when using OpenVPN it gave no problems, was fast, there were no leaks on the several tests out there (dnsleaktest, ipleak, doileak, etc). But the technical help is very poor. I spent several hours today trying to get their IKEv2/IPsec installed. There’s a link to install the certificate and “root.der” file, which simply didn’t work on Firefox or Chrome, and during about half a dozen email exchanges no-one told me what the live chat guy did, that I had to use MS Internet Explorer (which I hate!). OK so I got the link, got the network, adapter changes etc all working, and connected (eventually!). And Lo! I had leaks galore and several different IP’s identified (apart from the single one that should only have been there!) At that point I gave up trying, and thought OK, i’ll try to set up VPN for my NAS, which is a Synology box. Again, they take you quite easily up to a certain point and lull you into a false sense you’re getting somewhere, and then, wham!, they leave you with some really techie thing to do without a word of explanation. “Open your favourite SSH writer” it said, so OK I managed to download such a thing after a StartPage search but I couldn’t work out how to use it. My feeling about their Help, tutorials, and general info is that they start you out on a path, and then leave you in the middle of a desert, or thick forest, without a map. Do I really want so many protocols? I don’t have a use for P2P, I don’t see any advantage in the Double VPN thing, I wouldn’t use their onion (pseudo-Tor) thingy (is it really secure? If I was going to use it, I’d use Tails, but I don’t want that either). So maybe ExpressVPN? Hmm… I don’t think the Br Vir Is thing puts me off — after all, I could take out a sub for a year in some “safe” country, to find after a month or two that it had now joined “Fifteen or Sixteen Eyes”. Nothing lost giving it a month’s trial (even if their 3-month free if you take out a year sub is rather tempting …) Thanks for all your extremely helpful reviews and notes about online safety, security etc. I’ve spent several days reading my way around. Cheers!

    1. Hi Brian,

      I’m with you on the double VPN and the Tor thing (TAILS or just the Tor browser is more secure). Admittedly I have no need for IKEv2 and don’t (usually) ran a NAS, so I didn’t encounter your issues while reviewing the service. I think you’ll like ExpressVPN, though. It is rather good.

    2. Thanks Douglas, I’m seriously considering ExpressVPN — I have to say again, because I looked in my old external hard drive (at what I glorifyingly call my ‘Archive, LOL), and I see that I had subscribed to Exp.VPN 3 years ago (and had almost forgotten) but I also saw that I’d cancelled and got my money back (as you report, without quibble), but unfortunately I did not make a note as to *why* I’d unsubscribed, and what there was about it that I hadn’t liked. I can’t remember (and don’t want to spend time looking now) if they do a month’s sub, but if they do, I’ll take it, if not will do 6/12 and if I’m not happy with it, will (again!) ask for a refund. If OpenVPN is good enough for most people, including techies like you, it’s good enough for me! Cheers.

      1. Hi Bian,

        Watch out for my soon-to-be-published Complete VPN Encryption Guide, in which I explain why I (and most experts) consider OpenVPN to be the best VPN protocol available.

    I’m new to VPN’s so was impressed the ease of app and whole service. Now using on all my devices, really stable and satisfied with speeds also so far haven’t noticed any speed drops

    Nord has added a lot of new servers so now no speed drops at all!!! Excellent easy to use service now.

    I’ve just run speedtest on Germany server and got ~40Mbps what is near my ISP speed, so personally I’m satisfied with this service.

  15. I’m using nordVPN since early January 2017. Unfortunately, I’ve sunscribed for two years getting their “Christmas” discounted offer. Speed has always been a problem. Worked well during the first 30 days (until the Get-Maney-Back limit was reached), then I experienced several issues. Certain days speed is so slow that I can’t open a webpage (except maybe the simplest one). Changing server does not help much. Their support always answers with obvious solutions (e.g. – you’ve a trojan, or get another server, or get a server near to your location, etc. etc.).
    I submit instead the problem is theirs and that it’a a matter of overall bandwidth as, at night, at least here in Europe, servers suddenly work faster, just to return slow again in the morning.
    Conclusion: money thrown away.

    1. Hi Angelo,

      I think there is much to recommend NordVPN, but I believe your conclusions regarding it speed performance mirror my own.

  16. Using NordVPN for over 2 months on all my devices. So far I have found speeds to be reasonably fast. Streaming youtube(HD and 4k), browsing the web and downloading large files seem to be speedy with no lag.
    I do however, experience an internet dropout when using their IKEv2 protocol on my android device via Strongswan. When my phone’s screen is off for over 30mins, the internet is drops. This does not happen when I use their official application.

  17. Enjoying this service much. All gets A+ from my experience. Maybe they had some issues in the past but it’s worth to try it.

  18. What are your impressions of the ios version? My iPhone seems to disconnect the VPN as soon as it goes into auto-lock. After unlocking, I have no internet connection until the phone connects to the VPN. It looks like this is their “Kill Switch”. The problem is that even when the iphone is locked, i’m still able to receive push notification for example from messangers app etc. It seems that there is no VPN protection all the time.

    Is the situation the same for all VPN providers? I am close to the end of my annual subscription and I am seriously thinking about changing the service provider.

    1. Hi Jack,

      So… runs a central office, but also employs some of its staff on a freelance remote-worker basis. This includes many of our reviewers, and myself. BestVPN does not currently have the resources to equip all our remote workers with a full selection of Windows, Linux, iOS, MacOS and Android devices, so reviews are performed on the devices we have. And I do not have an iOS device.

      The problems you describe most certainly should not be happening. And I do not suffer these issues on my Android devices. The best thing I can suggest is, when your subscription runs out, to try a couple of other VPN services (ExpressVPN, for example, offers 30-day no-quibble money back guarantee). You can test to see how they compare with NordVPN and whether their iOS apps suffer the same problems.

  19. Maybe I’m just lucky guy, but I’ve got great support help, totally satisfied with their work. Everything else also good so far.

  20. Bought after congress let ISP to sell browsing history. First sights – app very easy to use, stability is just awesome – connected on my iOS 2 days ago and still no connection drop! Speeds for my usual activities are pretty good, i get about 50Mbps, of course sometimes you have to search for server which is not overcrowded

  21. Just bought. I’m happy with everything. Found out this weekend there are a lot of not overcrowded servers in US where i got ~50Mbps. (Comment slightly edited to remove promo code – sorry!)

    • Not Rated

    speed could be better – webrtc toll would be fine, ipv6 leaks repaired … for that price it’s ok; if i would have to hide something i would change the vendor

  22. speed could be better … but for that price … it’s ok, if i would have more speed, i would change to another vendor

    Excellent VPN, avec un super cryptage, plein de fonctionnalités et il marche avec Netflix et BBC. La top classe

    I’m for a month with NordVPN and think will stay with it. Located in Europe and pretty happy with speeds, have about 50Mbps

    Don’t know what these guys are doing, but i reach quite the same speed like my ISP and i’m paying amusing price i could say for the whole what i get

    Using frequently, mostly in UK and eastern Europe. Never had any issues with speed drops or accessing Netflix, Hulu or other services. So far enjoying it a lot.

  23. NordVPN must experience some serious problem with their network, nowadays, e.g. they’re facing some heavy bottleneck (too many new subscriptions?), and they’re forced to use some kind of bandwidth limitation intentionally limiting download speeds. These have dramatically collapsed (at least here in Europe) starting from mid-March ’17. The network is presently unusable (avg. speed 0 kbps).

    1. Hi, had very similar issue as yours so I talked with someone over the live chat, techs suggested to try different servers and now all seems to be good. People seem to prefer one server over others and that probably impacts the experience. Try contacting their support if the problem still persist, regardless these mixed experiences mentioned in the review, they ended up being very helpful, at least for me. Hope they will solve your problem.

  24. Speeds are a major issue. It seems to me that traffic is heavily limited during the days, but left “free” at night, at least here in Europe (Italy, actually). During daytime it even happens that NordVPN’s client “loses” connection to his server, and you’re left unprotected – You usually realize this because your navigation suddenly becomes fast!

    Tried and left satisfied. haven’t detected any ipv6 leak, i think nord have already fixed that issue, so this cons should be crossed out.
    Also I’ve stayed comfortable with support, got quick tutorial how to solve my problem.

    Using mostly in europe to access US content. Haven’t got any problems yet.
    Checked several times for Ip leak, but haven’t detected it anytime, su i think this problem have been already fixed up.
    The only thing is sometimes the speed is a little bit slower when you auto-connect to any server with active p2p client, paying no attention if the server supports p2p and you’re redirected, but after a few attempts to different servers – the problem disappears.

    Using for a while, so can’t resist to say that the whole product are improving very well.
    very good price/quality ratio in my opinion.
    i’ve updated the app and now there are very convenient option to choose the activity by what are you going to do and you are connected to the fastest server.
    Maybe i hadn’t got any serious issues, but can’t say anything bad about the customer service, stayed happy with support.

  25. I have a nordvpn subscription now for half a year and can agree with the cons.
    When contacting the support team i really think they only read half the mails i send and their reply does not solve any problem.
    The app, after updating,now does not work properly on my wetek hub.
    The version before 1.8.1 (current version) did work properly on wetek hub, and was fine for example to pair on openload.
    This was the first version of the app that worked properly on wetek hub but after updating to 1.8.1 it does not work fine.
    On a android smartphone the app works very good.

    I have been using NordVPN for 2 months now.
    1. I use a Microsoft Office business account with Outlook going to their exchange server, and NordVPN does not allow Outlook to connect. I have to turn it off to get my email. This is a killer. Their support guy told me to ask Microsoft to change their server settings. Yeah, like that’s going to work.
    2. The speed variability is also killer. If I don’t shut it off for Outlook, I shut it off because it’s become way way intolerably slooooow. It works great at 4am. But good luck mid day.
    3. UDP has never worked. When I first got NordVPN and it would not connect to anything. I talked to support and they walked me thru switching to their app to TCP. I’ve retried UDP after various updates and it still does not work.
    4. There is no function to look across the various servers to see which has fastest. I’ve tried to sequentially connect to one, test it with speedtest, and move to another. If only a few of the servers were overloaded, this might be tolerable if a fast one was quickly found, but alas, the hit ratio is non-existent–there are simply too many crawling servers to ever find that needle in the haystack.
    5. I think their answer to the IPV6 leak (configure your OS with IPV6 turned off) is absurd. They need to fix this.

    This is my first experience with a service like this and, given the high ranking of NordVPN in the reviews, wow must these services be universally awful.

    1. Hi John,

      As I think this review makes clear, there are problems with NordVPN. The fact that is based in Panama has in the past led many of our staff to rank it highly, but this is something we are going to pull back on in the future. NordVPN does have much to recommend it, but there are are better services out there.

      1. I’m afraid I don’t use Outook, so did not encounter this problem. My guess is that is has to do with the NordVPN software’s firewall…
      2. I agree.
      3. All I can say is that UPD worked find for me (and the above speed tests were performed using UDP).
      4. That would indeed be a useful feature, although (as far as I can tell) selecting a country will auto-connect you to the fastest server in that country.
      6. Agreed.

      I’ll just note that the star rating on this review was mistakenly left over from an earlier review. I have now downgraded the score to better reflect my feelings about NordVPN. There are some great VPN services out there, but NordVPN has some work to do before it can be considered one of them.

    2. I must say I had a similar issue as you, contacted NordVPN’s support and they said that SMTP 25 port is closed to prevent spamming through their servers. I had to change that port manually in order to fix the issue. Although I was using my personal email client, you should check Microsoft Exchange Server Manager and use it in order to change the port there.

      Other than that, I’ve never had any of your issues. I work in IT for almost ten years and my network is tweaked more than a bit, nevertheless, service seems to adopt just fine. IPv6 is not leaking through any of their apps, speed is usually around 50 Mbps, so there’s my two cents:)

      Oh, if UDP is not working, then that means that you have issues with your firewall. Open UDP 1194 port.

    Had no serious issues with the service so far. The only thing is that sometimes I need to try few different servers until I find a fastest one, however usually after few attempts I am able to max out my connection. Apart from that – great!

    After almost two month of use I can compliment NordVPN. The only problem I had was a drastic battery drain on an Android app and it is now resolved. I have contacted support team and they said that team is working on the issue. Honestly, I hardly believed that and BAM – they fixed it. Love the service now.

    Worst customer service ever. Subscribed and cancelled the same day, 1 hour apart. We are now 10 days later, still no confirmation of cancellation and no refund. They say it might take another few weeks! It takes them forever to respond to my emails and they say it is because of my bank that it takes so long… bullsh*t! But it took them only one day to charge my mastercard! These people don’t deserve your money, take your business elsewhere!

  26. I have read through all of these messages, and there are a few topics that need clarification, at least for me. Here we go….

    1. IP leaks. After being alerted to the IPv6 leaks, you replied that you HAD, in fact, detected an IPv6 leak, and that you had contacted NordVPN about it. Has NordVPN done anything to address the problem? If not, can I fully trust NordVPN to conceal and protect my actual IP address while running a P2P program? This sounds like a serious vulnerability to me.

    1a. IPv6 Leaks. I don’t understand what you meant by saying “Unfortunately, most ISPs still do not support IPv6….. which makes performing IPv6 leak tests tricky.” Please explain.
    How did you run the test successfully?

    1b. Can you tell me where and how, or suggest a reliable link, where I can run tests for any and all leaks? (DNS, WebRTC, IPv4, IPv6, others?).

    1c. ‘Alex’ wrote on 11/4/16 that he thoroughly checked for DNS, IPV4, IPV6 and WebRTC leaks and nothing is showing. But he said that he had disabled WebRTC IPv6 from his machine. Is that risky? Are other programs affected? How is that even done? What are the drawbacks, there’s gotta be some!
    And finally, what method was used to thoroughly check for these leaks?

    2. Why is it being said that NordVPN support is basically non-existent? Do you provide an online chat, or an 800 number when issues inevitably arise? Or is there just an email address where I have to wait for help?

    3. Wanted to confirm that NordVPN has an automatic kill switch? Messages indicate it does. How do you “check for it” as one writer suggests?

    4. Will I be able to select the locations of the server I will use? Am I sent to the best option automatically? Another VPN made me sign off & back on to select a specific location.

    Thank you for reading my concerns. Sorry for being so long-winded. I am ready to buy, but not until I have complete info, just like everyone here.

    You have my email address, I submitted it with this msg. If you prefer you can reply to my questions directly by email, or here in this forum if you prefer, or both. I’d prefer email, but it’s your call.
    Thanks again!

    1. Hi R R P,

      1. NordVPN responded by pointing us to this article. As I also replied to Anonymous Coward on this thread, do not consider this an adequate response. Most VPN users will not check to see if they have an IPv6 leak, and then search for solution hidden deep in NordVPN’s support database. They will instead blithely leak their real IP address for all the old to see, and not be aware of the issue.

      Most VPN apps from other providers these days at least disable IPv6. That NordVPN’s does not is a major problem. We have contacted NordVPN to let it know our feelings on this matter.

      1a. Many of’s reviewers work from home using connections from ISPs that do not support IPv6. On my newer reviews, at least, I always note this, and state that I was unable to test for IPv6 leaks because of it. We are aware that this is an issue, and are working on fixing it. is now looking into leasing an IPv6-capable line into our central office. Reviewers will then be able to remote-access this in order to run proper IPv6 tests.

      1b. now supports IPv6 leak tests, and is IMO by far the best one-stop-shop for IP leak detection when using a VPN.

      1c. Given that most home users at this point do not even have IPv6 available from their ISPs, disabling IPv6 does little harm at the present time. In fact, disabling IPv6 is what I and officially recommend. It is also what most VPN clients do, but I also recommend manually disabling in your OS. Just in case.

      As use of IPv6 becomes more popular, disabling IPv6 may become more problematic. Good news, though, is that the new “official” open source OpenVPN supports IPv6 properly, so expect to see better support for IPv6 from providers moving forward (since most custom VPN clients are built on top of the official open source code).

      Please see here for a discussion on the subject, here for instructions on how to disable IPv6 in your OS, and here for my Complete Guide to IP leaks.

      2. As you can see from this review, this is not our experience. But I’m sure for JP it was.

      3. The NordVPN desktop client includes an automatic kill switch. I don’t think this is also true for its mobile apps. The only only way I know to test it is to kill the app suddenly (in Windows right-click icon in the Task Bar -> Exit). If the kill switch is working then you should no longer be able to access the internet until to reset your DNS settings.

      4. You can select server location.

      I have replied here because the answers may by helpful to other readers.

  27. Be careful, nordvpn is leaking ipv6 address. I tested it with two cabel providers in Germany vodaphone and Unitymedia) who both provide ipv6 and ipv6-test finds me with north VPN on.

    1. Hi Martin,

      Thanks for letting us know. Unfortunately, most ISPs still do not support IPv6. This is an issue which affects most of our reviewers, and which makes performing IPv6 lkeak tests tricky. We _have_ now performed an IPv6 leak test for NordVPN, and I can confirm that we detected an IPv6 leak. We have contacted NordVPN about this.

        1. Hi Anonymous Coward (love the name!),

          Yes. NordVPN has also pointed us to that page. I do not, however, consider this an adequate response. Most VPN users will not check to see if they have an IPv6 leak, and then search for solution hidden deep in NordVPN’s support database. They will instead blithely leak their real IP address for all the old to see, and not be aware of the issue.

          Most VPN apps from other providers these days at least disable IPv6. That NordVPN’s does not is a major problem. We have contacted NordVPN to let it know our feelings on this matter.

    No problems with the service whatsoever. Well, maybe Android app drains battery a bit too much, but other than that – reliable nice service.

  28. Does it’s job well in few clicks.

    Their new app for Windows has greatly improved, comparing to the old one. No more crashes, everything is very smooth and clean. They added enormous amount of servers over the past few months therefore speed has also increased. I have 50 Mbps connection and speed tests shows around 40-45 Mbps most of the time. No DNS or IP leaks, works with all geo-restricted services I need.

    1. Hi Devpn,

      Thanks for letting us know about the improved connection speeds, although we performed extensive test quite recently (early December) and still found speeds to be an issue.

    nord vpn claims to be the best but the truth is it actually doesnt hide your ip like everyone thinks…. if you simply type whats my ip into google while running the crappy coded software and run a torrenting program at the same time which is why half the world wants a vpn, you will find it will reveal your genuine ip and put you at risk!!! should you try to contact them about this issue they will ignore you and another thing about the poorly coded crap is it slows your pc completely!!! I SUGGEST ANYONE THINKING OF BUYING THIS CRAP TO LOOK ELSEWHERE!!!

  29. Over the past few years I tried more than few VPN services. I travel a lot and in order to access my home server I need a static IP, that’s where VPN comes in handy. And Nord does a great job regardless of where I am. What surprised me is that in addition to their security benefits, I was able to access US Netflix from any country I’ve been. This is a very rare bonus now, especially after Netflix started the war with VPN providers. Their apps are great and very easy to use, works on all of my devices.

    I was unable to find any obvious flaws. All in all – happy and recommending these guys to everyone.

    I have to say the NordVPN support is basically non-existent. I have submitted several support requests and the only reply is an automated reply with an ID# inserted as they have received my request. Also, the closest NordVPN severer to my location is ~178miles and my connectivity connection speed is approximately 55% of my ISP connectivity speed. I have tried all the possible Protocol selection and no improvement was noticed. I would not recommend NordVPN at this time unless you are nearby one of the existing NordVPN servers and didn’t require support.

  30. I’m a total newbie to this, so I need something clarified (sorry if it is a dumb-dumb question). So, I’ve read that if one is in the US, it is advisable to pick a service based outside the US to avoid Big Brother’s spying agency (you know the 3 letters). OK, say I pick NordVPN which is based in Panama. Now–at installation you need to pick a server. They are located all over the world. If I pick a US server, presuming the best performance that way, does that put me right back in the same boat of exposing myself to spying by that 3 letter US agency, or is that safe now because I’m using going through the VPN? Or–should I select a server outside the US? Sorry if that’s stupid question with an obvious answer, but I’m new to this and I don’t really know for sure what is obvious and what isn’t. THX in advance!

    1. Hi K.B,

      Assuming that you live in the US, picking a US server will (in general, although other factors apply) provide the best performance. If you are concerned about government spying, however, it is advisable both to use a non-US (or FVEY) based service, and also to use servers located outside these countries.

      1. Thanks so much for your prompt reply, Douglas! That’s what I thought, I just wanted to be sure. If I’m going to follow the recommendations I don’t want to do something stupid and invalidate my effort. Now, I don’t see FVEY at your link. Did you mean FYFY? (Love the glossary!)

        Another question: Are these services dependent on any certain router specs, or do they work through pretty much any relatively modern router/gateway? Thank you again!

        1. Hi K.B.,

          Ah. Yes, sorry. FVEY is an abbreviation of for Five Eyes. It’s my glossary that contains the typo (now fixed). VPN services usually work using a software client. Even moderate-spec smart phones are powerful enough these days to encrypt/decrypt OpenVPN connections with no meaningful slowdown. It _is_ possible to run a VPN client on your router. This has many advantages, but the router’s spec becomes a major factor. Only high-end routers have the processing grunt to handle VPN without badly slowing down your internet connection. Compare, for example, this and this recently reviewed routers.

  31. My favorite VPN. In past month speed has improved greatly, they are adding new servers on weekly basis, apps are great looking and very easy to use. Definitely a great choice!

  32. I enjoy the service. Definitely one of the best I’ve seen. Speed is fine, very easy to use as they have apps for all platforms. But best of all – still works with US Netflix!

  33. The slow speeds are a major concern. On occasion I have experienced speeds as slow as 10% of normal speed. This makes the service worthless in my opinion.

  34. I tried NordVPN and found that I could only use some “leased” servers to access HBO Go. I tried a few and found them too slow to watch a movie without interruptions of the movie stream. I unsubscribed.

    Leave your thoughts and impressions on NordVPN here.

    1. I really like NordVPN. The setup has been idiot-proofed – you can just download it and go (make sure you setup and check the kill-switch if torrenting) – and it works perfectly for my needs. The user-interface is clean and intuitive.

      The only issue I had was that the first P2P server I tried was painfully slow. I just skipped onto another and away I went. The kill-switch works really well and I haven’t had any problems with it at all, and I tested it thoroughly just to be on the safe side. I have also thoroughly checked for DNS, IPV4, IPV6 and WebRTC leaks and nothing is showing through (though nothing would with the latter two as they are disabled by default on my machine).

      They use GoogleDNS to resolve DNS requests, but even then Google does not actually know who you are as your request is coming from a VPN server with a shared IP. Google will also delete identifiable logs after 24-48 hours, but, as I say, even identifiable logs at Google will only direct anyone looking to NordVPN rather than the user.

      So far it has been very reliable too. Very occasionally it will have a little panic attack and reconnect and disconnect rapidly for a minute or so, but those seem to sort themselves out without any intervention, and they are rare enough that they can be ignored (easily a 9.5/10 for stability). Morevoer the kill-switch works so well in these situations that I am not concerned that my IP is being flashed around torrent trackers (not that I would ever download anything illegal, of course).

      I haven’t had much interaction with their customer service team yet so I do not have much to report on that unfortunately. However I did notice when digging around on their website that their live chat is very often unattended, even when you would expect them to be within working hours in Panama.

      1. Hi Alex,

        Yes, as long as a VPN provider fully proxies DNS requests, I don’t see a major problem with leveraging Google DNS (or similar).

        1. I just thought I would leave an update to say that my DNS no longer appears to be routed through Google DNS servers, and instead shares the same IP address as my VPN server. I don’t know why this change has occurred, but it is fine by me nonetheless.

          I have also now had more interaction with customer services. I have had both slow and quick responses from them, but the outcome of the the interaction was positive in that my problem was resolved (Spotify was not working over the VPN, which resolved when I disabled Smart-Play in the VPN settings).

          I also want to mention that the screenshots of NordVPN that you have in this article are dated. They have updated their app since this article was written, and it now has much nicer appearance.

          1. Hi Alex,

            Thanks for keeping us updated. I’m glad your issues have been resolved. Regarding the screenshots, unfortunately we can’t realistically keep up with every software update made by every VPN company. We do, however, re-review the more popular services fairly regularly, and the next time we do this for Windscribe we will review the updated client.

    2. Nord VPN started out great. But now their servers are down most of the time and the remaining ones are very slow. Used it for about four months but by the last month it was basically useless. Unless NordVPN gets their shit together i would reccomend that people stay far far away from their products.

      TL;DR: Nord VPN sucks.

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